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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

A good article David, the one thing you omitted is Sovereignty - in relation to the enforcement of ESCAS in foreign countries by the Commonwealth under an Australian Act - the Export Control Act - its an act of aggression by Australia to force our Law on our trading partners and illegal under the WTO rules.
They (ESCAS) rules have to go and be replaced by direct inter- Government Agreements with our trading partners

A matter of opinion

Now is not the time for acquiescement Matthew, now is the time to take our sword and pierce the very hearts of CCA and MLA; rather than assisting the cattle owners in the north they are destroying our future by introducing regulation and dealing on our behalf without our consent with our enemies.
ESCAS alone is enough to have them removed.
CCA and MLA have to go; there will be no peace in the cattle sector until that happens.

Out of the shadow

Joel, the greatest trade barrier we currently have is ESCAS and your Government put that in place; however Barnaby has not done one thing to replace it, which needs to be asap.
With regard to Indonesia, you should raise in the House the matter of the Processors in Australia dumping meat in Indo. and undercutting the Australian cattle coming out of Indo feedlots by $1 per kilo at least, using MLA levy funds from producer live exporters to promote the dumped meat to our financial detriment.
This is not to mention the disastrous cattle prices being paid domesticity to fund the dumping


RR; how do you know the gov doesn't keep some of the Money? They use it within the the Dept of Ag they have a mini-ATO that gathers millions and then they decide how they allocate it - you should read the Hansard of Dept Mr Koval at the Senate hearing on 28/11/14.
I am concerned about is the political dabbleings of the Dept, investigating individuals and groups voicing objections to levies as a purely political exercise; and a misguided assertion that levies are here forever controlled by Dept and Prescribed Bodies regardless of our rights.
This Karl Marx style democracy at its best!
The fundamental issue is - does the majority of producers actually want to continue to pay the levee? - there needs to be ID and registration of Producers (excluding Processors) and a referendum of those producers to determine the issue,
There is a good argument for the separation of producers of meat in Australia and Live Ex as they are competing entities.
MLA/RMAC must be abolished as does the levee.
Jo Bloomfield; If you want a structure like you outline then start a Private company and put your groups' private equity in and the direct the expenditure - socialism cannot do what you want
To compare NTCA with the other SFO groups is like comparing apples with oranges. Most of the cattle enterprises in the NT are corporate owned and the voting entitlements within NTCA favor these corporates. “Managers” hold positions in NTCA rather than owners and that’s a big difference in terms of Equity.
NT cattle corporations have been running huge financial losses but are still operating; a position a private owner anywhere in Australia could not sustain. NTCA operates as an Executive; private members seldom get a branch motion past the Executive. So is it really that great?


" ... but not so that it intrudes on another nation's sovereignty."
So they have finally realized that ESCAS is an attempt at social engineering and does compromise sovereignty and is severely affecting our trade in live export and diminishing our cattle producer returns.
Asian countries are just as opposed to ESCAS as the Saudis but they must comply to eat and the smoldering resentment is there.
Minister Joyce would do well to heed the seriousness of the implications of ESCAS and replace it completely with separate inter-government agreements.
What Minister Joyce has omitted is that ESCAS is a trade barrier and a major cause of resentment throughout Asia, and the lowly cattle producer pays for it.
Amazingly this article in itself is pious and arrogant in that the underlying sentiment from Australia is that Asia needs to be made comply with our superior standards at the expense of their national sovereignty.
If you people only knew how you are truly perceived in Asia; they don’t trust you, they don’t like you, and they read every single condescending word you write on farmonline.


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