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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

My problem with the raw milk was not so much the milk itself. Many writers have testified to drinking farm fresh raw milk for all of their lives. My problem is the distribution and handling. If it is to be kept at 4 degrees through a process of distribution that is not a professional system then there is a high chance the milk went off during its travels. If it is not pasteurised then it goes off more quickly anyway. If it is kept in a fridge in a health food store that is possibly not maintaining 4 degrees for a few days, then the risk is sky rocketing.
12/01/15 10:25 AM

A matter of opinion

Excellent article. Lots of parallels with dairy and its relationships across the value chain.
22/07/15 11:09 PM
It may win a swag of awards, but as John Singleton says, ads that win awards usually don't sell the product. However, I liked the ad, thought it was fun and shared it. Time will tell. ......
27/05/15 03:08 AM

Out of the shadow

You are proposing to fix a problem that does not exist. Dairy has been employing foreign workers on 457 visas for years. They have come from all over the world and they have never been a problem to the union. Now it is suddenly a problem to the union, and that is confusing and duplicitous.
07/09/15 05:54 AM

Leading questions

'The balance between heading in the right direction and bringing others with you' is leadership gold. This is not about politics, it is about making change for the right reasons, with the right agreement on why and how. A thoughtful and erudite article discussion piece.
03/03/15 12:11 PM


The NSW dairy industry has long recognised the need for investment in manufacturing to grow farm production. It is difficult to raise capital in the manufacturing sector when the local advisors all say it is a poor performer. That means we must ask for foreign capital. We would all prefer to fund it locally, but when the capital markets prefer to put their money into over valued real estate & falling shares, then we have few choices. Our new Prime Minister talks of innovation & leadership - here is a chance for something innovative & leading.
21/09/15 02:42 AM
Hi Jock. I think it benefits from a Chinese interest by being able to access that export market. The only way past the Colesworths dilemna for the NSW dairy industry is to develop new export markets. We have nowhere to sell new production from growth without export. By having a co-investment they get access to the export market and maximise the value of their management expertise.
04/08/15 08:40 AM
This is the A team of dairy. Moxey, Perich and New Hope is a pretty impressive line up. A good model of co-investment with an international consumer and Aussie management expertise.
It shows good support for the value & direction of NSW dairy.
03/08/15 06:53 AM
Australia's dairy exports have dropped to 40% of production in recent years - down from 65% in 2000. We really aren't in the export business like NZ. Consequently, since 2010 Aus farmgate price has not moved with export prices.
The fundamentals of dairy in Asia & Australia remain strong. The market is continuing to grow with consumption improvements & product innovation. The issue is stocks in China have been too high - an over bought market. The international price has fallen accordingly.
21/07/15 11:54 PM
You have got to wonder why the White Paper has not been more widely supported and reported. It was like elephants mating in that it took so long and made so much noise but seems to have hit the ground without much impact. No one has yet stood up and said how great it is and that it was worth the effort.
09/07/15 02:09 AM
This discussion is window dressing. The problem is far deeper. We are an energy producing economy and we have no plan to convert that energy into any manufactured products. In fact, it is the opposite, we have very high taxes on energy that create a disincentive to manufacture. All we do is dig it up and export it. If we are going to dig it up, we have a duty to add as much value to it as we can. That requires a plan.
Imagine the regional development outcomes if we could convert energy into manufacturing of our raw agricultural production into high quality, safe and nutritious food & fibre.
01/07/15 02:14 AM
Have you tried the Barista Bros milk. It is made from powder and tastes like it too. It is like the old Sunshine milk that has been saturated in colour and sugar. There are better flavoured milks on the market!
12/04/15 10:51 PM


Usually the milk from the un-pasteurised farm is okay. However, the distribution system is the risk. Because the milk is not treated it is more likely to go off more quickly. If any link in the distribution chain is weak and the milk is not held at the correct temperature then the health risk goes through the roof. Then people can get sick (and worse). Usually a health food store is not the best place to store milk and their distribution systems are not certified and qualified.
03/06/15 01:37 AM


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