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Radically increased levels of CO2 Nico ? What a joke , are you saying an increase from 300ppm to 400ppm is a radical increase ? An increase of 100ppm ? You can't be serious. If you expect other people to take you seriously then please cut the crap.
09/03/15 06:54 AM
Can we have some real warming please.
http://notrickszone.c om/2015/02/28/if-this-cold-is-war ming-then-isis-is-peace-usas-stun ning-shock-freeze-contradicts-noa a-warmth-claims/#sthash.IrqrrrI2. dpbs
06/03/15 12:45 AM
If you can't explain the pause you can't explain the cause.
http://hockeyschtick.b -lindzen-in-wsj-political.html
05/03/15 10:34 PM
Why do you keep telling the same tired old jokes Nico ? We have heard them all before and they are no longer funny at all.
05/03/15 08:36 PM
Yes I agree with Nico . Scientific research admits the possibility of error, and seeks to correct it through observation and measurement. The observation and measurement tells us that around 1/3 of the entire rise in atmospheric CO2 since the 1800s till now has happened in the last 20 years, but the temperature in the last 20 years has not risen at all. So can we please stop the denialism and lets just accept the AGWers are simply wrong with their alarmist theory.
05/03/15 01:29 AM
Lol , dear oh dear Nico your imagination is running away with you again. Do you honestly expect educated people to believe that a 100ppm increase in the atmospheric CO2 rate is the end of the world , when we all know that the exact opposite is the truth ? A 100ppm increase in the atmospheric CO2 rate has been a blessing to all life on earth. I am still picking myself up off the floor from laughing at your last post. Lol . May I suggest to you Nico that you try to be serious for once your dealing with well educated people and you really are talking like a total drip.
03/03/15 11:35 PM
An interesting article for all to read. opinion/doomed-planet/2015/03/glo bal-warming-killing-scientific-in tegrity/
03/03/15 05:09 AM
And, your only telling half the story Nico. I notice you completely disregard my first point about the benefits of any warming? And I suppose your going to try to tell me also the increased energy , the weather instability and the brutal winters is all caused by an increase of 100ppm of CO2 ? Lol. Come on Nico , do you really think everyone is that dumb ?
03/03/15 04:58 AM
No one can deny that during the 20th century there were some brief periods of global warming . How much of it was natural and how much of it was caused by human GHGs will forever be debated but its really irrelevant for several reasons. The first is that the warming regardless of it's cause was entirely beneficial and is the reason food production and human population is where it is today. The second reason is this warming by all observation looks like it has come to an end with now a number of brutally harsh and cold winters bringing parts of the northern hemisphere to a grinding halt.
01/03/15 08:56 PM


Even members of our own fed govt have now seen the light and the true agenda of the climate change scam.
26/05/15 06:49 AM
34 years is a drop in the ocean, the temperature rise over that time is that small you not only can't feel it , you can hardly measure it on the most accurate thermometers, the temperature increase has been entirely good and beneficial and no matter what anyone tells you, not one person can prove the cause.
17/03/15 04:58 AM
The brick has more brains than Clive.
13/03/15 05:47 AM


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