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Every station needs to employ there own full time trapper to keep this problem under control a basic wage n fuel supplied . The funded trappers can not service large areas xxx stations by them self to much country to cover . That's why every station needs a dogger trapping n baiting full time it's the only way it will get under control.
17/12/16 02:44 AM
Well all the station owners will have to employ there own dogger.
It's the only way to keep it under control there is so many bites etc on stock.
It's a big loss all round so the answer is full time dogger trapping, baiting on boundary fences etc.
10/10/16 12:47 PM
Yep put a good bounty on the dogs . And then doggers like myself will stay out long term trapping/ baiting ect on these areas . Make it the cocky presents the scalps to council so there is no fraud. I trapped 400 dogs last year we have no bounty system I'm now on the dole fully equipt with no where to go and no work.
14/03/15 01:45 PM


You don't need to rely on trappers and shooters you say . So baiting is ur best option time will tell u might eat them words .
19/10/15 07:36 AM
Andrew this is spot on mate. I fully agree the dogger was left to the side, they thought 1080 was the big solver by it self. I'm a dogger in cattle country and no bounty system here, cattle men don't worry about dogs I should come down to sheep country where I'd be more useful.
03/03/15 02:08 PM
In my opinion I think there should of been experienced trappers left on stations where dogs have always been. The problem was they thought the 1080. Was the answer but they always revert back to doggers as they say you only get what you created.
03/03/15 01:33 PM


This is the big problem it's funny how some doggers get $500 a dog and a lot of other doggers don't. I no it's good money and hard work but realy $500 no wonder a dogger can't get work every one is broke and still got the same amount of dogs . I trapped just over 500 dogs in baited cattle country for the year I never got 1 cent just my pride and no $30 bounty here.
04/03/15 03:00 PM
We'll if they kept doggers on instead of just realying on 10/80 they would not be in the trouble there in now. It's a nown fact the shires n stations always had good control from the dogger .
04/03/15 02:24 PM
Well I read these comments all the time about we all got to work together against dogs.but I am a willing dogger ready to go but to where no 1has ever responded for my services . It don't make scence to me at all . We have a dog problem here too but we got no bounty the shires around us do and yes they bait as well so some councils just don't care it is all expense to me and nothing to help for my effort .
27/02/15 05:52 PM
It is very cruel what is going on out there with dogs . He is a big dog not good hybrid I as a dogger no this too well if there was a decent government they would not let all this Money go to scientific crap n paid a good bounty I would gladly travel n full time trap for producers . I'm in the same boat here no dog bounty in our shire but all around us have it stupid . But I trap n eradicate the dogs any ways at my own cost thanks for nothing government / council
27/02/15 04:20 AM
Very good to see a lady trapping dogs and doing a wonderful job keep up the good work .
27/02/15 01:53 AM


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