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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with drinking FRESH Raw Milk... However the milk that is causing all this debate, is FAR from fresh by the Time it reachs any retail outlet. Hence the Need the need for regulation to help the people incapable of helping themselves..
12/01/15 11:18 PM

Get Muddy

Sam, how many of Iconic Australian Brand names, have been prostituted into oblivion By Multinationals in the Name of Eficientcy & productivity???
18/06/15 07:50 AM


I'd be very interested to know who Fronterra actually Sold the Shares to??
02/11/15 03:52 AM
Foreign ownership of Australian farmland has been about a fact of Life, since the days of the English Owned pastoral houses.& there's been plenty since. Vesty, Clyde, Dalgety, King Ranch are the ones that readily spring to mind. When I was kid in the early '70s everyone was saying that the Japanese were going to end up owning the Australian Cattle Industry. The mid '70s beef crash put paid to that theory..LOL.There's always been ebbs & flows in Foreign Capital & there always will be!!! this just happens to be the current one...
02/10/15 04:10 AM
@Cocky, How much cheaper do you want Interest rates to be??I've been borrowing Money for 35 years & NEVER seen Money so cheap.(I've seen It easier to get, BUT never cheaper).I can remember paying 21% in 1990 (still have to contract) Our declining terms of trade are a far bigger problem than the price of Money.
16/07/15 06:32 AM
Figures can Lie, & Liars can Figure.........
15/07/15 03:31 AM
How long before Saputo appear on the Share register??
14/07/15 04:37 AM
The Japanese are VERY patient investors.......I think you'll find Sumitomo are playing the LOOOONG game here..
02/07/15 04:42 AM
Jock as usual, your rose coloured glasses Stopped you from comprehending a KEY sentence....& I Quote...................."The record dividend reflects the strength of our non-rice pool businesses."
25/06/15 03:26 AM
You could be forgiven for thinking that Wesfarmers are on the back foot.............
23/06/15 12:19 AM
Just wait until December when A.N.Z.s foreclosure moratorium expires... The Agents will ALL be busy as Crows around a dead Sheep...
01/06/15 02:03 AM
2 American based Companies merging in America. What can the ACCC do??
27/03/15 05:50 AM


Well Jock, When you consider that under the Single desk. The Pool Advances/payments where based on a rolling average price over (I think) 3 years, If that's not an income equalisation Scheme???? Then What is It??
25/06/15 07:15 AM
Jock, take your blinkers off & read the Story properly...Several key fundamentals in the price of International shipping, have Changed forever the way Wheat is being traded globally. Something even your beloved price equalisation scheme (If it was still about) would have had no control over......We live in a rapidly changing World, either accept & embrace Change or get left behind in It's wake.........just my 2 cents..
25/06/15 03:17 AM
Just make every grain trader post a $100,000 bond to be held in trust. Straight away you'd find all illiquid traders would just shut up shop...
16/03/15 12:18 AM
I'm curious to see a list of which Sites, & to Whom?
I couldn't imagine being too generous to their opposition/competitors...
06/11/14 12:28 AM
Jock, What's your definition of a "real industry expert"?
25/09/14 01:36 AM
@Cam.. More like self preservation. I'd say..
25/03/15 07:46 AM
Given the ever increasing share of grain stocks being held in on farm Storage,
Via either "Twister" Type Silos or the Plethora of Silo bags about the Place.
I can't see this Stock report being powerful Tool some of you Blokes think It will Be..!!
04/01/14 02:56 AM
@ jed.
Mate, sounds like you need a BEX & a good rest.....
Time will tell...
09/12/13 12:24 AM
Graincorp have been Selling/ relocating/ Mothballing Silos for Years...
Off the top of my head I can think of at least;
12 Sites that they've sold.
2 that have been Dismantled & relocated.
& several that have been mothballed, & only used 2-3 time in the last 10 years.
Dan Cooper realises That this process is only going to accelerate, & wants some input/ control in the decision making process.
Anyone who thinks they can keep all 280 sites open has rocks in his/her Head....
Quite Frankly; this WILL Happen regardless of who owns Graincorp...........
05/12/13 12:32 AM
Two Questions???
1)What's the Premium?
2) how much is the excess??
25/04/13 12:15 PM


I'm with Rob Moore, I'd like to see a break down of It as well.. However a quick back of the envelope division works out to be an average Deposit of $94,870...
31/07/15 12:57 AM
I'd suggest all the protesters do what Coolaman council did... Go & check out the equivalent facility at Tarago (near Goulbourn) & see It's a fuss about nothing.
17/06/15 06:08 AM
Just as Long as they Fly out of 12 Gauge Shotgun range...........LOL...
29/12/14 06:05 AM
In other words,, They have no idea
08/05/15 06:32 AM
The solution is pretty obvious to Me.. Keep producing cage eggs ,& come 2018 withdraw supply from Woolworths & start selling them at Butcher Shops/corner stores/hotbakes & the like. I'm sure they'll relish the opportunity to sell something that's a basic everyday need that Woolworths don't stock..
15/12/14 04:50 AM
David Fleming, VERY WELL SAID......
28/10/14 10:18 PM
Geronimo, What is your source, for the figure $3.2 Billion currently held in FMDs??
10/12/14 06:36 AM


All this means is; THAT,
Lion will "rebrand" It, & still import the stuff from Mexico.........
15/07/13 08:08 AM


A few Hundred Dollars extra on a Ten Thousand dollar Quad bike will not break the Bank.. Who knows the life It saves, may well be yours..
22/09/15 03:55 AM


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