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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Camps for RARA, Bill?
14/01/15 03:48 AM

Burrs under my saddle

And shame on you Nico for calling everyone a denialist if they question the AGW dogma. Shame shame shame.
06/03/15 02:05 AM
The CAGW scam is busted and Nico knows it.
24/02/15 10:40 PM
I can 100 per cent assure you, Nico, the only one driven by ideology is you.
24/02/15 04:41 AM
The scientific literature is not worth the paper its written on if the evidence at large keeps proving its wrong.
For ideological or political reasons Nico you can't see past the end of your nose.
22/02/15 10:54 PM
500 odd years ago Nico, every single piece of scientific evidence pointed to, and everyone believed, the world was flat..... They were all wrong.
22/02/15 10:21 PM
Action is on the road to Damascus . Miracles do happen. Next we will hear Nico and Bushie Bill have become born again . Whats happening ?
19/02/15 05:24 AM
OH NO , more bad news for the AGW climate scam. Action, this article is for you. 015/02/16/climate-propaganda-from -the-australian-academy-of-scienc e/
18/02/15 03:51 AM
I have read that book Daw and I highly recommend it to all who are looking for an intelligent response to the alarmist drivel put out by Climate Alarmist Inc.
18/02/15 02:52 AM
Riddles (in)action. "Good night nurse." One can only wonder what your on, Action.
18/02/15 02:05 AM
I don't suppose this has anything to do with the AGW scam.
http://wattsupwiththat. com/2015/02/17/strange-allies-in- the-war-on-carbon-fuels/
18/02/15 01:53 AM


Nothing more than that will ever happen. Australia hasn't got the balls to offend the Chinese.
31/03/15 08:08 AM
NO? Who will it be Dave?
01/02/15 11:21 AM
Thank you Qlander. I should have known better that a latte sipper like Bill would not have known what a draught beer was.
21/01/15 05:45 AM
And draught relief Bill is when we put some drought relief to a good cause.
20/01/15 06:36 AM
I picked the eyes out of that one.
13/01/15 08:47 PM
Anthropogenic global warming could be one of the biggest threats facing mankind. Not because its true . But because everyone believes it and its so demonstrably false.
12/01/15 12:34 AM
Your really flying HIGH with that lot, bushman.
11/01/15 10:10 PM


Not growing jeffito , shrinking. Most intelligent thinking people have seen through the lies and the scam years ago and moved on. Much more important and REAL issues in the world we need to deal with than a manufactured imaginary global warming non-issue that was not only NEVER a problem but unfortunately stopped 20 years ago. Warm is GOOD, cooling is BAD. And jeffito old son, get it through your head we can't control the climate and only dreamers, idiots, liars and scammers think we can.
25/04/15 10:07 PM
Jeffito I am glad you recognise that climate alarmists are a real threat, a far far bigger threat than fire ants.
23/04/15 10:19 PM
Well done Max, so much for there being NO conspiracy . The whole AGW climate scam was one BIG conspiracy from day one. Now let them try to deny it. They will be the denialists.
13/02/15 09:36 PM
Yep spot on Oliver, yesterday's men (that being yourself) have nothing to offer but old quotations.
12/02/15 02:29 AM
Haha, your so funny Jeffito, that would have to be the world's biggest cop-out. Just another loser with nothing and no one to back you, more like it. I am rolling around on the floor in laughter. What an absolutely ridiculous response from another of the loony global warming cranks and offfffff you go in a huff just like Susan. And you wonder why the world does not take you seriously. Your faith based religion (doomsday cult ) is the laughing stock of the entire world. hahaha LOL. What an idiot.
09/02/15 04:24 AM
Pure hypocrisy and crap if I ever heard it, Jeffito.
08/02/15 10:45 PM
That's a bit hypocritical isn't it, Nico. Aren't your "denialist" slurs also insulting?
04/02/15 04:15 AM
What are you growing on your farm, farmerfromthesouth? I am sure you must be smoking some of it.
03/02/15 09:51 PM
I always knew that, Qlander, and well said and so true. The fundamentalist loony left green environmentalist religion is totally intolerant of all other beliefs.
03/02/15 06:14 AM
Don't try to back out of it jeffito , you tried to make the connection between religion and CAGW skeptics . Why would you even bring it up ? A bad move by you , don't you think Jeffito ?
03/02/15 12:45 AM


Good ole Nico and Susan and Basil banging on about a manufactured and non existent problem.
22/04/15 01:10 AM
Off to see your counsellor, Basil?
21/04/15 03:50 AM
Basil and Nico, the last of the denialists.
Are you two the best bozos the cagw industry can come up with? No wonder you lost the debate years ago.
21/04/15 01:33 AM
Very well said Bigfoot. And not ONE of these so called climate scientists that predicted all the chaotic weather, heat waves, droughts, cyclones, tornadoes, flooding sea level rise, pestilence, famine and the end of the world as we know it predicted that the earth would green from the increase in atmospheric CO2 and that all our food crops would grow better. Not ONE of their doomsday predictions came true and the world is looking far greener with that LITTLE extra bit of CO2. The catastrophe obsessed AGW religion is not just looking in deep trouble I would say its dead and buried.
20/04/15 03:54 AM
Arr yes Paris, the climate alarmist socialists utopia. Where the truth will be stretched and butchered as far as possible to achieve the desired outcome.
15/04/15 12:23 AM
The BS continues and plenty of true believers in BS here. Catastrophic dangerous global warming is an imaginary manufactured crisis that has about as much merit as a B grade Hollywood Sci Fi movie.
14/04/15 04:56 AM
lol haha the only one offering noisy assertions with zero evidence is you Nico. The ultimate denialist.
18/04/15 11:07 AM
Well said, Les.
15/04/15 08:44 AM
That's a great compliment to me , thanks Bill.
16/04/15 08:09 AM
Poor old Billy, no one talks to you anymore do they.
15/04/15 07:35 AM


Did your dole cheque bounce last week Bushie ?
23/02/15 02:39 AM


Isn't it so predictable, Ruth, that the same cranks who want to kill the live export trade, kill our farmers off, kill our economy and starve the people of the world of our good quality protein are the same cranks that are pushing the now very discredited global warming lie. What is it about you lot that hate the human race so much?
04/02/15 05:29 AM


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