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Get Muddy

Farming in Australia has huge fixed overhead costs , too many taxes ,levies and accreditations that are unnecessary , plus seasons that swing from too wet to too dry .The other big myth is that our organisations are there to help us .Every farmer fisherman and forestry worker and associated contractor should go to their capital city and push for a better deal from your government. A handful of reps on national TV for three minutes will do nothing but show the viewers what a bunch of whingers they are . The other big profit limiting factor is that you can't pass costs on.
19/12/14 06:37 AM
North America Indians ate meat as did the Eskimos and didn't get cancer but their lifestyle was vastly different to ours . Eskimos did eat a lot of fish but I not sure if they ate veggies , where would they have had access to them.
07/08/14 03:55 AM

Burrs under my saddle

The problem is that if you are prosperous in what you do, if other farmers go broke, that is their problem. I once spoke very briefly to one of the biggest graziers in qld about clearing land and farmers rights and he couldn't get me off the phone quick enough. What I predicted about land clearing is now in place. I was trying to stand up for farmers and graziers in general, I was a small farmer so my opinion was worth zippo to him. Farmers are not united in any way, only when having a social drink. Farmers organisations are useless. Never been happier since I sold out.
17/08/15 09:49 AM
How many world leaders have signed the Kyoto agreement , protocol , call it what you will ,while telling us all that climate change caused by burning coal and petroleum is going to be the end to all of us . I know President Obama hasn't , and India China and Russia haven't , from 1972 to 1979 , numerous papers were telling us that we were headed for a new Ice Age very soon from too much co2 in the air , well I think those .scientists got it right . By the way I'll need more words than allowed in this column will permit to print all of those pro Ice Age scientific papers .
25/02/15 12:31 AM
I don't know what makes a farmer , I should , I am one myself though retired after 50 years . I've seen excellent farmers who were poor business men and vice versa what I do know is that in early 1981 I bought a popular brand four wheel drive vehicle for 11200 dollars with the usual tow bar bull bar UHF etc , today the sme brand would cost me over 68000 , the price of my sugar cane has not gone up 6 times, in actual value my commodity has gone down . The same has happened across the board , when you combine low prices with adverse seasons , the writing on the bank statement says it all.
05/09/14 09:16 PM
If a farmer cleared as much land as the state Labor government cleared when the pipeline from Brisbane to the west was done for a project that was another white elephant , he'd be jailed for life.
11/08/14 01:32 AM


I love the saying about being able to shear a sheep many times , but it can only be skinned once . The duopoly have been skinning producers and consumers alike for years . State and federal governments made it tough for new reretailers to come , assisted by stupid local governments , and that is a fact .
14/08/15 12:15 AM
Australia has plenty of suitable land for farming but that's about all . There's not even a fraction of the water for irrigation for cropping and theres no infrastructure to feed the world in our current high cost labour market . Our farmers are world class but we can't compete due to exorbitant input costs , Ours is one of the driest continents in the world because of unreliable rainfall , the North Australian graziers know that too well.
04/08/14 11:06 PM
Probably a good idea, but as a " negative Nellie " I would like to see our farm bodies copy the agenda of our workers unions and get more money for our produce . If farmers think a flash organisation is going to help you get more money they are wrong. I've been associated with sugar cane over 50 years and turf for over 12 years as a director and board member. In turf the big fellows will undercut even if they lose money, we let them, at their own peril.
31/07/14 01:12 AM
Co-ops are a disaster , I'd need at least 2 A 4s to print the names of all that have gone broke in Queensland in the last twenty years . The main problem is that board members get elected on popularity and not on ability, and there is usually one or two board members with any backbone , the rest are there to protect the CEOs and company secretary who have convinced the members they are only labourers with no education , never mind the fact the members were mostly men who started with nothing and now have millions of dollars worth of assets.
29/07/14 10:20 PM


John Howard was one of the worst Pms we ever had . He did untold damage to the farmers. Never seen a Liberal that liked farmers . This lot we got now are not any better . Ivan CCQ
09/09/15 09:28 AM
Our farmers organisations are there for the organisations egos . They are totally useless . Farmers food fibre producers fishermen loggers should all unite under one banner truckies too and thousands should do a pilgrimage to Canberra every year or twice and demand .. what we are entitled to . A handful of protestors are treated as a joke,might is right , but until the hurt gets really bad apathy prevails . Our reps discourage people from fighting for their rights as it would show them up. You get treated the way you let people treat you .
27/02/15 09:40 AM
Honestly I don't believe in Co2 causing climate change , I believe the climate changes gradually , then it might just go crazy, but I'm confident in the near future , we will get cheaper and cleaner energy , call me a hypocrite but we've got solar panels going into the grid on my house sheds and irrigation pumps . Smog pollution and plastic in the seas is a huge threat to our planet , plus no oxygen in the sea like the South China Sea where the only life forms are giant jellyfish , I've seen them , it's scary .IvanCCQ
23/07/15 10:59 PM
Just read Greenie Watch , you don't have to believe any of it but form your own opinion . Most data collected by persons not associated with the Western Democracies or NGOs and the UN points to global cooling . IvanCCQ
22/07/15 10:20 PM
China ,Russia , Japan , Korea , and India will be using coal and nuclear power for at least 200 hundred years , they are not stupid , they will have access to cheap power , clean or otherwise while the alarmists will try to fool us into using renewable wind and solar power that needs topping up when wind and sunlight stops , this scare campaign will fall over just as the ice age one that didn't eventuate forty or so years ago. We will have paid billions of dollars more for electricity and cushy jobs for paying to fix a non existent problem . Read John Rays Greenie watch on the Internet web .
08/07/15 10:13 PM
When the CO2 hoax runs out, there's always nitrogen and its oxides which are emitted from Diesel engines that can start a rort for enviro scientists to further their careers with solutions to non existent problems. Sadly N comprises around 80 percent of the air we breathe , need I say more?
30/05/15 07:31 AM
50 scientists in Tasmania recently trying to figure a way of going to the South Pole without getting ships stuck in ice , most independent scientists are telling us we are headed for a little Ice Age due to no sunspots on the Sun and much more volcanic ash than normal shielding the earth from the sun heat. The Climate Change mob are running out of ideas for their scare campaign with a few realising the planets climate is changing but not the way they tell it. In the seventies it was global cooling and now it seems it's going to be an embarrassment to reverse their consensus.
24/05/15 10:20 AM
If it is going to get hotter for what ever reason and vice versa , I honestly believe there is precious little any of us can do to prevent a catastrophe . It would take just a small volcano like the one that causedthe last mini ice age,Krakatoa in Indonesia and no sunspot activity like what is shaping up now , then scientists would have a hands on problem to deal with . If governments really believed in AGW and its dangers to humanity , coal mining would have been stopped at least 40 years ago , ditto for uranium mining and its hazards
14/05/15 09:17 AM
How can meteorologists predict the I O D and the S O I using climate change when in reality the climate change scientists are using is one based on computers using hypothetical data . The climate has been changing since earth began long before human induced climate change was invented .
10/05/15 02:13 AM
Sorry guys, but Fairfax and the ABC will always and have always pushed the Warmist view ,in the seventies from about 1973to 1980 the Co2 was going to freeze us all . I' ll put my money where my mouth is and show all papers peer reviewed , telling us. In no uncertain terms the big freeze was coming, but I' ve
better things to do with my time, so I won't .
09/03/15 11:46 AM


Send your kid to work on a dairy farm or a remote cattle property and just see what happens .
05/05/15 10:18 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Fire is a good servant and a bad master, doesn't respect boundaries. It is impossible to extinguish a huge fire. If Australian bush was not meant to burn with almost infinite intensity it wouldn't burn. Aussie trees are pyrophytes so they love being burnt to reproduce. All the scientists in the world will never stop the bush from burning catastrophically cause they have not got a clue. By the way I'm a retired cane farmer and have been a fire warden for 18 years.
Live and farm away from fire prone areas is the best policy. It's worked for me.
08/04/15 11:27 AM


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