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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

I feel insulted. We are ma and pa. My wife earns a damn good penny that we are putting back into our small farm to make it turnover a small income for me. How about actual calculating how much we small farms put back into the economy. As for policy your comments are completely wrong. I find that the opposite is true much of the policies in place are geared to big farm operations. What see what happens when big end town gets hold farms look how American farming is. It rips the social fabric from a town. Howes has no understanding of what he is saying. And frankly nether do you, David.
26/12/13 11:35 PM

A matter of opinion

Nothing more then a religious tax that we are being made to pay. and consumers should have the right to chose not to pay it, not companies being held to ransom and forcing it on us.
11/12/14 02:14 AM
Good article it is small innovators that make the difference. They need to be funded not the big corps with shareholders one an overpaid CEO.
24/02/14 11:51 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Thanks Peter, totally agree. On all points.
21/02/15 03:48 AM


DAFWA is shell of its former self. Given that succesive governments have ransacked this department for years is no suprise. To push its services it once gave onto private industry has the big end of town jumping for joy. And the big losers yet again will be the small to medium farmers who will not be able to pay huge service fees that will be demanded. Watch bio security go out the window.
25/05/15 06:32 AM
Why the need to employ so many on 417 visa's. There is enough unemployed in Australia, but this black market locks out Australian's.
31/03/15 11:59 PM
what, we have people employed at parks and wildlife? Every government in the last 20 years as drained funds from PW and from the ag department. And this is the end result. It is only set to get worse. Unless you get seroius about refunding these departments properly.
05/03/15 09:50 AM
Why should CBH and the state government help pay for the upgrade? Brookfield as the maiantiance contract for the lines from the government therefore the obligation to upgrade lines at the feet of Brookfield. If Brookfield had been doing their job in the first place the state of these tracks would be in good working order. I would have thought that it would be a contractable under thier maintance lease?
26/01/15 02:37 AM
Worth billions to whom?
18/11/14 10:16 AM
I know Dale, just don't support this dangerous practice at all. Lock the gates.
16/10/14 11:15 PM
So true beef man. The banks are too greedy for their own good. I have looked at a number of options to grow my small farm. Everytime it is the bank loans and charges that make it unvaible. Our members of parliment are blind sided by corp money. We need australians to invest in our primary production.
09/10/14 09:27 AM
Just who is he kidding, until farm gate prices match actual operating cost with profit. Farmers will continue to walk off the land. We are lucky that we are small and have off farm income, many don't.
08/10/14 08:52 AM
This is bitter blow for local producers. Once again locals not being listened to.
02/10/14 12:39 AM
Really, there has been no real competition in the Australia supermarket sector for decades. If the IGA brand what's a place it has to step up its game.
18/09/14 09:14 AM


When are we in Australia going to wake up? Why are we shipping a raw product. We should be converting our wheat to flour here. We need to start down stream processing if we are to gain a future for our children. Dont get me wrong it great to see growth in our farming sector, but we need to step up our game.
02/04/15 06:32 AM
HaHa we can only pretend it is so.
22/10/14 11:48 PM
Brookfield lease should have been on the table from the beginning after all they are entering into a contract with the public of WA not just the government of the day. This should be case for all contractual arrangements between government and business. After all the government are representing us the people.
21/10/14 11:02 PM
Wolson should have retired long ago. Is comments and attitude are out line with most Australian's.
12/08/10 08:46 AM


I note my last post did not make the mark. Not suprised, again 20g of fencing goes nowhere close to any real benefit for a farmer. Its a feel good policy nothing more nothing less. Pathetic!
08/06/15 09:59 AM
Another witch hunt. Smokin Joe will be happy for is coal burning mates.
Here's a thought how about running an inquiry into the helath affects of coal.
01/06/15 11:13 PM
The ACCC should also have the legal right to force corporations to be broken up. Coles and Woolies should be forced to sell off parts of its business.
31/03/15 11:51 PM
Unbelievable, I found his comments belong more on the American political side of politics not Australian, thought about migrating David?
28/06/14 09:08 AM
Deregul8 I agree with your statement. But the other hidden problem is the green movement that will try all things to stop any farming going to a viable size.
14/06/14 07:38 AM
Frankly the federal nats should have walked years ago. Nothing more then pound puppies now to the liberals. Time to run your own race.
07/02/15 10:11 AM
I just wonder where all the productive jobs are going to come from. Lets face it more and more industries will shift to automation and robotics to reduce labour costs. End result will be thousands of middle income workers on the scrap heap. We might be able to produce more with less but whats the point if no one has income to purchase the products in the first place. Catch twenty two?
On the other side too, is our governement is failing to see the dark tunnel coming, large unemployment + growing population + climate change = economic disaster.
01/12/14 11:11 PM
Just goes to show that Australians that are not in rural areas have any respect for where or how their food gets to the table, we are the only nation in the world that does not protect its farmers we are the only nation that shows complete contempt for our food supply. The australian government are now mere pawns for big corp. Wake up aussies.
02/11/14 12:04 AM
Mark, I just wonder how long before the actual tracks get laid, also if you expect a population boom, where is all domestic water to come from?
I think once again Australia is not thinking big enough. Our whole rail network across the country needs re building. Not only heavy haulage state to state we should be adding in High speed passenger rail as part of mix side by side, if forward think enough maglev across the country. (Unfortunately our leaders are only interested in the three year cycle). I won't be holding my breath.
21/06/14 10:03 PM
Spot on, I always ask people for their thoughts on our product. The small producer can do that. Try convincing the processor that is the real challenge. As for the animal liberators it is become a religion. Frankly it is a matter of interpretation. Would I let them near my property? Frankly I having nothing to hide you can see from our road what we do. Maybe not.
02/06/14 11:55 AM


And abbott was so happy about free trade with China?
20/02/15 12:05 AM
Also why do the the celebs get paid such ridiculous fees?
Remember Westfarmers that was a co op now owns Coles just as bad as Woolworths.
12/06/14 09:16 AM


Having my morning coffee looking out my window at my goats grazing and the kids (baby goats) for you all city folk out there playing. Today it will be vacinating, worming and foot trimming. The last thing I need to spoil a perfect day is same ideological moron passing judgement on what I do. My animals are happy and well fed. I can walk into the paddock and they come running to me.
Just because you choose your lifestyle does not give you the right to push that on the rest of us. Yes I am talking to you extreme vegans.
29/07/14 11:15 PM
Shut down LE and you destroy local producers too. These greeny quacks have no understanding of the real damage they will do and don't seem to care.
27/12/13 09:24 AM


Increase in property prices only disadvantage Australian buyers who struggle to fund purchasing of property. This a double edge sword. Good for those own bad for those that do not. Oh sorry, BB, you would be happy to see every Australian farm sold off to china?
24/11/14 11:08 AM


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