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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Chick Ollson does it again, first he rebuffed Alison Penfold for her call on RSPCA for what it is and now you disagree with David who I believe is correct in his approach. Get real, Chick, if you aren't prepared to help protect agriculture's future then refrain from making public comment that seeks to give air to the likes of PETA.
22/04/15 10:51 PM
My sentiments exactly, as beef producers it is time we set our own agenda to take our industry forward. As for CCA, would you expect anything else from a directionless unrepresentative organisation who is only thinking of its own future rather than the future of Australian beef producers. Thanks for pointing out this disastrous path CCA wants to take us on.
30/03/14 10:37 PM
David, you hit the nail on the head. It is time that our publicly funded ABC be brought into line and not continue to be a stooge for dodgy organisations like AA. As for the RSPCA, their government funding should be cut unless they get back to their core values and not become a subsidiary of the likes of AA.
04/11/13 10:57 PM
qlander, face reality, good article David. The only chance Australian agriculture has of enticing much needed capital is through foreign investment because our own capital markets are short sighted and greedy for profits unlike overseas markets. Who do you expect will buy the farm otherwise, I don't see anyone knocking on the door at the moment. Foreign markets have the cash and the foresight required, remember they can't take it away with them.
29/09/13 11:33 PM
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I am also with David's one pager. Get out of our way and allow us to reap a fair price for a fair product and we can produce all the food you want.
12/08/13 10:27 AM
I am a beef and grain producer in a highish rainfall area and agree with David. We generate a sound return because we focus on what we know and continually strive to do it better. Unfortunately many of the public ag companies are set up by people who aren't at the grass roots level and therefore ultimately fail because they lose touch with the reality of farming. Look at some of the recent forays, paid big dollars for assets, directors paid themselves a princely sum and now divesting their assets. Fund managers would be best investing in top family farms who know their stuff.
31/07/13 11:26 PM
In response to qlander, you forgot to include the amount of pasture the animal ate while growing to the 400kg feedlot entry weight. I'm a beef producer and I know what it cost me in the way of feed to get a calf to 400kg ready for the feedlot. If our beef industry is to sell itself to the consumer as a credible food source we must be honest in how we portray our industry and the impact and benefit must be carefully measured.
17/07/13 11:24 PM
Marketers play on the ignorance of consumers while making production more costly without recompense to the producer, and we wonder why agriculture is in the state it is.
14/04/13 10:35 PM
Shelley Holmden may just be a Fruit Loop who needs a feed of Golden Rice. Just like the Greenpeaces they work on myths to promote their cause which in most cases have no bearing on their own lives which is lived on modern technology. Most greenies have a mobile phone, a car, electricity and running water either pumped or from a scheme. If they were true to their word they would live in the bush without these ammenities. No that would be to hard on these softies.
13/03/13 10:57 PM


The best reply to $1 a litre milk is export as much as you can and dry up their supply.
09/04/14 10:15 PM
The first thing is to get Labor out of government and then it will get sorted. What we need to do in the meantime is make sure the Libs know exactly what is required to fix ESCAS.
02/08/13 11:55 PM
Typical of those that have an uninformed opinion simply because they have a vehicle to promote it as Ross has. if you are going to make comment then get the facts right, maybe visit a few farms and learn a bit about the industry before you make these illinformed comments. If Australian family farms were awarded a true value for their agricultural production then they could reinvest in their businesses which would drive productivity. This lack of financial reward for current production is what has slowed productivity. We have the ability to double our production.
22/04/13 10:59 PM
Bring on the drones, the shotgun is ready. I don't need some nerdy over educated mob looking over my shoulder, I don't care if I am doing nothing wrong. We should all take a strong stand on this issue, sorry Jock for too long we have been trodden on it's time to stand up and demand respect.
02/04/13 08:40 PM
I beleive we should have a system similar to the USA where the USDA knows more about Australian Ag than we do. Our fragmented approach to Ag in Australia is killing our industry. I was apaulled to hear that the WA state government protfolio of Agriculture was a junior ministry and that is why it wasn't important enough for Terry Redman to continue in his role of WA Ag Minister.
27/03/13 11:04 PM
I am an Elders rural services client and have had several opportunities to meet Malcolm Jackman. He and his staff have done a great job of reducing debt and his vision the Elders Rural Services business has been on the right track and I hope the new owners continue with a vision to grow the company to its former glory.
03/12/12 10:25 PM
Larry Grahams comments are right on the money. For the so called animal welfare lobby it is all about stopping the farming of animals, those that say this is not the case are delusional because what other conclusion can one draw from their antics. If they were sincere about the cruelty towards animals they would be in Indonesia and Pakistan protesting - why aren't they, their nonsense wouldn't be tolerated in those countries.
22/11/12 10:34 PM


Chick Olsson, what a stupid comment you make saying that Alison Penfold was wrong in making the statement that RSPCA should stick to dogs and cats. It is about time we called a spade a bloody spade and stopped the fluffy crap. RSPCA has become a platform for the likes of PETA. Well done Alison Penfold you get my vote of confidence.
21/04/15 10:34 PM
Why spend valuable dollars on climate change when as farmers we are continuously refining farming practices to adapt to all kinds of management pressures. Remove all the govt interference and we will handle what nature throws at us. All we are doing is feeding the climate bureaucracy instead of freeing up market access opportunities and providing a scenario for farmers to get on with the job they know better than anyone else. Profitable farmers will adapt to any climate changes that may occur, no profit no ability to implement change. Get out of the way and let us get on with the job.
01/03/14 05:43 AM
While I admire any young person making a career in agriculture it appears most are taking the path in service sectors of the industry. My concern is, who are they going to provide the service to if we don't attract more young people to work the land itself.. Hopefully Fiona attracts the attention of a young farmer and she can use her skills to partner him in success on the farm. Those young men who choose to take a career on the land need someone working alongside them to keep agriculture alive and growing.
20/10/13 10:47 PM
Considering Barnett's desire to eventually replace live export with onshore processing let's hope the South West Agrifood Precinct is a major priority and the first of several throughout the state. Redman and Grylls have stalled for too long on this issue. Strong leadership on this issue is needed urgently so that live export can flourish alongside a strong and world class processing sector so that livestock industries in this state have a strong and profitable future.
13/03/13 11:06 PM
Forget about who Paul Howes is and look at his comments in context of the debate around foreign investment. Reality suggests he is on the money and Australian agriculture has no chance of thriving without foreign investment. As a farmer with a young son finishing school and wanting nothing more than to be a farmer, I think we need to embrace investment in agriculture otherwise we will drive young people from agriculture faster than we are now. Now that's the scary thought in this debate. Local capital markets are not interested in agriculture so FDI is it.
15/10/13 11:23 PM


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