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Get Muddy

I agree that the Australian political system is in a state of turmoil we need to start at the local level - which in some communities is dominated by inept and self seeking general managers with weak mayors. That is also evident on a larger scale at a federal and state level.
02/02/15 08:24 PM

Leading questions

There is a dearth of leadership at all levels of government and those who should be leaders are not always acknowledged. The local government area is particularly concerning, particularly when there are weak ineffectual mayors being dominated by general managers who are unethical, poor economic managers and with little respect or regard for the community in which they work.
02/03/15 06:25 AM


This is a decision made by a Minister who I call a 'dumbo'. I would like to know if he has visited Liverpool Plains and looked at the farming programmes in the area. I will consider joining the Greens unless the Libs or Nats make a stand. As Avondale said it is time every farmer and related Agri businesses / companies in Australia take a stand. We cannot afford to lose some of the most productive land in the country.
09/07/15 11:13 AM
Congratulations Joe on making a decision that focuses on the bush - there are too many urbocentric decisions made by those who do not have insight into how tough it is in the bush and how tough it is to market what we grow - congratulations to those who did so much lobbying particularly Barnaby and Fiona.
30/11/13 07:02 AM
The future of Agriculture is critical to the short, medium and long term future of Australia, a Minister who can do the job is needed not a Minister lacking ability and the respect of the Agriculture industry. Like Jacky I see a dummy on the floor.
17/09/13 08:57 PM
  Keen on the Cobb 9 Comments 9
Appointing John Cobb would be a backward move for Australian Agriculture - Primary Industry needs an innovative communicator with good receptive and expressive skills, with a good insight into up to date agriculture practices and markets.
12/09/13 10:12 PM
Rural Australia is facing challenges on many fronts and the Minister for Primary Industry should have the ability to communicate, soberly reflect on significant issues, whilst having the respect of the rural industry. There are talented and articulate National members who have these qualities and they deserve the chance to enhance the profile of the portfolio not hinder it.
11/09/13 10:20 PM


Malcolm Turnbull should have been Prime Minister a long time ago - we would not be having the conversations now if he was and there are others who deserve promotion Angus Taylor, Sharon Stone, Christian Porter, Kellie O'Dwyer and Barnaby is a stand out for the Nats.
02/02/15 08:20 PM
Warren Truss did not make an outstanding speech at the National's launch and he made significant errors - he is so often referred to as Warren who. The National's need a leader who is dynamic, has outstanding communication skills, understands the issues and is available. Bring on Barnaby or Fiona Nash. Their campaign has been awful, I am still waiting to have campaign material. Perhaps we are not significant in what are perceived as safe electorates. They need to dispose of John Cobb as well.
04/09/13 08:21 AM
The difficulty is getting the powers that be to listen to the concerns about John Cobb - they do not seem to be receptive to the widespread concerns about his lack of ability. There are other good choices including a female.
22/08/13 04:41 AM
Having very recently lost a member of my extended family through suicide [hanging] I support this initiative. We need qualified and competent mental health practitioners who are congruent with the nuances of rural mental health. I have forty years experience in this area and still believe that I do not have it all the answers but am willing to assist. Give Professor Chris Tennant a go, he does have insight.
26/02/14 09:34 AM
Whilst some local government areas have huge areas to cover and manage this, it is also apparent some shire councils regard roads as operational matters and do not value input from the community or their councillors. I live in one such council where some of the roads could be regarded as a gutter with a hard bottom.
27/01/14 08:20 PM
Perhaps those with urbo centric values need to spend time on a family farm and begin to learn the value of hard work, commitment, without union assistant.
02/12/13 08:01 PM
This ma and pa and mas and pas before us are still on the family farm. We work long hours without union assistance. Perhaps Mr Howes could fence in the heat, check dams in a drought, work long hours at harvest he might then know the meaning of work. We value our farm and what our families have contributed despite the elements and ignorance of some who have urbocentric values.
02/12/13 07:57 PM
Fiona Nash's promotion was significant as she has the insight, knowledge, and communication skills to engage with the electorate along the ability to learn more. Congratulations Fiona.
15/11/13 08:20 PM
Perhaps the light on the hill will shine again but will the infighting stop?
13/11/13 08:58 PM
The Greens are concerned about food sustainability and water safety, John Cobb is a no go, we need to consider the future in the short, medium and long term. I think that the Greens are doing what the Nationals need to consider. I have not voted for the Nationals because of John Cobb and because of their lack of insight into the need to consider Australia's long term viability. I am 67 and this is the first time I have voted this way. The Coalition need to consider this.
06/09/13 07:52 AM


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