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It is time Australia became a truly independent country . Until we do so we are going to suffer from matters such as trade restraints that we could do without . We should not get ourselves involved in European and Middle East issues when all we are doing is providing back-up for the EU ,US and NATO , and getting resulting flack. Tragic losses occur during wars and the accidental loss of MH17 was one of them . Blame for the loss has to be shared widely . Parts of eastern Ukraine had genuine problems and sadly their government is trying to solve them militarily rather than diplomatically .
11/08/14 01:11 AM
Human caused Climate Change is not real and daw -- surely you deniers are mugs . Abbott and Co plan to reduce greenhouse gases and it is going to cost the taxpayer money . They are replacing the carbon tax with the "stealth tax". The main difference is that the polluters paid the carbon tax whereas all of us will pay the stealth tax . Look closely at the coming budget and see how much you and I will be paying the major polluters to reduce their emissions. What is also so disconcerting is that the Abbott and Co plan is a dud.
03/04/14 12:01 AM
Bob Phelps , why can't you stop quibbling about GM cotton and just move
on? Cotton farmers are using GM rather than non-GM because they get better financial returns with it. With GM they have to spray with chemicals many fewer times, have less tillage, use less tractor fuel, have potentially fewer industrial actions and use chemicals that are less harmful to the environment. Why must you have a precise figure for how much less insecticide is used with GM. Does it matter if it is 50% rather than 80% - why quibble about it? If you must have a figure contact the CSIRO.
19/04/13 12:28 AM
True Grit -- please give us a credible reference to your statement that scientists are coming out of the closet and speaking up. I don't think you can do that except for perhaps for just a few scientists and they would not be climate scientists.
12/07/12 09:09 AM
EJ , governments have no say in what is published in scientific journals . As far as australia is concerned - we do not even publish a journal that handles climate science research . That type of research is sent for assessment and publication to one of the international journals based overseas . You really need to consider the source of your flawed info. that makes you appear to be somewhat ignorant.
06/07/12 02:09 AM


WTF - you write "without our own studies we are relying on companies and overseas interests" .This is misleading . It implies that, among other things, there are no relevant independent studies and this is just plain wrong . There are many independent overseas studies conducted by universities , research institutes , government agric. depts etc. Moreover , much of it is applicable anywhere in the world. This certainly applies to GM foods and health where most of the >20 long-term and multigenerational studies have been by done by independents.
02/04/15 01:30 AM
WTF - you are really not up-to-speed on some matters you write about . For example , the Canadian farmer who says he can't afford to grow canola because the seed costs too much can grow his own seed if the cultivar is out of patent and most non-GM canola is . If the cultivar is still within the usual 3yr patent period he can't legally do that. You say we are being forced into patented agriculture. We have been in patented agriculture for decades . Plant breeders in both small and large companies with both GM and non-GM patent their improved cultivars – They deserve this reward .
02/04/15 01:28 AM
Fred Haskins - what you fail to say is also significant . Plenty of the Seralini's rats that were fed the non-GM diets also had horrific cancers.
30/03/15 01:01 PM
WTF - to be credible you should just get the facts right . The study you refer to was a collaborative study involving 4 scientists from the John Curtin (ANU) and 3 scientists from the CSIRO .
30/03/15 01:07 AM
Jeffito, you just have to realise that the contrarians you refer to here are just yesterday's men - unable to come to grips with things and just go on yapping . The old Arab quotation sums it up " the dogs bark but the caravan moves on".
09/02/15 08:38 AM
Bob Phelps -you could not be more wrong when you write "Republication confirms that some GM foods and chemical residues harm animals and maybe us". Republication does not mean that the FTC journal no longer maintains its retraction of the paper - its position on this is unchanged. The publication of the paper now in the ESU journal does not mean that scientific validation of the Seralini conclusions has been obtained . The editor of the ESU states specifically that the referees he appointed only examined the paper to check that it had not altered - they did not check the science .
27/06/14 03:20 AM
cv , contrary to what you write , there is no problem in getting rid of GM canola . All you have to do is spray with one of the many available herbicides that will kill it .
03/02/14 11:45 AM


Gumtree, you write "we are all still waiting to see any evidence that the theory is true" . That statement will indicate to readers that you do not understand how science works . Scientists look at the data that are available and put forward a theory to explain them . They then continue to research the subject to see if there is support for the theory or if the the theory needs modification or abandonment . They are unable to prove the theory right or as you put it true and of course never make claims that way. Anyone can put foreward an alternative warming theory and provide evidence for it
29/06/15 03:57 AM
Abbot and Bishop show no signs of compassion for the people of East Ukraine - hundreds of thousands displaced , homes being bombed, thousands killed . Surely all attention should be directed to getting a cease fire not to sanctions and the like . But no, we, as a bit player, want to get involved in what is a European problem , There are our regional problems that A and B would be better off paying more attention to .
We should not continue to get involved in the current geopolitical East/West game . The role of A and B should be to push European governments to get a cease fire
03/09/14 12:52 AM
Nico is to be commended for continuing to present sound info on matters like climate change.
I doubt, however, if he realises that he will have no effect on denialists like newbroom, Olssen, Pounder, Blunt , Craig and Moore who are just conspiracyy theorists.
15/05/14 11:59 PM


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