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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Good point JP.
27/03/15 09:56 AM
Apologies Consolidated, I refer to comments by Rational Ag Policy and not you.
22/10/14 09:35 PM
I cant believe your naivety Consolidated. Listen to yourself. You acknowledge that the US & EU is corrupting the world market and lowering the price you get for your exports. And the best you can come up with is that their action makes your cost of food cheaper. Well that is totally wrong for starters. We get no benefit in food costs from the US & EU action on those products. But the critical point is that you acknowledge the deregulated system you argue in favor of does not work and yet you still support it. Your reasoning is missing and your answers defy logic.
22/10/14 09:14 PM
If Rational Ag Policy is so rational, answer this question.
Why is it that the policy you support that now exist in USA & EU, is such a failure, that the Governments in those regions find it necessary to prop them and their farmers up with billions in taxpayer subsidy $$$s. These subsidies include guaranteed minimum prices, all risk crop insurance cover, $billions in funding of US farmers marketing promotion on export markets. The list goes on. You are in fantasy land if you think that on your own you can compete with that. So much for your rationality.
22/10/14 12:27 AM
You should know, hoegrass, that our price bids for wheat this year have been below global export bids. In other words, deregulation has not even been delivering Aussie growers market value. Don't look at a price this year and try to match it against 8 years ago. They are two different market periods, changing with all commodities like currency, iron ore, gold, etc. They go up and down all the time. What you need to know is how much of what is on offer, is coming to you and how much is being taken from you by middlemen like traders, brokers, service providers, processors, retailers, etc.
17/09/14 04:37 AM

Get Muddy

I'm 85 and play tennis twice a week and live an active life. I have eaten meat all my life as part of a balanced diet. My heart is as good as gold. Nothing better than a scotch fillet on the BBQ.
05/08/14 05:15 AM


Australians have never been interested or capable of making a go of farming in our northern tropics. Asians have been farming that type of environment for centuries. I would welcome anyone, Australian or Asian to get farming up and running in the north by introducing the same scheme of CP land allocation that operated in the south to successfully develop agriculture there. If Asians are willing to get wide scale farming up and running in our tropics where we cant, welcome them with open arms and allocate them CP land to do it just like we got back in the 1900s.
20/06/15 09:00 PM
Here is an unbiased assessment of the Australia/China FTA which must carry a lot of authority coming from a global agricultural bank like Rabobank.
This not to say that our Government has done a bad thing, but more the case of looking at the deal without political sugar coating. When we do that many of the advertised benefits for Australia disappear or become very distant or insignificant.
14/12/14 11:25 PM
Better increase the CO2 emissions if we are going to have 9 billion mouths to feed in the near future. We wont have enough plant growth otherwise!
12/11/14 06:36 AM
The policy makers are the voters and not the public servants Mr. Hadler.
27/10/14 04:29 AM
I think we must give Barnaby the benefit of the doubt Archibald. It is still relatively early days.
22/10/14 11:04 PM
I would have thought Barnaby's Green Paper process was democracy at work. 700 submissions from a very large section of the Australian Community is pretty serious research and opinion gathering. No longer does the Minister have to rely on the noisy fringe groups and extremists, Torobrook. He now has the democratic wishes of the public. If you did not make a submission don't cry now. Barnaby now has full support of mainstream community and he has our majority support to push ahead with the democratic wishes expressed.
22/10/14 01:48 AM
Seethelight, if you want to call the allegations from the UN inquiry facts, then you should read the Volker Report more carefully because it named numerous organisations as having used bribes in trading a range of commodities with Iraq. It was alleged that up to $20 billion worth of trade was conducted outside the terms of the UN OFF sanctions up to 2003. Volker said it was at least $1.7billion, which puts the allegations about the AWB into perspective. Despite all the claims, no other organization was ever treated like the AWB. So it is you who needs to stay with the facts seethelight.
10/10/14 04:13 AM
Dick Smith is 100% correct on this issue. We need to get real. We live in an arid land, apart from the coastal strip, and that is taken up with urban housing sprawl and is too expensive and too infertile anyway. Our inland soils are often very fragile, and not high yielding, due largely to poor rainfall. Then add the fact that commerce in Australia is too heavily burdened with input and supply chain costs, artificially inflated and protected against global market forces, for our farmers and exporters to compete with bulk commodities or processed foods from overseas.
19/08/14 07:02 AM
Nothing has happened to alter the shady criminal record of ADM has it?
21/07/14 09:36 AM
It is still a free country and any Australian is welcome to have a go at farming. May as well be wealthy people like Gina, Twiggy F and Corrigan. Maybe when they realize how much the regulated labour market is killing profitability via the input and supply chain costs, they will have the power and motivation to change things. Corrigan was good enough to do some of that at Patricks. That would be a help to all farmers. As for knowing animals and cropping, they will just have to buy that expertise. Let us see how they go??!!
21/07/14 09:32 AM


Everyone should know and understand that John Snooke's PGA are a small minority in the Australian and West Australian grain Industry and that they are more often than not pushing a view in opposition the vast majority of wheat growers.
23/06/15 09:48 PM
But PayAttention, Jock is right, in that it did take the full risk of delivery failure, off the shoulders of any individual grower.
28/10/14 06:18 AM
That may or not be the case by the time the harvest is over John F T? But as a long term strategy what about the many times when the market goes against you?
Also if it is a physical contract, you do not get to choose the buy back option. That is the buyers discretion.
22/10/14 11:12 PM
Pleased to hear you can adapt Gerry A. Better get ready to adapt some more. We are one crop short of the next big glut. In the past that has taken 3 years to clear. You will need plenty of new farm storage, plenty of equity to borrow against, a bank which is happy to wait 4 ever for its loans back, and some loyal customers who want your crops more than the gifts they will get from the US & EU Govts trying to dump their farmers excess stocks, which they got a guaranteed minimum price for courtesy of their tax payers. Mean while your 20+ buyers will have deserted you, and you will cry 4 the SD.
16/10/14 06:09 AM
PA, so you risk all year & the limit of your finances, to produce grain crops of great quality & value and then dump it in the hands of anyone, without any concern as to its performance in down stream processing. How can you possibly know if what you are growing & doing is meeting the highest expectations of your real customers, the miller, baker, maltster, feed lotter, oilseed crusher and consumers? What about the risk your produce is on the wrong track & you are not getting that feed back? What a dangerous risk you take with your life's work & savings? Maybe you need Jock's advice even more?
15/10/14 09:20 AM
PA and D8 claim to be marketing gurus. What sort of a marketing guru would place their whole production for each year in the hands of mercenary middlemen, whose sole aim is to make the biggest possible margin out of each transaction, and give up all connection with their true customer. Even the US farmer who uses such traders, spends circa $5b p/a getting close to its customers through US Wheat Associates, who are totally govt funded. To do what PA & D8 say is just bulk commodity dumping with no regard for quality, delivery, or trust. No future in that.
12/10/14 11:15 PM
PA, why do you think it was that the farming community and the Government introduced the growers AWB and single desk in the 1940s? Under that system, the Aussie wheat industry expanded enormously to more than 50,000 growers while most of todays infrastructure was built and farmers prospered. Farmers were free to hedge their wheat with derivatives, while having the market power and economy of scale to build an outstanding reputation for our quality, with a 15% share of global trade in wheat. Why should we now hand back our industry to the same rogues we fought and beat in the early 1900s?
10/10/14 04:30 AM
Very sorry Jock Munro. My previous comment was meant to say your other namesake," joking" JACK Munro!
30/03/15 09:02 AM
Ignorance is bliss Jock.
What evidence have you to prove that under the current massive world demand for wheat, that you are not being ripped off and that if we still had The Single Desk that our returns would not be higher and our management of customers quality needs would not be better? You have none, so you are purely guessing.
27/03/15 09:55 AM
It is fine for action on pre testing of ships to load export cargo. However, a much bigger issue which needs much more urgent attention is the reform of our State and National regulations for labour, environment, health & safety & bio-security. As pointed out by Rabo Bank in this paper yesterday, Australia is 30% dearer than other developed nations in its input and supply chain costs on the back of the most ridiculous and inflated set of regulations in the world today. We are losing business and going broke. REFORM NOW before any more FTA's are contemplated. That will turn our position around.
12/11/14 10:56 PM


The AWB haters and national destroyers are not interested in the realities Ted O'Brien, but you make a very relevant point. So did the voters when they voted John Howard out of his safe Liberal Seat in 2007.
30/03/15 08:58 AM
X, obviously your local Coalition MPs are not as good or as interested in looking out for your needs. Better get on the phone to them and tell them to do something instead of playing politics with farmers future and ideologies over fake free markets.
14/12/14 11:30 PM
And who is your alternative for Tony Abbott Bushie Bill? Is it Shorten. Oh dear, I thought so. That takes you down to the bottom of the field in team selections , because he is with the Union Party, er Labour Party, which took only 2 terms to turn Australia from a thriving economy into a basket case. And in opposition still wants a carbon tax and crippling regulations on everything except giving away borrowed money to Unions.
13/10/14 06:24 AM
If the Greens had showed as much enthusiasm in getting to the bottom of the AWU slush fund scandal one could think about taking them seriously. All the wheat boys did was protect a market for Australia with never a suggestion of personal gain, the AWU and other unions were misappropriating workers funds for their own use. Where are the Greens and Labor on this?
02/07/14 11:11 PM
You are talking about being only a little bit pregnant Deregul8. No such thing.
12/09/14 05:08 AM
Who said I don't love many others, Consolidated? But let us not go through life with eyes closed or with blinkers on.
28/07/14 11:18 PM
Where were the international grain traders on the trust scale or didn't the scale go low enough?
28/07/14 10:10 AM


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