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JFT and BB you could learn a lot from Alf 19/8 here.
19/08/13 10:15 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
Colin, don't stop at ABC's propaganda campaign against live exports. What about their propaganda campaign in favor of the return of the most wasteful and irresponsible Government ever in our history. I refer to the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd/Greens Govt we now have. Frankly they have lost all rights to be the politically neutral taxpayer funded broadcaster. They should now be privatized totally or shut down along with SBS. I am sick of my taxpayer dollars propping up such devious and lazy money wasters.
19/07/13 07:21 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Must have hit some home runs did we mr meyer and chelseaf?
14/10/13 10:55 AM
It is interesting to see how people approach "free trade". Here we have a man, about to benefit from a non free trade part of our society, (i.e. parliament), trying to belittle any criticism of his view of free trade. It is OK for David to enforce his free trade views on society from the protected salary and perks position of Senator, but when we in business having to pay that protected cost, have a struggle, it is us who should get out and do something else! Well when you put your new job up on the open market David we might listen to you, but not until then you hypocrite.
13/10/13 11:25 PM
Exporter, your case sounds like political correctness and animal welfare extremists gone mad under the Labor/Greens Government. Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce need to be tackled immediately and should not take much convincing to cut the red and green tape you have been strangled with. You have plenty of the common sense public on your side.
18/09/13 07:14 AM
jingelic, your answer is correct. The statistics make it clear that agriculture in Australia is clearly worse off today under the failed experiment. Unfortunately, Australia as a whole has got nothing out of it either. The only ones who have gained are foreigners who are now able to plunder our producers, consumers and agri- businesses, due to the protection and support their foreign Governments give them at home via subsidies and anti foreign investment rules while we are left sitting like ducks on a pond without a feather to fly with. We had it and gave it away. Dumb!
10/09/13 10:55 AM
David, principles are fine. We must have them. But we have to be pragmatic too. I am sure you and I both agree with the principle of castration as a means of selecting the best farm breeding stock, but I will bet you are not going to let me apply that principle to you and you sure as hell are not going to do it to me either. So why should Aussie grain growers have it done to their marketing and grain handling?
09/09/13 06:04 AM
  Handouts handover? 10 Comments 10
All talk. The real story hear is that major world powers like USA continue to provide tax payer funding and support systems to ensure agriculture in USA continues regardless of market movements. On the back of such taxpayer support systems USA Conglomerates like Cargill and ADM are able to buy up control over Australian farmers. It is an international scandal that Australian authorities would support such a subsidy beneficiary to take over a free market Aust organisation like GrainCorp.
01/07/13 07:43 AM

Get Muddy

Some argue that foreign money is financing Australian ownership so what is different if foreigners own us. That is like saying our home is financed by offshore funds so why not live in a home we do not own. There is a big difference between renting and owning our home isn't there.
02/09/13 11:03 PM


Granted Consolidated, small operators can make bigger margins than big operators. That is called niche marketing with a very well differentiated product or service. However if a small operator and large operator are in exactly the same game, like farmers as bulk commodity traders, versus mega multi national corporations, then small operators not only make less profit, they have no insurance against attacks from the big guys when conditions turn in favor of buyers as they do in 5- 10 year cycles. In those times even the best small operators get badly hurt if not wiped out.
24/11/14 12:10 AM
Interesting that the mega Corporations like Coles, so vigorously fight for free and open markets and yet when it looks like others in the market are about to get some benefit out of that same system, they squeal like little babies. Bring on the benefits of any new deals with Chinese customers for our primary produce. If grains, meat, dairy and wool all jump in price by 10-20% it would still be a drop in the ocean impact on retail prices. It certainly would not match the compounded annual increase in off farm costs & incomes over the last 50 years.
21/11/14 03:02 AM
I agree with you JT. And the Greens, who have pursued the AWB over this matter have far more to answer for in the destruction of Australia and Australia's credibility, than the great servant of the growers, the AWB, ever had. What about the Greens role in the Pink Bats disasters for example? The AWB stood up in the corrupted international market every day and cleared every ton of wheat ever produced and saw the growers all paid, with no defaults. This was in a market where the Govts of USA and EU and others, were corrupting the market via intervention with mega $$$s.
08/10/14 10:04 PM
All those critics of CBH's new shipping slot policy like D8 et al, have been caught out. It will actually put more money in growers banks. Mr Brown of Cargill/AWB has made what appears to be honest comments about traders having to bid up prices around harvest and just beyond, to fill shorts caused by CBH's new policy of auctioning off shipping slots. Mr Brown said basically,traders who had already bought shipping slots from CBH, will now be forced to forgo some of their margins to pay growers more, to get grain in on time, or lose the money outlaid on buying their shipping slot. Good on ya CBH
18/09/14 09:32 AM
D8, your lack of logic astounds. There are no more buyers today for our crops than there were pre 2007. There may be more bidders at your local silo, but not in the global market place. There are certainly 25,000 more sellers vying to get the same number of buyers take their crops. You can come out with all the smart alec, condescending remarks you like, but if your logic is astray, you just show yourself up as a traders stooge or lacking in common sense. So far you have no proof that you are extracting from the market as much as it can afford to pay. Global FOB quotes says you are not.
15/09/14 03:14 AM
Deregul8, those benefits you are learning about in our deregulated market? How is going from 1 export seller into about 100 export buyers, to 25,000 sellers into about 100 export buyers better for sellers? 1 goes into 100 more times than 25,000 does. Buyers in that market have 25,000 sellers scrambling to see them. However in SD times I had 100 buyers scrambling to get my 1 signature. It obviously gave me a much better bargaining position. Those figures are stronger than your rhetoric, particularly since US FOB bids have been higher than WA FOB bids. We now get a smaller share of prices paid.
11/09/14 06:34 AM
Upsidedown, you must be talking about Frank Crean and not Simon, but even Frank was not all that good at much, but was a decent bloke. I once sat through the most boring address ever in my life given by Simon Crean at the Agriculture Outlook Conference in Canberra. He wouldn't know passion for agriculture if it smacked him in the face.
09/09/14 06:50 AM
It will be interesting to see if those critical of WA co-op, CBH, going offshore and intestate, will refuse to deal with a foreign co-op offering services in WA? Hypocrisy will be tested.
27/08/14 12:52 AM
Matt Canavan is the best rookie I have seen in parliament for a long time. Read his first speech and you will see why. Let us hope he has a lot of influence and success and Australia will be MUCH better off. Let us all get behind him.
18/08/14 09:20 AM
As a farmer, I have no say in any decisions by our National Government. However when our national Govt puts sanctions on a trading partner and it costs farmers more than the general community, I expect we will not be made to carry the full cost of that Govt decision made on behalf of all Australians. We demand to receive compensation for any losses we incur for the benefit of all. That is only fair.
11/08/14 11:00 PM


Just goes to prove nobody has got a clue what prices or supply and demand will do apart from the market today!
26/05/15 08:05 PM
It is a waste of time arguing with fools, Jock.
26/05/15 07:59 PM
CBH are the only remaining true advocate Australian grain growers have. The rest are all mercenary traders who would sacrifice the Australian grain industry in a heart beat.
09/05/15 09:16 PM
Not a bad popularity and performance for a Bulk Handler which is supposed to be on the way out eh deregul8?
Tell im ee's dreamin.
06/02/15 09:00 AM
Congratulations CBH. Was there ever any doubt from the honest rational thinkers anyway about the worthiness of CBH to Australians or more particularly West Australians.
30/11/14 09:05 AM
Not correct deregular, but that is not surprising for a trader.
04/04/15 10:37 AM
Deregular, do you understand that quality is much more than protein. The highest protein wheat can be the lowest flour yielding wheat when the grain is pinched. Low flour yielding wheat is poor quality. A lot more work is needed to deliver high quality wheat and that is something usually not as important to traders as to millers.
30/03/15 09:07 AM
David Leyonhjelm is just an ideological, egotistical politician who places his view of what is best for voters anywhere, ahead of any wishes the voters may have. He has an ideology on most things and couldn't care less about voters wishes. If his way suits you, you are lucky, if they don't well damn you then, is his attitude.
30/11/14 08:58 AM
The benefits quoted in this story are clearly as a result of the actions of CBH in switching to the port slot auction system. Has to be more proof that CBH above all others in WA, is on the side of and to the benefit of growers.
12/11/14 09:11 AM
In your dreams James.
11/11/14 05:14 AM


nico, you are right in general about D8, but on this occasion he has jagged a correct answer.
26/05/15 08:08 PM
Brad, have you read AWB/Cargill's WA grains Managers Farm Weekly comments about them and other traders having to pay over the odds for grain as a result of the CBH policy to make them buy their shipping slots. It seems CBH have again done WA growers a favor. Also my info is that the comments by Interested Observer are valid and you might investigate that further for your own benefit. Things are not always as reported or not reported. You need to better know your real enemies. All big guys, just like Coles & Woolies will fleece all small guys every chance they get. They take no prisoners.
18/09/14 12:50 PM
Brad, CBH is shown in a recent report by research group, AEGIC, to have the lowest S & H fees in Australia. We would still like them to be lower. Switching away from CBH to a Private Corporate has not resulted in lower fees in other states so why would it in WA. If CBH was not in WA, any current competitors could push up their prices to NSW levels. We don't want that. Surely we need to look at the wider problem causing inflated input and supply chain costs. That is the regulated labour market. It is effectively welfare being paid for by us farmers and business. That is our enemy.
16/09/14 03:52 AM
Exactly Qld Mum.
02/09/14 07:46 AM
JFT has made the most telling of all the comments on this issue so far. That is, Government and other global warming crooks have wasted billions of the poor people wages and taxes on a giant con that has does absolutely nothing about climate change. Thank goodness we now have a Government that is committed to stopping that waste.
18/06/14 09:40 PM
Apparently Wayne Swan summed KRudd up best. When asked about his parting words to KRudd, he said, "no comment". That is the most honest words I have ever heard from Swan!
14/11/13 02:44 AM
Closure of this Office of Climate Change, total waste of our taxes along with the carbon dioxide tax was what the vast majority of Australians just voted for as a mandate to the Coalition. Sick of the 6 years of lies so Aussies have finally enough is enough. It is gone, dead and buried.
20/09/13 05:31 AM
Congratulations Barnaby. You have done the work and now you get some recognition.
There is now a big load on your shoulders.
We are hoping that you will improve things for all Australians by going after growth and reliability in rural Australia where such a large part of our employment, income, agricultural and mining resource development occurs.
13/09/13 08:15 AM
Clive Palmer, bringing that international has been, Al Gore, to Australia is a total insult. The voters told all MP's loud and clear, what they thought of anything to do with carbon taxes/pricing and wasted money on green power schemes, and climate change, when they voted out Labour/Greens and voted in the Coalition with a resounding majority. By doing what you are doing with Gore and your ridiculous smoke screen announcements, you are giving us all the digit Clive. You have no mandate for any of this. You will eventually be called to account for this nonsense.
25/06/14 11:24 AM
Not surprising, cattle advocate, that the owners of port grain terminals have greatly increased their export market share since taking over terminals. That would be an obvious aim and reason for getting control of the terminals. ADM would obviously have the same aim. That is, they would use every means available to them including disadvantaging competitors and thereby reducing competition. Just more evidence Joe Hockey made the right decision.
17/12/13 09:46 AM


You still refuse to answer the simple question about farm gate returns D8. But you now say you have averaged $310/tonne over the last 6 years for your total production. And you say many others have done better. How is it then, that WA had 10,000 families making a good living out of wheat for 50 years prior to deregulation, when with much higher income over the last 6 years, only 4,000 families can get a living out of wheat in WA. WA has a very well publicized farm debt crisis, so apparently there is much less farm gate income over the last 6 years causing such a problem. ? on your figures.
25/08/14 12:18 AM
You avoided answering the question Deregul8. Just a simple figure was all requested. Surely a smart well organized farmer, on top of all business management would be able to answer that in a jiffy? Would $70 be close, leaving you $230/tonne to cover your production costs with?
Yes anyone half ordinary farmer would make a profit with that money. But what about your average overall for 2014 harvest selling price. Tell us what that will be? Maybe $180/tonne less your $70 post farm gate costs leaving you $110 to pay your production and finance costs with. How are you looking then?
22/08/14 02:57 AM
Deregul8, please tell us how much of your favorite $300/tonne for wheat you finish up with in your bank after deductions for freight, storage, shipping, levies and finance post harvest.
21/08/14 06:43 AM
The Woolies Coles oligopoly is a problem. However, under the laws of OZ, they are not clearly committing any crime. The real crime is that our laws are assisting them to destroy competition in our market. If it was wrong for grower groups to gather market power via an amalgamation of suppliers, why is it not wrong for Coles and Woolies to do the same thing? The fact that they use our capitalist system is not an excuse. The Govt needs to break up their dominant position, and make way for real competition, between retailers, or preside over the eventual death of our local production industry.
09/06/14 09:55 AM


Well said Mal Content. Who do these fringe dwellers think they are taking it upon themselves to police the community. Bet they wouldn't let anybody spy on them in their homes. Who knows what criminal activity they get up too behind closed doors?
19/06/14 06:48 AM

Rural Lifestyle

As many of these city folk are moving to the rural areas, they are engaging in livestock and agricultural production as an aside to their other activities. While the average output from each property may be small scale, it is very significant when all outputs are aggregated. It forms a growing part of our agricultural industry. It is also often leading the way in increasing research and experimentation into improved land management and sustainability processes. It is worth of the support of the community and Governments as it is also bringing business to country towns.
22/01/14 10:29 PM


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