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I wonder how many "bank errors" have been in favour of the customer ? Logic would tell us that if it is less than 50% then it's probably more than just an error.
19/10/15 09:51 PM
You didn't mention that when the $A rose because of mining investment it also killed off a lot of small businesses, crippled exporters & reduced cattle prices by 20%
24/07/15 09:38 PM
From reading this article it is obvious Coles is adding fuel to this debate to try to distinguish its product for purely for marketing motivations. They say these ideas are based on how it is done in the UK. It seems to me that Coles management has lost the plot which is probably proven by the fact they had to employ UK consultants to come up with these ideas. Coles, what works in the UK may not work in Australia.
05/08/13 10:32 PM
Does this mean that Coles is going to increase their buying price to suppliers enjoying less profit margins than the supermarket?
04/06/13 10:41 PM
Maybe the labour government could put a supertax on food
18/07/12 09:50 PM
It must be a difficult dilemma for the ALP in Sussex street, either go to the polls with Julia & face defeat or undermine the electoral system again with Rudd-like subversion. Wouldn't they be better off addressing the underlying problems with the party rather than shooting the messenger? This current bunch of lightweights continue to be a bitter dissapointment and embarrassment to ALP supporters.
02/02/12 04:18 AM
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
24/01/12 11:02 PM
What a wonderful opportunity for Australians to get a job & work for the Chinese.
16/01/12 10:58 PM
Rambling Rose,
Most of the phosphate used in super is imported imported into Australia from the middle east in US$ and then converted to super locally. There is very litttle phosphorous mined in Australia.
15/05/11 10:15 PM
So with the rise in the A$ where is the corresponding reduction for imported fertilisers such as superphosphate?
Its frustrating for farmers to recieve less for commodities due to the A$ when the people on the other side of the equation do not pass do their share.
09/05/11 09:32 PM


When I was a kid the RSPCA was a good and highly respected organisation, now they are just a bunch of ratbags
25/05/15 09:55 PM
If Coles was a person & not a corporation I think their friends would be sending them of to see a psychiatrist. They seem to be making these odd statements every day now. I don't think they know who they really are anymore.
06/06/13 10:03 PM


I wonder if this is what the American Cattle producers are saying about the Australian meat sold in their market. Isn't this is what free trade is all about ? As long as there is a level playing field consumers would probably be asking themselves why are Australian onions more expensive at a wholesale level than imported product that includes the cost of freight. If we want to dish it out we have to take it too.
26/10/15 09:49 PM


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