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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Dead right David. Sadly the government seems to be the cause of so many problems, and never the solution.
05/05/15 06:42 AM
Wooly, woolly, woolly, if you do not like guns don't buy one. I like mine and use them responsibly, as do the majority of owners. We (rightfully) understand that the majority of Muslims are not terrorists - so why do you demonise guns because a very small minority use them for wrong? Sounds like a double standard
18/12/14 08:44 AM
David's right, but so is Archibald. When the government adds unreasonable restrictions on us they change the market. I have just under 1300 ha of pasture that I'd like to convert but there is no way I can get a permit with the current obscene laws. For that matter, why should I need a permit? My land, my choice
15/10/14 12:10 AM

Get Muddy

Too true Nick. My land, my decisions. If not, compensate me for my lost revenue and property value.
24/03/15 12:34 AM

Burrs under my saddle

40s-50s maybe WTF? They're not really the same machine now. My father used to talk about my grandfather buying their first header in the late 30s. Used Sunshine W with a 10 foot head. I'd need 10 (more?) of those to even try keeping up with my S680
05/10/14 11:18 PM

Bush Matters

No JT - you did not. Without the option to sell grain to my pick of traders I was at the mercy of the single desk's incompetence. After the domestic market was deregulated those of you on the east coast had some options - not so for those of us in the west. I don't trade in futures - I use forward sales as I am comfortable. It works nicely, and all the risk is on my head.
07/08/14 11:30 PM
$45 behind Jock??? You forget that farmers are individuals running individual operations. Those who contracted grain sales back in March/April got ~$305-310+ (Vic Ports, APW wheat). Those who sold at the lows two weeks ago got in the $260s. Anyone selling this week is looking closer to a $280. A pool might have averaged anywhere between the two values - hurting those who sold at the highs and helping those who didn't market their grain properly.
07/08/14 03:14 AM

Out of the shadow

Save the money from the whitepaper and put it into compensation for the native vegetation laws. I don't need more (even well meaning) policies.
23/03/15 05:47 AM


Well said John - but only if we're allowed to buy property freely in China. It needs to work both ways.
16/06/15 11:54 PM
Stop drinking the koolaid WTF. 2.1 million children starved??? There are only 25 million people in the country and you think 8% starved??? Seems to me everyone was really worried about ISIS getting Saddam's old WMDs a few months ago.
08/10/14 10:50 PM
There is nothing wrong with them buying - but we need to be able to buy there too. It is a double standard.
07/10/14 03:06 AM
I'm agreeing with Jock Munro - what is the world coming to? X hit the spot - if we can't buy land in China they have no place to buy it here. Foreign investment is great, but it needs to be allowed both ways.
06/10/14 10:04 PM
Markets go up and down Dalby, just as the price of diesel changes daily. It happens - everybody lives with it. Those who do not understand that should not be farming.
23/09/14 04:43 AM
Cheers to Clive! Funny the Greens are worried about the cost - they never care when it goes to new lightbulbs or trains for the cities!
08/09/14 07:50 AM
While mergers might help Murray Goulburn, Helou's only goal is to take MG public and collect a large payout. That may be good or bad, but Helou definitely does not have farmers first in his mind.
29/08/14 02:38 AM


Spot on Billy.
If you want a single desk Jock - band together and build your own with those who like the idea. I will not be joining.
17/06/15 08:27 AM
Sticking by people that continue to support you? Who's going to sell grain to you now, Mr Strauss? I am sure you mean well but if I were in SA I would demand full pre-payment.
08/04/15 02:38 AM
What about when my neighbour's conventional crop cross-polinates my GM canola? Should I get compensated for that? Nothing stays "behind the fence". If you want to grow organic canola you take the risk of contamination.
25/03/15 12:50 AM
WTF, That is a comment and opinion that I can accept, but I think we see it happen without the SD. I have put in almost exclusively GM canola for several seasons, but the neighbors are trimming back and going to non-GM for the cash premium. Seems to me that works the same way. If a buyer will pay a premium the trader will pay more for the grain.
16/12/14 04:10 AM
Dalby, I use futures swaps when it suits me but you and I both know that they only work as a hedge when you have the ability to close them out to match your cash sales. Taking an averaged price (because, really, that is all the pool ever did) leaves you with all the basis risk. From someone who doesn't know how inflation adjustments or exchange rates work you claim an awful lot of knowledge on financial markets.
16/12/14 03:55 AM
Dalby - you put words in my mouth. I do not claim that deregulation changes the world price of wheat. If some think that they are deluded. What it has done is let me set my margins and sell grain when the price suits me - it is that simple. If you don't understand margins (it is not simply price, price, price!) you should not be farming.
14/12/14 11:20 PM
Sorry wtf - that was comment there was addressed to you, not me. Blurry morning thinking
14/12/14 11:17 PM
Reasonable enough arguement PA and I agree with the sentiment, but unfortuantely I have no domestic market to speak of over here. My wheat goes almost exclusively to export. I also don't think the ACCC would approve of gouging the domestic consumers - probably why the single desk never really leveraged the opportunity to rip them for all they could (domestic prices triple the international price of grain, why not?).
14/12/14 11:16 PM
WTF - so it is all right for the wheat board to sell some wheat ahead of harvest, but not for me to do so myself? Somehow my sales change the global price of wheat for the worse, but the wheat board selling did so for the better?
12/12/14 01:34 AM
Dalby - yes, AUD prices are relevant to me, but Wheat is priced globally in USD. Australian inflation has no bearing on the price of wheat around the world. You're dreaming to think that those ABS figures reflect the wheat board's impact.
12/12/14 01:32 AM


Lots of bad laws Pete. Look at how poorly the Aboriginals were (legally!) treated for years. Just another law it is past time to fix.
14/07/15 01:26 AM
You must live in town Pete. It can take a long time for "help" to arrive if you're outside of town. Self Defense should never be considered a crime.
13/07/15 07:00 AM
Funny. The bikies in Sydney don't seem to care what the law says about many things. Why would they be any different on guns? Time to ban kitchen knives I think. They're dangerous, of course.
13/07/15 05:00 AM
BHP dug up a hibernating one a few months back. We used the RSL's old field gun to take that down. Mate lost a thousand hectares of wheat when it was blowing fire.
01/04/15 02:28 AM
With you all the way Paul. We should camp out in the activists houses. One of them might once have put a shock collar on their dog. We need that on video. The ends justify the means.
23/03/15 05:43 AM
I wonder what the animal-supremists here do for a living. They spend a lot of time attacking people on websites. Do you live off a government handout?
12/03/15 05:42 AM
Happy to have hunters here. Funny, they seem to appreciate the land more than the Greens do
12/03/15 02:52 AM
Koori woman, no one cares that you are an Aboriginal. It makes not a whit of impact on your "expertise". When you put a name here people will refer to you by that name. There is no need to play the victim over that.
Roos are in no danger out here. I see plenty on a daily basis, young and fully grown. I have no major problem with them but they are absolutely a pest in some areas.
24/02/15 04:28 AM
Fair enough Will. I'll go with you there. No point feeding up the crop when prices are weak. And "high -value, specialised food products"? Not happening here
05/03/15 05:23 AM
No one to force you to change your policies, Will. As for me, either let me use my land as I wish or compensate me for the lost value. Where's my cheque? Oh wait, the Greens in Melbourne and Sydney need the money to fund their campaigns against agriculture.
05/03/15 01:26 AM


If they really want to stop abuses, they'd be working with the Israelis to stop this. Not playing political games at home. What happens (or may be doesn't happen) in Israel is a problem to be dealt with there, not by passing laws to restrict businesses in Australia.
09/06/15 03:57 AM


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