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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

The 'on the ground' actions of WWF were demonstrated last night on ABC news. Earlier in the day the topic on breakfast news TV was decline of the Barrier Reef. Despite an expert, on the report being discussed, applauding improved farming practices, twice the reporters interviewing him tried to associate destruction of the reef with farmers. "NO as I just explained" the expert said, "the coral bleaching is due to warming seas not farming activities". Clear and simple. By evening news the ABC had enlisted the help of WWF and selective editing to turn part of reef decline to farming fault.
03/10/12 01:03 AM

A matter of opinion

cont.... I am sure processors & MLA would say it is too costly and ultimately the producer will bear that cost...That is a scare tactic.... I believe the foundations of data would already be collected. They do not want us to see it. We have the NLIS. Make it Really work for the producer. I am sure lots of $ figures are in the system to determine how an extra $ of profit can be squeezed out of a carcase. Open the doors of transparency, All areas of industry work together. The 'milking cow' of the beef producer may well run dry in a generation if producers do not return to profitability.
05/07/14 08:50 PM
Exactly. The current situation in beef is not sustainable. The producer is not paid enough ...& that is the bottom line. There is plenty of work/employment & investment capacity in the industry, were it more profitable. As it is businesses have wound back expenditure to bare minimum & this is not sustainable long term. It costs $s to preserve land & water resources, upgrade & maintain efficient machinery & ensure safety & welbeing of those working to produce quality beef. Mandatory Transparency where my beef goes, who makes $'s paddock to plate would be start to Price Setting Control...cont..
05/07/14 08:36 PM
Transparency. We need transparency in the prices paid and made, right through the chain. Our beef business does make a profit (0ver long term, balancing good years over bad) and we have suffered the worst of flood and drought in past few years. But the 'robbery' of prices in this past 12 months has prompted us to tell our adult kids that we give the industry 3 years to get it's ##** together with paying a fair price as against cost of production or we will leave a very well honed business and invest in something else. I won't work our family into the ground for blessed all return.
26/03/14 08:06 PM

Burrs under my saddle

Agree absolutely Pete with that 2nd last paragraph. Resources should flow to local communities. As part of a group of mums at the local rural footy today we talked about 'ice'. (& I assure you that is far removed from our regular chats over the yrs) As a community we do have a duty of care to all. I know nothing about drugs or care for those using them... but I would like to see greater support & protection for front line professionals like nurses, ambos & police. They can find themselves in harms way in understaffed rural areas. Perhaps better equip them may be a good start to benefit all.
16/05/15 03:34 PM

Bush Matters

The beef industry should drive it's own agenda. NOT the WWF. Aus. Beef is clean & green & sustainably produced. We should sell that message ourselves. (I am confident most Aussies already have a good handle on the fact Beef in butcher is more likely to be safe than seafood in frozen pack) 'Really' I am glad you are educated & proud to be a beef producer, but there are 20-90 year olds who are educated and proud to be producers...& I think you will find a good deal of skepticism about WWF driving their agenda in OUR industry. We HAVE the product. Our future is marketing under our own terms.
03/05/14 08:24 PM


We purchased Diesel in Emerald earlier this week at $1.47 and a few days later fueled up again and paid $1.23 about an hour short of Brisbane.
16/01/15 09:27 AM
A T. I would hope the value of land appreciates. Given the costs, time & labour associated with preservation of land. Control of weeds, feral animals. Flood and drought mitigation and massive infrastructure costs when Floods and droughts are 'once in a hundred years' events. A valuation on a piece of paper does little to aleviate running costs for land. Let alone make it more productive To ensure land continues to be productive & healthy into the future it costs money. I will note. I Love coffee shop workers, one of my kids was one during uni. She had no costs though, for not bad money.
29/09/14 08:59 AM
I agree with Bushfire Blonde.
14/04/14 11:12 PM
I will take the Greens seriously when they BAN all pet ownership (some people treat their animals horribly) Grow up greens. The world is not perfect. The vast majority of live export animals are treated well from birth - the best the producer can give them in nutrition, handling and vet care - through to their final destination and YES being a food source for PEOPLE....I love to think of children and adults across the world enjoying a meal of healthy Australian Beef or Lamb. YUM. Perhaps advocates of our Industry should promote pictures of kids with big healthy smiles eating Australian meat.
02/04/14 08:05 PM
Totally agree with Barcoo. Eddie R. I hope that is not your best attempt at being clever. You obviously have no connection with real agriculture. I drive a ten year old Prado. Not uncommen. 4 Wheel drives are neccesary in real agriculture. Most people on the land would not even concider giving up on a reliable old ute. You are talking through your exhaust. As a producer, I need to see a fair $ paid for quality product, produced efficiently. Natural disasters I expect but a fairer price would allow larger, longer buffer zone when we have to tough it out. Most $'s saved EXHAUSTED now.
22/02/14 07:35 PM
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I agree with tractorseat. Quite insulting to those of us who budget, reassess & constantly monitor our businesses. My advice to all is: Watch the products banks are offering you. Read fine print & fees & be warey of the banks themselves using your successful business as a milking cow for their coffers. I find banks lack a depth of knowledge within their staff ranks, so find a contact within the bank who is competent. Difficult when local rural branches are robbed of good on ground staff & bank business directed to office 4 hrs away. Good Banks should value Good clients & reflect in Service
02/01/13 09:53 AM
We have choices when buying milk. Sometimes aided by the information on the bottle. Advertisers promoting 'Naturally Parmealte Free' at the moment is an example.
I suggest the next 'ad campaign' be one where the price the Australian producer was paid, per litre, be displayed on the bottle. The bottle which pays the producer the most for his efforts will win my money.
31/07/12 06:48 AM
Must be an enormous burden to you BS Bill to get out of bed each morning, with such a big chip on your shoulder. I am sure you are greatful for this site though. You can 'vent', relentlessly and or course eratically. One day you are condemning fellow writers for 'getting personal' , next indulging in it yourself.
Re the banks. they are a necessary evil in our business and I have empathy for anyone dealing with them.
03/07/12 01:16 AM
Sam may have been tongue in cheek with his comment above. But I fear not and he really is ignorant. Sam would not last long as a farmer. For one all of his livestock would be dead within a year. From thirst, if water infrastructure is not maintained. From Disease if not vaccinated, hunger if pastures are not managed correctly. Pests, ticks & worms will kill off the rest. Land quickly deteriorates if left to weeds and unattended maintenace. Finally your trip to town Sam, I hope you got off verandah and fixed your own road or you will go nowhere. If not able to visit a farm, read more Sam.
26/02/12 02:29 AM
I agree with nico and RWYS. And NO Chaplain whatsoever in schools would be my preference. As for 'great passion'. My experience is great passion often translates as bizzy body or do gooder.
Give me a trained, professional to deal with our children and grandchildren please. If they have such great passion... do the study and demonstrate a genuine willingness to do the right thing by potentially vulnerable and impressionable children.
19/01/12 07:14 AM


I would like to see weather prediction policy BAN the word 'event' when forecasting. Once rain has fallen, by all means call , for eg, a massive flood , an event. But we have consistently over the past few years had our hopes built up of a potential rain 'event' only to have less than 10% of predicted rain actually hit the ground. When people are distressed by drought , they do not need the added burden of repeated 'NON event' rainfall predictions. By the way, experience tells us NOT to base decisions, or expenditure on predicted rainfall... but actual rainfall.
02/09/14 07:30 AM
Yes I agree DH. I know a lot of women & it should be highlighted, WORKING, in family enterprises for little or no pay. If P L is the track we are going down.. I believe/hope the policy makers are concidering them. I also know from bitter family experience that at any time any one of us can become a single mum. I have empathy for the many situations we find ourselves in. The 3 kids eg is...if I think of my kids school class. 5 or 6 have a number of children with NO dad support or work ethic. We have to help their kids...but...I welcome the debate to see working women, wanting kids, concidered.
13/06/14 10:31 AM
I would like to see more carefully concidered debate on this. I do feel for young working women wanting a family. In our area we have women ranging from...those who left home young to gain an education, have worked during uni & now work long hours in a profession. Women who started work direct from school...Then those who left school, had 3 kids, have never worked, always claimed full tax payer support. I would like to see tax paying, WORKING women... given tax breaks or ? benefit when they start a family. Possibly even for the first 3 yrs of childs life. They are our next gen of tax payers.
11/06/14 08:00 AM
I think Barnaby may be being misrepresented here by ex senator Ludwig. I saw Barnaby Joyce say his job is agriculture...he does not involve himself in foreign affairs ( and I believe he referred to the middle east and mentioned thousands of years of diplomacy that he would not step into) He said his job was to look after agriculture. He was bouncing off a reporters question & trying to stick to his own portfolio. Go back and look at the interview again , in it's entirety. And Joe...we are all still suffering the effects of your govts poor decisions. You are a shining eg of poor govt.
25/06/14 01:51 AM
Barnaby, there are several messages you should try & deliver to a largely uninformed Aus. public. First, all natural disasters cost primary producers in the hundreds of thousands $s, if not more. Gov. support can be of help but by no means 'bails farmers out' In fact it covers only a small percentage of the costs.Farmers are NOT RICH. I understand the shopper sees a weekly food bill & thinks $'s go to farmer. In fact very little does. Increasingly cost of production outweighs returns even in good years & with the most inovative, efficient business. We care for land & animals at all cost
24/01/14 07:07 AM
RSPCA are merely trying to 'beat up' a sustainable future for themselves. I know of many past generous donors to RSPCA, pulling their money for the extreme tactics of modern organization. Their source of income is limited to the extreme and naive. There has been proven cases of animal / pet cruelty in Australia. We don't hear the RSPCA calling for a ban of pet ownership. Working with industry in a positive way is not their preferred choice because it doesn't inflame (nor inform incidentally) the public. RSPCA are seeking to 'beat up' the bad therefore their own 'sustainable future'.
16/06/12 10:12 PM


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