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i agree most cockys are whiners, they wing about the rain, they whinge about the heat, and almost anything that there is to whinge about... very few studies have been done about the employment it creates, the opportunities it creates, the stress and health problems it creates.. most farmers just do their job and produce a product that without we would find life difficult.. if people who are not in agriculture stopped whinging about farmers and other related industries , what would the writer have to make comment about, leave the cocky alone to do his job, stop the sale of producing entit
19/11/13 09:19 AM


Investors are fickle who ever said buying shares was a 100 percent reliable,, should the court decision go against the coop,,what about other companies whose share drop because of uncontrollable market pressures
18/05/16 11:50 PM
Privatisation is a wonderful thing,,, just ask those who took the gamble..
03/03/16 12:06 AM
if grain farmers privatise be it at there peril, ll the that have done so have had short term gain for long time pain,,, be wise think long and hard as if priatised look where your money will go ....
23/02/16 10:01 PM
what is the usual outcome when going public to a grower concern? the people who it is looking after lose out in all occasions
17/02/16 10:41 PM
as a small grazier, i fail to see where these people are coming from,, the falling dollar to me means higher costs, fuel, fertilisor, chemicals and prices are a joke. 50 years ago a baby beef was worth 4 times the average wage today it is not even worth the average wage.. wake up Aust the lower our dollar the worse off the farmers is..
23/03/15 09:00 AM
I am not an advocate for some gm products such as "round up ready" but in realistic terms we have been using modified plant breeding for generations to improve both the quality and quantity of most food products available throughout the world. we need to continue with this technology to continue growing crops as the world weather and other enviromental effect come upon.. people need to get real, food on the table is better than no food, and there is no proven effects from digesting gm foods other than better health
22/12/14 12:20 AM
it seems strange that gov approval for sale of aust producers should get ready approval for overseas purchases, we should give all encouragement for these business,s to ren=main in aunt hands
24/01/14 11:13 PM
i would think that any sale of large grain hadling to overseas will have a long term detrimental effect for the aus wheat producers... shareholder are being very short sighted if they accept this sale
28/11/13 10:44 PM


one needs half a brain to see the golden egg will be broken and the farmer who take the short term view will need to be one who is getting out as the profit takers will be there fleecing you.
03/03/16 12:08 AM
This bill will undoubtably be repealed, but the rights of the individual property owners must be upheld and where contamination occurs compensation must be paid
18/11/15 11:22 PM
Every farmer has the right to farm as he wishes, but in doing so he must ensure that his method and biosecurity for the neighbours is maintained, should damage be caused he should pay.. this decision has only clouded the right to farm not clarified it
03/09/15 10:30 PM
a farmer should be allowed to grow any crop on his property, BUT should that crop infringe on the neighbours land and affect the neighbours status no matter what it is he should be penalised. many GM crops are difficult to control when wild and will continue to spread. The govt should regal;ate and place the responsibility back on the seller i.e. monsato and make them liable for the contamination debt the crop incurs.
02/02/14 11:39 PM


they can be a clear invasion of personal and property rights, they should be registered, gps tracked, and only used by licensed operators, if used in law cases the evidence shouldn't be allowable as it would be unlawfully obtained
30/12/14 12:35 AM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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