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Very good point Sam. You never here about the farmers who are happy with how there business is going. I also will never buy a Great Wall ute, my old hilux will do!
10/07/13 11:19 AM


If only we had the desk back. I could buy another Chamberlain, maybe another one way plough and a shiny new ACCO or one of those new fang dangle wideline harrows.If only !
22/07/15 11:41 AM
There's nothing stopping the passionate orderly marketing crowd from starting their own desk. If you combined the grain growing powerhouses of say Rankin Springs, Mt. Hope, Yalgogoran and Talimba as one desk. Jock would be CEO and a fleet of Bedford trucks or for those show ponies out there the trusty old Acco could easily handle getting grain to port. Jocks got a spare silo next to the sheep yards for buyer of last resort.
16/07/15 10:29 AM
If we farmed like most grain farmers did in 1991 in 2013 we would go broke! The system back then was broken. We might be reliant on chemicals now but back then we were reliant on cultivation and diesel. Our soils are in the best condition ever and chemical bill has increased but our farm area has tripled because of no till. It's more profitable and sustainable growing crops zero till. If it wasn't I would be doing what I did in 1991
17/12/13 10:18 AM
I thought everyone was walking off their farms in wheat belt!
24/04/13 10:29 AM
The point is they get looked after and many don't wont to leave! It's a pretty good life out here!
12/04/13 11:29 AM
Jess all the backpackers that have worked on our farm and around the district are not low paid. I think a rate over $20/hr with a decent house and a work ute for free is a pretty good gig. The hours can be long but it's a better deal than working in a coffee shop in Bondi .
07/04/13 09:55 AM
Without a single desk and buyer of last resort then the whole Cubbie deal is doomed. If we had orderly marketing then growing cotton at Rankin Springs would be easy!
15/03/13 11:07 AM
Serf i wouldnt be operating if i didnt turn a profit. Have a look at the scale, technology and investment in machinery in the grains and cotton sector in the North West of NSW plenty of blokes are making solid profit!
18/12/12 09:06 AM
I think 20 years of no sheep is just economics. They dont make that much and are labour intensive. Cropping is so much easier.
03/10/12 10:32 AM
I reckon the contactors doing the work on cubbie will continue to do the work with new ownership.
11/09/12 10:32 AM


Never head of a happy seeder terrible name though. Got dr google on to it. We run gear a lot bigger than 2 metres wide and not a rotary harrow. Might be better than mule though!
10/09/16 11:33 AM
ken at least I don't have to keep sheep alive feeding them expensive grain over a hot dry summer like graziers do!
22/07/15 11:50 AM
They are hosting the single desk generation at the Rankin Springs RSL. The theme is 1950s and tickets are selling fast!
07/07/15 10:49 AM
As Jock will still remind us. We had a powerful yet beautiful thing that was the single desk that would of hedged our crop, mowed the lawn and tucked us in at night. I couldn't help myself!
05/07/15 11:44 AM
Come on Jock lets be frank and honest, most of your income on the farm comes from sheep. Maybe a paddock or two of crop but not 100% year in year out that myself and others posting derive income from.
30/06/15 11:30 AM
If consumers woke up to the fact organic is a religious movement with no scientific basis then they may appreciate how safe, sustainable and innovative modern agriculture in Australia is. It's funny how science is settled on climate change but its not even used to back up the hopeless organic farming system.
13/10/15 09:53 AM
Good to see the fruit cakes are back from holidays. Didn't get much of a reply about organic grain post. The farmers in SA want choice. GM canola has not caused the sky to fall in. I can grow either in NSW.
01/10/15 10:05 AM
They are talking break crops and chemical fallow not ploughing. Granpa would have used roundup if it was invented. Ploughing the paddock 6 times per year may be a wholesome recreation for old timers and fruitcake organic zealots but its a step backward for farmers who value soil quality and topsoil and not watch your years work of ploughing blow away.
18/09/15 02:54 AM
A good chunk of the nsw cropping belt is having one of the best seasons in years.
10/07/15 11:50 AM
We had a single desk in 06 and 07 which were back to back drought years of poor production and in your part of the world jock none. The single desk didn't make it rain then and won't now.
14/05/15 11:28 AM


His remarks are offensive and display a breathtaking level of ignorance. Our farm is a family farm and our vision and focus is very clear. I don't think Paul Howes realises that the majority of family farms are multimillion dollar businesses leading the way in technology in a unregulated market. It's farcical coming from a bloke that has probably never been west of Bathurst. A 20 something ALP wanna be representing 1950s trade unions telling us how to farm is very insulting. Paul please go and preach to your high viz bogan comrades in Wollongong and stop insulting family farmers intelligence
02/12/13 09:47 AM
Based on failed predictions of this year then we may be facing floods!
27/11/13 10:23 AM
Mick thats another reason to not bother with organic grain production. No till fits in the dry times with all that stubble cover, moisture retention and goods soils.
15/01/13 08:38 AM
I'm sick of the BS about the temperature records. I think Sydney city got to 42 but the record is over 47 in the 1930s with Western suburbs over 49.
10/01/13 09:13 AM
Brett can you give any examples of biological/organic wheat grown in Australia in the prime grain growing areas? As for your non-stop rant about biological practices and how weeds, pests and diesease don't occur is rubbish. Organic wheat will still be effected by stripe rust, mice and still have weeds which can only be controlled by cultivation. The fact is most of the claims made from those promoting biological farming are just that. Farmers want hard data so we don't blow our money on snake oil. Grain growers will embrace something that works, zero till and controlled traffic are classic examples.
03/08/09 10:09 AM
I'm a real farmer and wear RM boots and so does everyone else I know. You can get them for less than $300 a pair and they last for decades!
02/08/13 11:06 AM
An increasing number of farmers want stubble cover, earthworms, organic matter,soil moisture,less erosion, soil structure low fuel use and thats no till farming! Diesel heaps of diesel ploughing every minute, top soil loss, erosion, dust storms, plough pans thats orgainc wheat farming!
15/08/12 12:13 PM


No money in fat lambs at $100 a head.? I thought you blokes were raking it in and us cropping only operations were stupid not to have some!
23/10/15 10:49 AM


I am serious. Most farmers I know have adapted and modified 25+ year old machinery the same way that farmers who wanted to get into no till did. If you want to do it you will adapt old gear and do it. There are a lot of farmers out there with brand new gear in areas perfect for CTF that ignore the potential.
10/09/14 09:33 AM
All the comments so far seem to be from people who are not doing CTF or have convinced themselves that its impossible or doesn't work. Every grain growing area has someone farming on 3 metre CTF so it can't be that hard. We have been doing it for over 10 years. It is easy to implement doesn't cost much and you will see positive results compared to how you used to farm.
09/09/14 09:46 AM
Riding a quad bike requires dynamic riding style standing up most of the time not sitting down. I ride dirt bikes and don't own a quad bike. The fact is most injuries occur with elderly riders who think that quad bikes are safer than 2 wheel bikes.
27/11/13 10:43 AM
I think there is huge potential for this technology. There are many applications such as remote spot spraying, crop monitoring and precision ag. GPS autosteer wasn't around 15 years ago but there would be very few cropping farms that don't have it!
27/08/13 11:38 AM
Strategic cultivation has a place but soil cover is king. A 50 ft set of offsets would be close to 200 grand to buy, chuck in 100 plus litre per hour of diesel and that single pass might nudge $35-40/ha.
07/05/13 09:39 AM
That is complete BS! You can buy a new header or tractor significantly cheaper now that the dollar is higher. Its a buyers market for new gear and good second hand. Theres a couple of million bucks worth of gear sitting at our dealer and its all sold. Remember that there are parts of the state that dont just rely on sheep and a paddock of wheat and they are winter and summer crop focused and are making serious machinery investments.
10/08/12 09:35 AM
Big deal buying patterns are different! Judging by the amount of new tractors, headers, self propelled sprayers and no till seeders being bought by farmers in the key grain growing areas things are not that bad. There must be confidence if people are buying. The ironic thing is the few remaining single desk doom merchants probably havnt bought any new machinery in 30 years, there bread and butter being in sheep not crops!
06/07/12 09:43 AM
Theres plenty of life left in glyphosate! With right crop rotations different herbicides and strategic cultivation can reverse resistance.
05/06/12 10:51 AM


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