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A matter of opinion

I've been to these CSG information days which are good but Agforce what you are discussing behind closed doors with the Govt isn't good enough. Producers want to see out in the public arena where you sit on issues. Your submission on the Common Provisions Bill hearing was pretty ordinary & weak. Gallilee Rail line nothing. Why not go to Banks for CSG funding workshops, not resource companies. Agforce should be leading from the front in criticising this Bill & we get a limp wristed like the above. GET SOME GUTS Agforce or you won't have any membership. Out in the public where we can all see it
26/10/14 08:12 PM
How to get to the bottom of meat prices/a Senate Inquiry & give the ACCC power to go into processors books to see what is happening.
26/03/14 07:33 PM


For Micheal Roche to say there has been 4500 access agreements is plainly a stupid comment because landowners have no choice. Micheal use some common sense & show some leaderhip to CSG Co's & suggest 1% of Gross Well Head Value to landowners for compensation then all there will be to sort out is conduct. I hear this time & again CSG Co's have solicitors In charge of Land Access Teams, Origin are world champions at it. This is another reason why landholders buck. Your comments on the George Bender issue Micheal were very poor.
11/11/15 12:07 PM
The LNP in Qld when in power Jeff Seeney talking said they had increased Strategic Cropping Land by 40% on grazing & cropping land,unless it was made retrospective it is not worth the paper it's written on.Maybe the NFF need to talk to Jeff Seeney ask him when it's going to kick in.
04/11/15 10:49 PM
Here's a starting point all Brigalow ,Belah, Vine scrub soil needs to be protected. In regards to rehabilitation I've seen many kilometres of pipeline & between CSG wells rehab & have not seen it in the same condition as it was or just off the easement .More truthful descriptions of CSG activities need to be addressed example QGC say a drill & workover- which means drill & take through to full production- Origin have a saying called Right of Way which means - Trenching between CSG Wells. All this is gobbly gook to fool people.
04/11/15 08:25 PM
Give Barnaby the resources sector CSG & Coal that should be a bush portfolio/there's no mining in cities of Australia
14/10/15 07:03 AM
I would have thought that the Nationals should be in charge of Resources/Coal & CSG which affects their core voter base also then we might get some common sense into this.
17/09/15 12:08 AM
Not Nat- That's after they left Parliament except in Qld where the LNP fell in love with resources.At least if we know what's happening from the outset we can keep the angle grinder on their nose
16/09/15 09:55 AM
Nationals should get resource management /CSG & Coal as it only effects bush voters & landholders
16/09/15 12:39 AM
Nationals need to be in charge of Resource Development CSG & Coal because they are the most affected by resources,Truss will be as weak as water.
15/09/15 09:04 AM
There's one other minor problem for Adani lack of cabbage/folding stuff/I can't believe the LNP could support this, if you have a cocky 50 kilometres from the mine site he can't object even though it might affect his water table. How are cockies going to be able to afford to take on these projects. It shows how out of touch the LNP- Coalition are out of touch with their electoral base.
19/08/15 10:34 AM
Now that a lot of CSG & Coal workers have lost their jobs, in the bush we call it Resources Disease they want $500 a day for cattle work, the rate is $250 +gst if you are gst registered.
19/08/15 09:59 AM


Ludwig wouldn't be game to step in after the mess with live export,a union man in charge of agriculture what next.
07/06/12 12:46 PM


1% of Gross Well Head Value as Barnaby Joyce suggested or the right to say no would be a good start. Where there is a Environmental Authority change on the property the landholder must be given 6 weeks notice & be able object . In Queensland a EA is application is given to the DEHP & the landholder knows nothing about it & approval is always given without any inspection or governance from DEHP. Everything is so lopsided against the landholder in QLD I could be here for a week .
29/03/16 08:46 PM
Don't worry about the legal stoush/they've got no money
09/11/15 10:33 AM
Mr Krieg does not understand how these CSG Co's break people down,i'm speaking from experience.They change staff so that you have to start over again the negoiation this goes on over so far over more than three & a half years.In Qld we have John Cotter & the Gasfield Commision who are supposed to be independant i see on their webpage the chairman & commissioners have been accepting from CSG Co's tickets to corporate boxes for State of O, rugby internatonals,AFL , Ballet & presents. No wonder landowners don't do any good talking to these people at the commision.
04/11/15 01:48 AM
We are getting some sensible comments from those above but where is Lynham, Seeney & Cripps. Cripps has been the mouthpiece for the LNP in the QCL a lot recently but he let down LNP bush voters with the MERCP(Common Provisions for donations to the LNP. Mind you he was under Seeney's control. It's time for comment on this from Lynham , Seeney & Cripps.Also the Gasfield Commision under John Cotter's leadership have been getting shouted to State of Origin games,Rugby internationals,Ballet & presents from CSG Co's they are really independent aren't they.
03/11/15 07:15 AM
Santos will only support a handful of businesses they will have camps so moteliers don't get excited. The spread of parthenium by Santos north of Roma & Injune has especially devalued land. Compensation has been ordinary for older people who haven't had the will for lengthy negotiation getting $1000 per well per annum & a couple gates & a grid. Barnaby has the right idea 1% of Gross Well Head Value per annum to stop exploitation as the company admits it's very productive at Piliga. Watch out for them wanting to overhead powerlines to each well like they have done at Blythdale North East of Roma.
31/08/15 08:17 AM
Many LNP in his electorate were pretty angry at branch level Bruce Scott never retired to let Barnaby in Maranoa. Bruce Scott only held 1 ministry in his political career & that was Veteran's Affairs a fair while ago now.
17/02/16 08:49 PM
Bloody hell if we get Malcolm we will have a Labour Prime Minister & a Labour Opposition
14/09/15 10:28 AM
Another Resource loving ex politician who probably won't protect their landholder voter base just like the LNP did to it's constituents in Qld with CSG & Coal.
13/09/15 09:22 PM
As a LNP member in QLD I am sick & tired of LNP leadership being in the pockets of CSG & COAL Co's. We have had a gutful in QLD of Seeney & Cripps prostituting themselves to resources sector people at the expense of landholder LNP members their core base of voters. Favours for donations that is what the LNP did in the Newman era.
11/09/15 09:30 AM
So says John Anderson while he sits on a resource company board/trying to entice Warren Truss to stay on as Nationals leader because he doesn't want Barnaby. Anderson & Truss Is & were hopeless leaders do nothingers/ Andersdon gave us the MLA we've got know which has always been a mess. Barnaby needs to be leader now/i just shake my head at Truss --useless.
22/08/15 09:04 PM


Advise us on CSG, they can't even advise on beef. First thing to do is ask the CSG CO to pay for your reasonable legal costs. Then make sure your solicitor has a lot of experience dealing with CSG before. All this advice is for free. Believe me I know.
01/08/14 05:45 AM


Well said bb i imported a low hour Cat 6T half of what it would have been in Australia we're getting touched up bigtime.
11/11/12 09:16 PM
I think every Quad bike in Australia has it written on it under 16 you shouldn't be riding it.
19/07/12 09:52 PM
Jock you check with property owners before mouthing off about this & i don't mean just Agforce. Stupidity is a factor you need to take into account.
18/07/12 10:22 PM


You can see the stupidity of trying to do business with Gas Co's & why landholders have so much trouble with them with some of the conditions above. They have no understanding of how a rural property needs to function /Work Place Health & Safety,Weed blame QGC 's properties in the Wandoan area have African Lovegrass on them. Gas Co's should never be allowed to buy properties
27/07/15 02:57 AM
As Barnaby says split the joint up thats the best way,i bet the the receivers are rubbing their hands together.
03/09/12 08:59 PM


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