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Plan for 50 million years and it makes sense. The plans for the future must exist and consider peoples emotions and feelings. Short term change such as mining, GSG and water rights fluctuations effect people immensely. Sustainability is the only way to reduce stress and supporting illogical uneconomic ideology (socially - locally sourced food - not individually and isolated - CSG) must be minimised or purged from society. Would a worker at Woolworths break down a farmer? I think not. Keep things local and it negates the psychopathic profit driven companies. History is not kind.
14/11/14 04:28 AM


No economically viable water treatment is available for CSG produced water.
Money is made from CSG, not sustainability.
04/06/15 02:36 AM
Don't give a sucker an even break. Why wouldn't the Chinese take whatever advantage they can, don't begrudge those who have a need and are filling it overseas because its OUR sovereign country and our elected officials chose to agree.
Real question is - can we have an Australian leader who is here to serve Australians? The Chinese have good leaders and one party, we have multiple parties and only a select few are invited.
08/05/15 12:57 AM
Gas Tea anyone?
Instructions - Get water from your bore, light it and drink after it cools down.
Note - Already flavored with a metallic petrol like taste. Good for the soul.
07/05/15 01:07 AM
Indeed Jock. We act like a dictatorial 3rd world country selling our country for a penance.
07/05/15 12:06 AM
President of China pull out of mining the Liverpool plains Coal Mine as a show of good faith and deal with farming representatives who understand farming.
01/03/15 09:41 PM
Its controversial for Australians to mine Australia. Why is a foreign government even allowed to mine Australian land?
Seems ludicrous.
24/02/15 11:45 AM
We have our own considerations. There is more likely equity between nations of equivalent size. China and the USA are comparable. Australia is not comparable to either in size and our negotiators probably take the best we can get. That said, if we can improve our situation we should. Transparency is key, Forts and Castles of information are not useful albeit protective of those who have made the deals. Remember the Castles are to protect from the populace, not the International influences.
13/02/15 01:45 AM
If the foreign managed Liberal party (top people are born overseas) replaced "economy" with "country" in every one of their speeches I think we might get a bit of a balanced view.
12/02/15 12:55 AM
Why don't we pipe network the entire of NSW. Might cost a few pennies. Too much water in one location, pump it to where there is little. Equilibrium.
Seriously the River is a VERY inefficient delivery method of water. Channels are the same - lined or not - Pipes are the only way.
Look at what they did from the Hoover Dam in USA. Piped EVERYTHING because of drought.
The tech exists. Simple calcs and implement. Going to cost a bit, yes - however - much is the current state of the River costing us now?
10/02/15 05:28 AM
We have better clerical approaches however the initial design was done on the system before federation. Water tech has improved since then.
05/02/15 11:23 PM


Wars are rarely fought in the battlefield these days. They are economic and China are masters.
Well played China. Now what will our leadership do? Will they yield further? Do they serve us or are we being misled?
04/11/15 11:35 PM
This comment stream should be made in a hard copy and made into a book.
Model how much food a person needs x 7 years. Store it. Win.
I am not religious, but that is actually in the old testament. Climate change is considered in the Bible.
15/02/15 09:44 PM
Lets work together. The real issue here is leveraged debt on farms. Every farmer I know is in debt. We are slaves to the requirement to service debt. If we can reduce debt then we will have the power to withhold selling grain. Logically since there is a worldwide food shortage and we produce more than we can domestically consume in most years the growers of wheat rather than the commercial growths of traders. Don't lose perspective here, identify value adding onfarm to gain higher premiums, remove debt and regain total control.
10/12/14 11:06 PM
They need food more than coal. Better mine more of the highly productive areas like the liverpool plains if the world population is to be controlled by this measure. This might be wrong but its the only argument that has made sense yet.
05/02/15 01:36 PM


Yeah Daw. It will be a big hole in the ground that will take water from the catchment. The groundwater impacts need to be understood the come from rainfall. It's shortsighted to limit groundwater impacts to pumptesting and bore samples. Water is not created or destroyed, it exists in different states and in different amounts and is always in motion.
Provide the report on the Land website please so we can all have a good read and provide educated logical queries. If the consultant who wrote this actually understand the natural water cycle then this may not cause any impact.
20/07/15 05:56 AM
Pipes. All the way down and across the state. Could be done under gravity and/or using electricity. Not that hard. Think bigger not using 1900s tech.
17/02/15 11:23 AM
Pipes from top to bottom to efficiently meet our current development from storages. Increase the efficiency of the storages by negating all evaporation. Pump from upcatchment areas to storages, decrease lag times and evaporation. 100% efficient system. 20+ times the agricultural production EVERY year. It would be like going from Dial up to Fibre to the Premises for water. Currently in water we have nice shiny telegraph lines. Water networking might cost as much as the NBN and is it worth it?
09/02/15 11:08 PM
Humans release trapped stores of energy. Logically this energy produces heat. Maybe its the heat that is released that causes heating and CO2 is just a rough guide of the temperature change. CO2 doesnt account for nuclear stores of energy being released. This energy has an impact too. We like to think how smart we are as a race. Thinking and implementing improvements to our energy systems I.e. renewables into our future sustainable energy use could negate any further human impacts to the environment.
24/12/14 09:28 PM
How much to completely pipe all existing entitlements and water requirements from the storages, down to all existing users with the highest efficiency onfarm systems. This will allow significant increases in reliability of supply for all users. A few rough estimates put it in about the same realm as the costs of the NBN. Increase production by 40 fold or more. This means State infrastructure that was designed by Engineers in the 1900's is upgraded for the needs of the 21 century. The stress reduction for all would be worth it and paid off over about 10 years of tax revenue.
19/12/14 11:50 AM
Humans are naturally occurring too. Weather changes, we need to be smarter about how we manage shelter, energy, food and water, not get mad at each other.
04/06/15 02:32 AM
Tony Abbott was not elected Prime Minister. The Party votes him in as Opposition Leader and then once the Party wins power the Opposition Leader becomes Prime minister once it can show to the Governor General they can pass legislation through the House of Representatives.
Well played. We have no system for electing leaders unless you wish to be a politician. Politicians vote our leaders, not the people.
That said, backstabbing is not Australian. Grow up.
09/02/15 12:08 AM
Its not the publics vote to vote in or out our countries leader. Its the job of party members. The damage of voting parties into power whos interests cannot be accurately determined till the party is voted in means a high risk of public dissatisfaction in our elected representatives and the 3rd parties they represent. We have the technology to allow Australians to play an integral part in ongoing voting on issues, elections of leaders and feedback.
This needs to be implemented immediately.
08/02/15 09:02 PM
Power hungry. The Nationals are misleading voters. They are liberals. Conservative, repressive and ridiculously unsustainable. Return to your ideals.
05/02/15 01:30 PM
We need a transparent public list of foreign 'owned' land and strategies to return Australian land to Australian citizens.
22/12/14 01:02 PM


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