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My "Mob" of elders, researchers, ecologists,
biologists that who you mean, Stockman? Plagues?Pests? None of which existed before Settlement & obviously there were more Kangas then. QLD DEHP Kanga Pop declined 15%, Large Macropods nominated to NSW & Commonwealth Threatened Species List. Govt Data pop declined 55% since 2001.40% females shot, only 30% Joeys reach maturity.EmbryonicDiapause rare in E.Grey. Biologically impossible for Kangas to breed in Drought/Dry obviously high mortality.Young take c.200-360 days to full emergence after which pop stabilises (Dawson) & we work with many farmers, Stockman.
24/02/15 12:11 AM
That was meant to be two exclamation marks at the end of my comment..not question marks??????
23/02/15 05:33 AM
Barry O Sullivan you have NO clue re Kanga's I work with Ecologists & Elders across Country & have done for over 40yrs & I'm tellin you Kangaroo Populations are crashing.Check the Murray Darling Report Recommendations & wake up to yourself.Barry,enough of the "plague" propaganda it's old.Push for your side of the story to be told?all I've heard Barry is your usual spool about Kangas in "plague"proportions & they are "pests" Blah blah..And anyone that disagrees with your views are treated like morons.The only one that needs some "real world experience" is you Barry??
23/02/15 05:10 AM


Toledo, firstly you can address me with some respect? Secondly, when you get some real Knowledge & some facts about Kangaroos & Population let me know, I unlike you have over 40yrs of Indigenous Knowledge Re Kangas & their declining numbers, I also work with elders, farmers, ecologists & biologists..daily. I'll let them all know that your only worried about the "front end of your car" seriously..wake up to yourself EH.
24/02/15 12:46 AM
Great comment Neddy, another fella talking sense! Colly just because someone writes for a Wildlife Magazine does not them an expert, far from it. I'm an Indigenous Woman working on Country with various Ecologists,& Elders & I educate people with Knowledge of Kangaroos, I've worked with, studied & been raised with Knowledge of Kangaroos & I'm tellin you Colly Kangaroos are not in "plague" numbers. In fact,Colly, Kangaroo Populations are being decimated from hunting, fire, drought,& predatation. And that's a fact!
20/02/15 10:09 AM
As an Indigenous Woman who works across Country re educating people about Kangaroos, I find some of the above comments astounding! Embryonic Diapause is rare in East.Grey Kangaroos & unknown in West.Grey Kangas (Dawson 1995) Joeys take app.18 months to wean, Kangas breed at a rate of only 9% yr (Arnold 1991) Rearing of Joeys 200-360days. Kangas do not breed in drought & reduce breeding during dry. Population stabilises in balance with Country. Senator Sullivan you have no clue re Kangas..none. Female Kanga's are pregnant in permanence? Now I've heard it all!! VivKay great comment,you talk sense!!
19/02/15 03:51 AM


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