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I agree with Penny Wong. Joyce is not deputy PM material.
07/01/16 11:08 PM
Well at least a new Ag Minister might adopt the bipartisan Senate Inquiry recommendations!!
07/01/16 10:17 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Education about food handling and storage is the key; goodness me are we to have legislation and regulation about all facets of life. This is not possible or achievable.
My family must be at the top of the stupidity scale, we for decades consumed fresh, clean raw milk (our own), none of us ever got "sick" from raw milk!!
13/01/15 12:38 AM
Geronimo, yes they have choice except when legislation, regulation and policy makes their farm non viable, so then they may have to sell for less than purchase price.
I take it you don't have the right to live in the house you might own, and yet you would be paid just terms compensation if a road were to be put through your house and land. This no longer applies to agricultural land were government/community remove bits (water, carbon etc) for zero just terms compensation
16/10/14 02:18 AM
James, That's fine except the land was and is sold as agricultural land, then the community and the government want to use it for regrowth trees as a carbon sink, or decide it shouldn't have access to water after the fact. I accept the community and the government can do this, but please buy it back at market price and return it to the crown if you both are going to make it non viable as agricultural land as is happening. Farmers cannot fund community and government wants for zero as is happening too often now!!
15/10/14 06:57 AM
Yes I agree partly, however Government legislation, regulation and actions/inactions are the elephant in the room, and David is well aware of this. His prime example of using the northern cattle industry is a case in point, the government removed the only competition to processors in the cattle market when it banned live export . The governments removed the ability to clear regrowth vegetation on grazing properties or use trees as drought fodder. Governments ban the sale of fresh milk if they can because its "unsafe."
Australian Governments also don't compensate for many of the above!!
14/10/14 09:41 PM
Well done David. Keep trying. Continued taxation without representation is not what we want.
You'll never get praise from the levy recipients, too busy with their snouts in the trough to be accountable for what they do.
03/09/14 07:59 AM
"if an industry agrees to impose a levy". I think you forget in agriculture "industry" is unlikely to mean a democratic decision by potential levy payers. More likely it is a prescribed industry body ( government official), or unelected officials acting in place of elected representatives, or government itself that decides; irrespective of what the democratic majority of potential levy payers want. We are talking about internal Australian levies here within our sovereign country, not global financial markets.
16/07/14 12:31 AM
piece maker, So David has to convince governments whom are advised by the bureaucrats that have their snouts in the levy trough to abolish these taxes.
Achieving that is worth far more than a Knighthood!!
14/07/14 10:43 PM
Levies funding R&D particularly on famers should only occur if the farmers are represented and actually benefit from R&D. Marketing should not be funded from broad based levies , that are applied to the front producer and spent to the benefit of the top of the food chain. A prime example are livestock transaction levies, MLA is not accountable to the levy payer whom is not even identified at the time of tax collection. If processors want to market meat, they pay for this and reap the benefit. Having the livestock producer pay and receive no benefit is wrong!
No tax without representation!!
12/05/14 01:24 AM
Wake up Samg, the philosophy that you paying levies to market meat will get you a better price for your livestock will not and does not work. Why because all those in the chain you supply keep the benefits. That's why the marketing levy for the benefit of processors and retailers must go!!!!
04/05/14 11:53 PM
You must be living in a cave, even judges in Australia have said in court, "Communist Russia would be proud of our (land) laws"; wake up Australia is socialist and has been for 30 odd years.
Secondly mining is controlled and beneficial to government, and should not be compared to what farmers farm on their land. You can't mine without government approval; however you also can't farm without government approval on land that is and has been sold by government for farming, and that is what David is on about!!
29/04/14 11:37 PM

A matter of opinion

One has to ask what Hon. Barnaby Joyce is doing here. Does he support control by overseas interests in Australia. If he does do we need him and the rest who promised less red and green tape? Meanwhile his own prescribed bodies introduce more and more!!
Lets just have global governance and he can retire on his excessive pension, and we can just struggle on without their non existent help.
25/04/14 10:42 PM
Geronimo, You are advocating a recipe for failure. Representative bodies funded by government levies will in the end obey the money provider and do his bidding. Secondly 50% membership would mean all the existing bodies are gone, none have this level of voluntary membership, again another recipe for failure.
13/03/14 05:42 AM
Dickytiger, Where did you get that figure from ;ABARES in a recent report (2010) says only the top 25% are able to maintain profitability consistently. This was before the live ex ban and drought, so it would be worse now.
13/03/14 12:32 AM

Bush Matters

Senator from your words ;"it is clear that RMAC was divided on how to tackle the live export suspension in June 2011".
This is the crux of the problem with "industry," a red meat advisory council should not be involved in live cattle trading at all, red meat has little to do with live cattle trading.
I'm sure this wouldn't work in the steel industry either where the Steel Industry Council didn't know how to handle the ban on iron ore sales. Senators should ask Andrew Forrest if he is keen on a levy on his iron ore to fund the "steel industry council"
30/06/14 03:16 AM

Out of the shadow

  Politics of spin 5 Comments 5
Angry is right in his comments, but Joel also sees right thru the Nationals spin. frankly agriculture has had a gut Full of the major parties. Agriculture needs representation that actually represents farmers
06/10/15 08:04 AM
Is it fair when industry and government agree on some scheme, eg NLIS for cattle, that farmers carry the cost for zero benefit.
Doesn't the responsibility for governing rest with government; or have they abdicated their responsibilities as elected officials to unelected big business and unelected prescribed bureaucrats.
Should Joel be able to see this!
It would seem that elected politicians ask all these questions and appear not to understand their role in this mess. They are the ones that sign off on the excessive legislation and regulation. Whose running Australia?
01/07/14 11:39 PM
Step one, Joel should look at Labor's track record in agriculture. I don't think they had a policy other than destruction of farms!!
17/06/14 11:50 PM


And yet the Senate Inquiry recommended an end to RMAC. However Joyce did nothing of substance in relation to the inquiry he initiated!
08/07/16 02:09 PM
I wish I could sell my shares in MLA, Oh I forgot its not a normal company, it's a Nationals constructed government beast that has compulsory shareholders (levy payers) whom own nothing , can't sell their interests and are forced to be "shareholders"
08/03/16 09:49 PM
So much for diversity and competition in parliament, our system of democracy is done for. The populous certainly aern't going to wake up before its too late.
28/02/16 10:30 PM
Of course John Anderson endorsed Joyce. Joyce has maintained the socialist control of the red meat industry that was created by John Anderson in 1997 (the AMLI Act 1997). In the face of bipartisan Senate recommendations to reform the industry and give democratic representation to grass fed cattle levy payers Joyce does nothing!!
08/01/16 05:06 AM
Jock, If your statement were true Barbnaby would have adopted the bipartisan 7 Senate recommendations from the grass fed cattle transaction levy inquiry. Instead he has done nothing at all and the processor control along with the department of agriculture socialist control just rolls on!! Totally unsatisfactory for an Agriculture Minister.
31/03/15 10:16 PM
The biggest piece of RED tape exists inside the RED meat industry and has been the subject of a Senate Inquiry into cattle transaction levies. What has Barnaby Joyce MP done to adopt the 7 excellent senate recommendations??
Hence its a bit early for "these people" to be congratulating themselves!!
31/03/15 01:40 AM
Seems to me farming no longer has the returns to support a loan. This is a government problem, caused by poor policy supporting of the big boys up the food chain to the detriment of farming in general. Only cashed up overseas "investors" whom might be able to avoid the regulation and ever increasing costs might survive in the short term, in the long term if there is no change in government policy, farming is in for rough trot in deed.
13/03/15 04:16 AM
Yeah righto, farmers are now paying for more regulation and red tape, not less. Paying for PIC codes, paying for sheep NVD books, paying levies to fund agri political activity, paying massive increases in natural resource levies to fund bureaucracies. I'm not sure what world this guy is living on!! All of this stems from Federal government COAG agreements etc etc
12/03/15 10:03 PM
Bad luck Abbotts promise about reduced red tape wasn't a core promise; nothing has changed and agriculture is still being regulated and controlled to the brink!
12/03/15 06:36 AM
Phillip, the ACCC is useless and we would be better off if the elected politicians took responsibility for market domination, knowing votes counted on their decisions maybe would have more impact!
09/02/15 11:58 PM


"Foreign Investment" comes in at least two types, the first is buying the farm and doing nothing for Australia except increasing the capital inflow and increasing the value of our dollar which makes our manufacturers less profitable, while transferring the profits and items back to the home country. The second actual beneficial foriegn investment!
05/09/16 11:47 PM
So what we are saying is a lot of people spend their valuable time and money to make submissions , many where change was absolutely required and nothing results. No wonder voters have lost faith in this RRAT /Senat Inquiry nonsense, what a bloody waste of time and money our governments are!
03/09/16 07:49 AM
I guess its time for the unions, the meat processors and the animal activists to form an alliance so they can destroy the competition in the market from live export ,and go back to paying less than cost price for cattle. It worked last time; so lets try it again. Time to ask government to intervene in a competitive market to get rid of competition.
22/08/16 01:29 AM
I'm fed up with the Senate, they have inquiries, like the one into grass fed cattle transaction levies, come up with good recommendations and then don't follow up with dissallowance motions when nothing happens in Joyces office to progress the full set of recommendations. The Senate is also the house of review for all legislation, they are letting Australians down badly.
18/07/16 01:14 AM
I fail to see how greyhounds are any different from normal cats and dogs whom are killed in their hundreds of thousands per annum. This blanket knee jerk reaction destroys people's livelyhoods, when existing cruelty legislation is not policed. What a joke!
12/07/16 06:54 PM
Angry, You are cruel, Joyce initiated the senate inquiry into grass fed cattle levies, got a lot of submissions and good bipartisan Senate recommendations; then he ignored most of them. I'm with you we must vote for the Independents, they are they only ones trying in government today in Australia. The Greens, Labor, Liberal and Nats are about socialist control and loss of freedom and democracy!! Well said Angry!! Makes you really wonder what is going on behind the Government doors doesn't it!!
10/06/16 05:01 AM
Of course all the other existing multinationals aren't using transfer pricing are they! Goodness me what a lame excuse for a government that is in control of our sovereignty!!
John Carpenter is correct here, voters have choice at the next election, it is either of the socialist bananas B1 or B2
12/05/16 02:26 AM
David , You cannot trust The LNP or the ALP!! Just goes to prove that these politicians cannot stand by their written or spoken words now. what a disgrace!!
04/08/16 09:40 AM
Of course animal cruelty outside Australia's sovereignty cannot be controlled, exactly the same as Australia cannot control human cruelty in other sovereign countries. It seems that there should be an organisation called Humans Australia, however it would achieve nothing because it has no mechanism to threaten Australian business by the Animals a Australia methodology.
19/07/16 12:08 AM
John, If Joyce's adoption of the Senate recommendations into grass fed cattle levies is a guide, woudn't you expect these recommendations to also stay on the shelf. Aren't the Nationals keen on all this control that stifles farming?
21/07/16 10:52 AM


And it would appear that this is how easy it is to mess up Australian Agricultures biosecurity, which the govmint would like to have the farmer fund while potentially it stuffs Australian Agriculture because the govmint processes are just too weak to prevent a major disease getting thru. If its government policy to allow all this importation govmint should fund all external biosecurity and also compensate without question when they stuff up as they usually do. This arena is outside of framers control and should not be paying for poor govmint decisions
06/10/14 10:35 PM


this is still not good enough. We want the Senate Inquiry recommendations adopted. Too little too late from MLA and the "industry"
13/11/14 09:43 AM
Yep Its all Russia's fault!! Our governments and industry stance and talking without real proof on the Ukraine and MH 17 I think might have caused at least one of Russia's flip flops. But hell its easy to blame some one else for our own big undiplomatic mouths. Not to mention one sheep meat producer banning exports first as though he was running the country!!
08/09/14 01:06 AM
I'd get real of I were you, You could find you'll be riding a cow to work instead of a petroleum driven vehicle. Remember Australia needs to import oil to run the nation.
15/04/14 05:12 AM
"In fact Australia has an obligation under the OIE as a developed country to promote the OIE guidelines as the preferred global standard for the humane treatment of animals." Correct but Australia can't infringe other soveriegnty, and besides you neglect to mention Australia also has an obligation for the humane treatment of humans. How do you think we go about these obligations, send in the troops or what?? ESCAS is trying to so something that it can't under international law.
15/04/14 05:09 AM
Well finally Australia is seeing that it can't treat other sovereign counties like they are irrelevant. If little Australia keeps acting like its a big bully boy, it will bring on Australia's demise sooner than later.
Besides the only people feeling the brunt of ESCAS are the livestock producers whom loose market opportunities and profitability as a result of ESCAS. Nobody else in the Australian community pays for this infringement of others sovereignty, only the livestock producer whom takes the below cost payments for his livestock.
14/04/14 12:42 AM
Sounds like a good R&D project for MLA. Pay a European vaccine Co. $50m to develop a vaccine instead of the mindless projects they waste money on now!!
16/10/13 12:00 AM


These are not free trade agreements!!!
24/11/14 02:16 AM
The beef cattle industry is controlled by the processors and government thru the AML Act 1997., via Live ex bans and manipulated trading conditions. This and drought make it financially stressed, not requests for deregulation. Barney is supposed to be fixing this, but can't see much activity in Canberra!!
21/10/14 12:54 AM


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