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Northern Land values for the beef industry are at least 50% to 60% over their actual earning value - that's what my ag budget program keeps telling me consistently - not sure about the rest of AG in AUS. I guess that's why the word is approximately 58 businesses between central Qld and the gulf are currently being quietly assessed by banking receivers
04/09/13 11:18 AM
Hi Sam, Segments of the industry are currently "doing it tough" not necessarily via their farming management. Currently there are approx another 20 businesses to go into receivership in Nth Qld. At a recent banking seminar, costs in the northern beef sector are running at an average of 103% to 100% income. Even the best of businesses are currently going backwards, costs outstripping income. The beef market glut, processors are naturally taking advantage of. Losing the floor price created by the "live export" industry which will take some time to reestablish has dramatically cut incomes.
09/07/13 10:56 AM


Divert the money being spent on searching for the Malaysian aircraft to those people in drought affected areas and animals who are still alive and starving would be a good start. Not to mention the additional scores of millions being spent on "climate research" for God's sake. Have the keepers of this country not heard of "charity begins at home", or are we now just puppets to global forces.
16/04/15 11:51 PM
Australia is an arid continent and if we are to retain any form of self sufficiency during future times of global conflict, having an agricultural bank as a safety net is a "no-brainer" However that is evidently not in the best interests of the companies making their money out of farmers. Our politicians must have a vision beyond their own aspirations and have the courage to underpin our nation's agriculture. Net easy with the big end of town beating you with a stick, however secure food for the nation is their first responsibility.
06/04/15 11:15 PM
Just as retail companies pay their corporate employees millions of dollars to engage in strategies to make more $ out of the consumer , agricultural bodies need information to make informed decisions to maintain the viability and longevity of their business. I find it interesting that the ACCC will not readily apply the competition rules to retail but are ready to axe producers straight up. Separate rules here my friends?
29/05/14 02:29 AM
Australian farm bodies need to take a leaf out of their page and deliver to the farmers who fund them.
29/04/14 01:31 AM
Australia is now one of the worlds lowest cost suppliers of raw materials for foreign owned beef processors - note ramping up of ABC to stop live export again when this supply is threatened. Tony, would you help create supply chains for China and make our country just a cheap source of raw food materials for them too? There will be very little spin off for Australia in the Ag industry from china when they are not here to make a profit like other foreign investors - they want extra sovereign farmland to grow their food and take it home using their own cheap labour. Asia's foodbowl plan?
16/04/14 11:59 PM
This is an election promise which must be kept - The $15,000 ceiling still allows foreign companies to buy up major farms and create conglomerates. We also must have the register of ownership. Free trade for our agricultural products is of little value if Australian tax payers end up owning very little of the country they are produced on.
21/10/13 11:54 PM
Nolene you may not like talking about the "crisis" - however the rural community are living the crisis and unless our over leglislated governments take positive action they will not have an agriculture industry to take any taxes from - it will belong to foreign investors - it is no coincidence that aussie real estate agencies are currently opening as fast as they can in China - no doubt to clear the hundreds of rural businesses destined for the chop in the coming months.
27/08/13 10:35 PM
Acknowledging that duopolies are the controlling force in food retail is a start Malcolm - putting a workable plan in place to correct this situation pre-election and carry through with it is what counts for the agricultural sector. Australia may then have a chance to halt and correct the current exodus of small business from agriculture. Coalition opportunity because ALP have proved they will not do it.
26/08/13 11:52 PM
As a substantial levy payer I would urge MLA to redirect all funding from Coles to a meat friendly company. This does not include Woolworths either. It is time to only support companies that actively align themselves with Australian farmers. Our levy money is hard earned and to be used for promoting Australian industries which supply the $.
11/06/13 02:23 AM
Evidently Coles are only interested in retail $ for their shareholders - evidenced by the hard line policy used when buying their farm produce resold to retail clients at a very good profit margin. Farmers are just a cheap supply commodity in the scheme of things.
31/05/13 12:16 AM


Our current satellite provider activ8me is almost impossible to do any form of business on - barely downloaded emails today, so how on earth can children use services like this for education - it drives me crazy now without using it for deadlines and timelines - Government needs a wake up call on this one if they expect to be able to deliver education services
11/04/15 04:52 AM
Thank you Barnaby Joyce for your support of an industry which has been seriously maligned and all continuing improvements to the export industry chain continue to remain unrecognized by these groups. Live export is now recognised as THE MAIN, POSSIBLY ONLY MECHANISM effectively putting a floor price in the entire aust beef industry - additional processing units will as previously, be rigorously squeezed out of business by the multinational corporations who use aust producers as the cheapest supplier in the world of "raw material being meat product" to add value to their corporate business
02/04/14 10:36 PM
NATURAL DISASTER EMERGENCY HAPPENING NOW - A very URGENT message to Barnaby Joyce, who I believe will be very helpful to Agriculture while at the helm of this portfolio. Droughted
QLD livestock are at the crucial stage of severe energy defiency where SUFFICIENT volumes of molasses must be retained in Australia to enable livestock herds to survive this 1-100 drought. Government owned tanker infrastructure is urgently needed to deliver molasses products - currently 2 to 6 weeks delay for delivery - while starving stock are waiting at feeding points. THIS IS CRITICAL AND NEEDS RECTIFYING NOW
04/10/13 02:50 AM


With carbon credits evidently not applicable to the arid zone because in layman's terms the "annual tree growth" does not comply with the "carbon rules",
has put paid to Ross Garnut's green paper of a few years ago with recommendations to empty the NT of cattle and use it as a carbon trading sink. The cattle business in the NT is just about finished - that part of the plan went well.
29/08/13 11:05 PM


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