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A matter of opinion

Maybe I can give you an instance that will help. In 1980 I sat at a meeting in Gympie about getting rid of the government workers. It was all about saving money for the government. Someone asked what about emergencies? I remember the answer well the top level public servant got up and said “If we work our heads right the idiot farmers and the idiot workers will do it for nothing.” It worked so well now we have the SES and the Rural Fire Brigades. Saved the government a mint you must admit.
08/08/15 10:46 PM
I wonder why the Nationals want more people in rural towns, is the electoral commission counting properly and they want more funding?
01/06/15 10:04 PM

Burrs under my saddle

After a lifetime of being a mechanic I am helping you keep the drug companies going don't worry. As for the government I think it is time that any politician or top level public servant that has an interest in mining or takes a directors job offered to them by a mining company should be in jail, Just the humble opinion of someone who has blown the whistle on corruption on all 3 levels of government. And yes my family is paying very dearly for my stupidity.
17/07/15 10:51 PM
The government is big on this work till you drop. Well sadly some of the politicians prove this is not a good thing. Maybe politicians and public servants should have to retire at 55 like the police. This is a young country and in my opinion it is time to give the youngsters more say.
02/05/15 07:09 PM
O so true, I never took any notice of politics until the red headed bombshell came to Qld some ten years ago.. She won a lot of seats and it was disgusting what happened to her. Love her or hate her it showed what politics is all about. As you say they will keep the two party system going at any cost. I have got into a lot of trouble and have seen the good the bad and the ugly side of it. My family have put up with a lot of nonsense and I am being threatened with court action if I don't shut up.
23/01/15 06:25 PM


Yep at the moment the Nationals can ask fro anything. without each other the LNP would be history. Why tell people where the money goes they never have.
17/09/15 12:29 AM
I don't know about this guy trying to get a new party going in the bush, but we (farmers and townies both) need a new party to vote for. The two parties we have are becoming a total joke.
15/09/15 12:29 AM
The poor old Nationals will take what is offered or leave the show.
14/09/15 10:16 PM
It would be interesting if the government would tell the people how many of their own are on mining boards. If a politician takes another job on a board or mining company to my way of thinking it is a conflict of interest at the very least, maybe criminal.
09/07/15 06:28 AM
The people that get the drought relief still need it so they can buy the top of the range four wheel drive every year.
20/02/14 08:26 PM
In my opinion when the government gives away large lumps of taxpayers money to people and companies it might be time to publish a list of who is getting that money.
17/02/14 12:23 AM
Time to get vocal??? Maybe time to change the Government system, we have 2 levels of Government too many methinks.
05/07/13 10:15 PM


I worked and lived on Nockatunga station in the early sixties. In that time I seen the biggest drought in history. I worked and lived in Ilfracombe in the late eighties -early nineties, same story. I reckon I have seen the biggest drought in history every 6 years since. Come on it is a dry country.
27/04/15 10:24 PM
Yeh right like that isn't the biggest bluff ever. Where would the Nats be without the backup of the Libs.
06/02/15 10:21 AM
It was ok when the Nats had old Joh to keep them going. Since then the people have woke up to them. Also the QEC has to count properly now.
05/02/15 11:40 PM
Wow what a fuss over a small thing. I think Tony was proving that he was better than the old prince. I don't know how these idiots even get into parliament.
28/01/15 07:28 AM
I think we are all saying the same thing. A good farmer can beat a drought but you cant beat the government. We see politicians giving local councils loads of money but it is the genuine battler that needs the money, not only on the land.
24/01/14 06:18 AM
I was working around Longreach in the late 80s and early 90s when the price of wool was 3 times the normal. Some of the farmers told me they had so much money they really didn't know what to do with it. Some 3 years later we had another biggest drought in history and the same farmers were wanting another handout of taxpayers money. The question is is this money going to the right people or just the friends/ relatives of the rich?
23/01/14 09:06 PM
At last someone has the nerve to say what is happening. I spent 20 years in the forestry Dept. and left in 1985 because I could not put up with the corruption in the Government. At a meeting in Gympie it was decided to sack the forestry workers and upgrade the S.E.S and the Rural fire brigades. Since then no fire prevention has been done. The Govt. has massive areas of forests that are not looked after in any way.
25/01/13 08:01 PM


I might clarify my note, the truck hit the cow at Kilkivan, the two guys flown out were near Durong like I say it depends on the shire, different rules for different people.
31/05/15 12:29 AM
Dash, I think it is a local thing governed by the local shire. For more than 3 years now we have had stray cattle on the roads day and night, at an average of 10 to 15 a day that is well over 10000 head on the roads and the local shire tells us if we want to live here we will wear it. The local herdsman has seen nothing.
28/05/15 07:28 AM
How about we start at home, last night 2 guys had to be flown out by chopper after hitting cows on the road. Have you ever seen an animal after it is hit by a truck? Sometimes the driver is badly injured or killed. How about changing the rules so stray cattle cant be on the roads.
28/05/15 01:19 AM


Well think well before you go bush. We actually went to the local council and asked were there any special conditions and were told all was good. 20 years of death threats and malicious damage later, all because the rules are different for locals and the dreaded " newcomer or Blocky."
06/02/15 10:17 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Having lived in rural areas since 1960 I would say that the first thing that Can Do will have to do is change the attitude of the local councils to the poor old newcomers.
10/08/14 09:01 PM


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