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Genuinely love to see your justification for this one Jock...? Hard evidence, facts and actual results have proven to be your enemy over the journey...
30/06/15 01:35 AM
1.guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.
Certainly sounds like your beloved Single Desk to me Jock - You personally may be the biggest victim of all of their deception. They were criminals - not alleged criminals. In your eyes they get more glorious by the day. As for their unceremonious and justified removal being the blackest day in our nation's history? I think even you would retract that sentiment on reflection Jock.
25/06/15 01:35 AM
Similar numbers supported keeping automatic rifles when they were removed... just as with the single desk, a few years on (from your 7 year old poll figures) and only a couple of outspoken idiots believe they are now worse off.
15/04/15 06:28 AM
ie: From the inside looking out, your opinion is that your co-op was the envy of the world?
Delusion epitomised... pity for you and your monopoly cohorts that you couldn't fool more growers into justifying your own sense of self importance.
Still yet to hear a solution from you as first requested...?
15/04/15 05:12 AM
Way to dodge a question with more fairlyland fantasies Jockie!
1) Why would they promote lower prices to a miller that they are trying to see to? Especially if, as in your scenario, the merchant is a miller also, selling it cheap would be assisting their competition?
2) Multi-origin purchasing started close to 400 years before the Dutch-East India Company was formed in 1602. Buyers deserve have the right to choose their supplier in contracts, as does seller. If after close to 1000 years this is all too difficult for you to accept then perhaps you do need a monopoly to hold your hand...
14/04/15 12:28 AM
Cousin Jock - 'fairy land stuff' is one area nobody can argue with you on. You've been the Mayor of FairyLand for longer than SQP has existed.
What would your magic solution be for our 'supposedly broken' industry if you could wave your fairy wand?
13/04/15 06:07 AM
Jock, regardless of who markets the grain, how does this impact the quality? Or did you mean perceived quality? Australian growers continue to grow quality crops & are paid a premium globally to do so.
Personally I put more faith in capitalist multi-national company to get the most for Australian grain on a free marketplace as opposed to a sluggish, antiquated monopoly that had zero pressure to perform and turned out to be legally and morally flawed whilst 'representing growers'
A monopoly renders people complacent & satisfied with mediocrity. Free markets are here to stay, THANKFULLY!
24/03/15 05:21 AM


These droughts never would have happened under the single desk, ever since the greedy merchants got involved with this industry (even though most have been here 40+ years) they have been driving rainfalls lower and ruining our marketing opportunities with their damned global reach to customers!! I preferred not having to think under the single desk and trust that all of the former AWB employees had the Australian growers interest at heart when representing us in their offshore marketing trips... FTG
19/03/15 04:41 AM


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