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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

David, your article is a reflection of your lack of understanding of family owned and operated farms and the crippling effects of longterm lack of reasonable farmgate returns to most agricultural pursuits. There is no guarantee that economies of scale is the answer. Look at some stats for corporates. Recent history indicates that the biggest cotton producer and the biggest beef producer does not translate to a satisfactory monetary bottom line. A reasonable price for the product we produce is the answer. The family farm almost totally supports most rural and regional towns and communities.
25/12/13 02:04 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Totally agree Pete. The Primo sale to JBS is a massive kick in the guts for the beef industry. NorthBEEF has been proactively trying to attract an investor to build a beef processing plant in the North West in an attempt to create more competition. This decision flies in the face of what we have been trying to achieve. $1 milk was similarly a major kick in the guts for dairy farmers. Recently we have seen Woolworths introduce 29c sausages, approx $3.90 a kg and Aldi followed suit. They also reduced a standard loaf of bread to 85c. No thought of small business butchers, bakeries or farmers.
20/02/15 09:13 PM
Well written Pete. Your practical experience and business acumen are very respected. Most other countries have agricultural subsidies because they know they cannot have food security without subsidies. Family farming enterprises need to be preserved. Farmers debts have grown because farmers have been subsidising the cost of food and fibre in Australia. $1 litre milk is the perfect example. Cheap milk and broken farmers. 80% of farm debt is carried by 20% of farmers. These 20% produce 80% of farm production. Economic rationalists like many in the Liberal Party will see the demise of agriculture
06/04/14 12:47 PM


The answer to the four key issues is simple, agriculture has to be 'profitable' at all levels of the supply chain.
16/06/14 11:17 AM
Congrats James for being proactive. Great to see someone thinking outside the square. God knows, agriculture needs think tanks like this one to find ways to make a better future for our respective ag industries.
11/06/14 12:06 PM
Fair dinkum Bushie Bill, go and get a life. Farming is a risky business, but guess what, we are food producers and even you need food. Almost every other country on Earth realizes that their farmers need supporting, have a look around. The unreallistic policy we have in Australia that our farmers have to keep producing more for less is ridiculous. If people like you, Bushie Bill, are left in control of our agricultural policy, there is only one certainty and that is that most farmers in Australia will cease to exist.
13/10/13 01:21 AM


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