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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The fundamental problem here is that, despite the increasing idiocies of governments, we know we have some influence on governments through elections every few years. We have absolutely no influence on private corporations and their - mostly - overseas shareholders. We might not trust either mob much, but we can change governments and bureaucracies.
08/06/14 11:30 PM
bg- 0n 5/04/2013 1:47pm has identified the way to go. Get stuck into the local politicians, especially the NATs. They are the ones pulling the rural heartstrings and failing to honour their promises. If ever a party needed reforming from the ground up, it's the NATs today.
06/04/13 10:52 PM
This fellow misses the central point that while mining, etc. might be more significant than agriculture at present, the latter remains the only sustainable industry into the distant future. He doesn't understand that agriculture confronts innumerable difficulties that require specialist help. Farmers are multi-tasking every day by the very nature of their work, but they can't do it all. Most urban small-businesses are transient services.
03/04/13 10:28 PM

Get Muddy

Bushie you are forgetting that money and its exchange is not subject to weather, or the exchange of values - labour value, etc. It is interesting that a high A$ allows people to purchase overseas - our manufacturing and farming values plummet. The ResBank wants a low A$, what's left of Aus Industry gets a break. But the banks keep shifting the money all over, and the metro-miserables whinge they cannot afford Amazon or os travel. How can a living be made by anybody except the banks - and the pollies, of course, they're all padded by the value of other peoples' labour.
17/12/14 09:50 PM

A matter of opinion

This is an excellent report - perceptive, informative, and asking a number questions that the coalition government has to confront. We must all insist, not merely hope that the government considers the questions, evident issues, and obvious potential consequences to farmland. It has no excuses not to do so. Its decisions have to confront the long-term consequences of CSG-mining extraction. We have to use the present to protect the future for all of NSW and Australia.
01/04/14 07:07 AM

Burrs under my saddle

This is a splendid distillation of a number of critical issues, Pete. Your conclusions are perceptive and incisive. Perhaps you could send it to all the federal politicians? Who knows, if they are capable of reading and understanding it, they might actually make an effort to engage in creative reforms?
21/02/15 03:35 AM
Another incisive, pertinent and persuasive argument, Pete. These days we appear to be voting for politicians who have little understanding about the critical need for diligent, or even competent, governance.
08/08/14 10:41 PM
Another incisive and pertinent article, Pete. It needs a wide distribution.
16/05/14 11:21 PM
This is a splendid distillation of one of the crucial issues facing us as a nation. Well done. There is much here that the agri-political mob should take as principles, and extend into achievable programs. These could then be used to convince our governors to get active. The GST point alone should wake up even the most dim and somnolent of them.
03/05/14 05:04 AM

Out of the shadow

Fitzgibbon became Federal Minister for Agriculture when Kevin Rudd regained the PM's job from Julia Gillard. It was an odd choice even then, because Fitzgibbon's adult employment had been as an auto-electrician, an electoral worker and politician. He represented a regional electorate dominated by coal mining. He certainly has nothing in his CV which demonstrates any knowledge or understanding of agriculture, or anything else. But such lack of ability has rarely concerned the the ALP.
02/06/15 11:51 PM
This is typical "modern" ALP thinking - which essentially means "let's all talk a lot, be nice to one another, and do sweet fanny adams". Fitzgibbon needs to remember Hawke talked the sweet talk, Keating did the hard yards and fought the necessary battles. He was ruthless and effective - as Hawke himself discovered. Fitzgibbon, like Obama, are ineffectual governors. We do not need such people running our lives. The mob we've got now are a direct consequence of the Rudd-Gillard years of headless-chook government.
27/07/14 10:45 PM


Sir Les - you need to recall Truss's speech to the Nationals Council in Canberra, August 27, 2011. He stated "I do not agree that one or two landholders should able to prevent a development from proceeding that is in the national interest…" Joyce had a different belief. Nothing has changed. The "national interest" is seen as a quarry. The funny money men continue to do as they please. Will Barnaby be able to channel Black Jack Mac, before it is all too late for agriculture, the Nationals, and the rest of us?
15/07/15 02:22 AM
Hick - you might have a point in global terms but this is our pimple on our pumpkin. Do we want to eat it or chuck in the garbage?
02/02/15 11:08 PM
A typicallly useless comment, Bushie. Barnaby Joyce has long been on the public record that mining has its utility but only when it is situated in marginal agricultural areas. He has always been opposed to mining in sensitive agricultural regions. At the same time his is only one voice in government and the majority always gets its way - as we have just seen in all its stupidity in Queensland. Your comments will start to have relevance when you recognise people for the good they attempt to do. Criticise by all means, but also recognise the useful efforts as well.
02/02/15 12:42 AM
Great heavens to Betsy! "The Bushie/Chick" love-in at The Land. The Age of Aquarius is back.
20/11/14 04:18 AM
What a feeble-minded and childish response from the companies and politicians, objecting to a rational decision made made a shareholder. It is astounding, and depressing, that our so-called leaders in politics and business are so intellectually limited, so generally useless. In its broadest sense, it is the central task of a university to encourage and support thinking deeply about all manner of things, and to come up with ideas that will make our future more secure and a better place for everybody. As a shareholder it has every right to divest itself of shares it does not want.
13/10/14 10:01 PM
Gentlemen - play the issue, not the man. That way we might all get some enlightenment. As Glenn Lazarus might say, "follow the ball, mates"
30/09/14 07:28 AM
I think we should all give Twiggy Forest support. It's not everyday you see a very successful miner turn to a creative activity instead. If he's as successful as a beef producer and marketer as he is a miner, we will all benefit in the long run.
22/09/14 04:23 AM
Frank- it's not nothing. You set up a derivatives trading scheme and you encourage people to invest millions. You pull millions of dollars out of the air. Mandrake would have loved it all, including the hypnotic gestures.
29/06/14 10:45 PM
Always "Baxters" - Bushie - I buy Australian where possible. Do you? Out here in the heat and dust I don't need to dive into "terra firma" - any attempt would only give me a headache, and there is always enough dirt in my hair anyway. The dry winds make sure of that. All very different from your life, I believe.
05/03/14 01:24 AM
You are a silly Billy Bushie. It is clear your view stops at the nearest airconditioned shopping mall. Out here, where we grow your food, the fabrics you wear, and the timbers for your shelters, the view is very different.
01/03/14 07:02 AM


Who the ...... is this "shadow health minister"? She appears to be speaking on matters well outside her portfolio, and demonstrates that she knows .......all about anything much at all. The really disturbing aspect is that she appears to think Depp's efforts are "fantastic films". However, she clearly is well suited to her employment in the ALP which has long since lost any contact with reality.
23/05/15 04:54 AM
So Glen Lazarus, one of the most out-of-place and ineffectual politicians of recent times, has registered his own party - the Glen Lazarus Team. Stone me, even the acronym, GLT, sounds like something the bike-riding rev-heads will support. Pity about the rest of the more aware community. The GLT and the Jacqui Lambie Network, along with Madigan's Mob do not bode well for the next parliament, nor for Australia.
14/05/15 07:30 AM
Chops, while you might find it more comfortable moving in circles that think exactly as you do, the issues that concern us all extend far and wide. If you try, you might find that many writers of books actually have a much greater influence and importance than those who promote ever decreasing circularity of thought.
04/05/15 11:25 PM
From the vituperation in their comments, I can only assume that Chops&Simon have not worried their delicate intellects by actually reading Windsor's extremely perceptive memoir. There is much in the book that is enlightening on the current problems in Australia, particularly the economic and social issues. What's more, Windsor did reflect the broader wishes of my electorate - New England. I found the book very informative and balanced in its themes and explanations.
04/05/15 04:17 AM
At the risk of appearing senile, I have to state that I agree totally with Bushie here. Eponymous "parties" are merely the cult of celebrity contaminating Australian political understanding. Parties should encapsulate central ideas not scatter-brained ephemeral personalities.
16/04/15 02:39 AM
If Glen Lazarus wanted to do something really useful, he would resign from the Australian Parliament. He is clearly out of his depth.
13/03/15 03:28 AM
Niven is usually on the ball, Bushie. We are still waiting for you to surprise us all.
02/02/15 12:44 AM
All too right John Niven. "Logic" has serious problems understanding a crucial issue, when s/he clearly has not done any research at all. Try doing some real work, Logic.
24/03/15 03:07 AM
Bushie - did you actually read the final four paras? Is the selling of debt (what you probably call "credit") what we need in Australia today? When we are all mired in debt, and your super scheme falls to bits in a global implosion, will you be so happy?
07/11/14 08:03 AM
The ABC is hardly "free", Bushie. It takes well over a billion A$ from the public purse every year. This could certainly be better spent elsewhere.
02/12/14 12:44 AM


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