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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Enthusiastic article, and likely an element of truth to it, however it fails to mention that there is a decent chance that the farmer was one of the ones down at the pub lamenting how much land is being sold to foreigners and we should do more to protect our own interests, not realising he was contributing to this issue himself.
24/02/15 09:56 PM
Not the sort of article the fanatics would be interested in reading
24/11/13 09:16 PM


As easy as it is for farmers to whinge, the ones I know will similarly buy the "cheapest" or "most suitable" product when sourcing their requirements (ie. parts, wheels, fert, whatever) with little care as to if sourced and producted in Australia or elsewhere. Just saying ...
01/06/15 03:44 AM
To farmers who complain about foreign ownership: I take it you're happy to have less competition for your land hence lower prices/value? Oh, you're not? Naturally like handouts, prefer to have your cake and eat it too ...
11/02/15 09:47 PM
A blanket restriction on agri is kind of funny. They might as well say they believe people should not eat. Realistically, taking such a stance they are simply saying they are too lazy to work out what practices they feel should be encouraged and what are unethical.
19/01/15 09:30 PM
This is the way it should be. If private enterprise wants to support, and they have the business that supports. As a tax payer good decision Tony. Someone needs to make the hard decisions.
11/03/14 12:54 AM


No doubt as Allianz sees the risk and was going to increase their costs.
07/04/15 10:15 PM
Hopefully products such as this succeed, and following on from this the government implements a policy that if farmers don't insure then they are not eligible for the various grants / rebates / subsidies that farmers can claim.
I still clearly recall speaking with a farmer in SA who said "I don't understand EC payments. In most areas where these payments are made for drought, there is nothing exceptional about a drought!".
17/02/15 09:40 PM


I appreciate that people in tough financial circumstances need compassion shown, however people (farmers or otherwise) are always able to shop their finance elsewhere. If someone has their loan called in, and no other financier is willing to touch them, maybe they need to actually appreciate they are in a dire financial position. Rather than complaining about their bank (who did support them until then - no one else will touch them remember) they should take control of their position and sell rather than have someone do it for them.
15/12/14 09:30 PM


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