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We already have one Senate review of the Red Meat Industry sitting on the government shelves gathering dust. If the Government elect to do nothing this time then there will be hell to pay!!
What makes me laugh is Hon Barnaby Joyce has it within his powers to fix the mess without a Senate review, Does he think after we had our say he will make a half baked executive decision and he expects we will sit back and accept it?? He could be in for quite a surprise if he thinks this is what will happen.

A matter of opinion

MLA ,CCA etc are government prescribed bodies and have no right to be submitting paperwork to Joyce, they are prescribed by government and represent government, not the livestock producer. So great, we already have huge conflict of interest by the government prescribed bodies submitting paperwork to protect their government hides. What a joke this enquiry is going to be!!


its all about money and big business, Barney can say what he likes, but his words don't really matter any more. Just look at the activity from Barney on the Senate Inquiry into grass fed cattle transaction levies, he initiated it, the Senate spent millions doing the job, came up with seven excellent recommendations and what has happened; er um NOTHING. Does it really matter what Barney says, actions speak louder than words!!
Joyce has made no attempt to adopt all of the Seven recommendations into the grass fed cattle levy. This levy involves a large amount of R&D funds supplied by grass fed levies via consolidated revenue; as a result as Peter Comensoli comments the research is researcher and MLA focussed and has never had an overall cost benefit analysis done and is viewed by most levy payers as an absolute waste of grass fed levy payers money!!
The more important question is what is actually for sale when the properties are leasehold and hence any kind of development cannot be justified!
Lighting a fire under Barn is what is needed. Just look how quickly he adopted the excellent Senate recommendatios from the Senate in relation to grass fed cattle transaction levies. Grass fed cattle producers are still waiting!!
I'll agree with John Niven. Barney initiated the Senate Inquiry and now ignores most of the Senate recommendations. what a disgrace for what is supposed to be a democratic government. no what is obvious now is this is government by the alite and Barney isn't keen to do anything that would give us back democracy instead of regulation and control that Tony Abbott promised to remove. we desperately need an alternative to the Coalition!!
Rob Moore,
The Senate can easily fix it, its called a disallowance motion. One would have thought that with the massive dissatisfaction by grass fed cattle producers in this "industry" structure, the Senate would have acted by now. Its plain Barney is a toothless tiger. Barney does a lot of roaring but no action follows!!
What is annoying here is that it is up to the Minister to adopt the Senate Recommendations, the Senate did an exceptional job consulting grass fed cattle producers and coming up with good recommendations. It is not up to CCA whom no longer represent a majority of grass fed producers, are not democratically elected. Grass fed producers have already been consulted, Minister Joyce should adopt all Senate recommendations!!
Levy payers in relation to MLA can't have democratic say in anything!!!The levies are collected without retaining the identity of the payer and nobody actually knows who paid the levy and who has voting rights. When it comes to voting rights anyone can claim whatever they think and they do!! Step 1, identify the producers, Step 2 plebiscite of livestock producers and see if they want to pay a levy. Step 3 if they vote yes, levy payers decide what they want and when as far as an organisation and control of the levy funds. This top down control in what we call a democracy must stop!!
Dear BushFire, I hear a number of groups have supplied evidence about suspect MLA voting entitlements to the Senate Inquiry. The basic building blocks of the red meat industry structure are faulty.
I would say that if Barnaby and the Senate don't act on sorting this mess then they will have demonstrated that Australian democracy is basically finished and we are under the control of unelected representatives (DAFF, CCA, MLA etc) whom have replaced elected government in running Australia.
Yes, the question is in relation to MLA and livestock levies whether the Senate Inquiry and the Government will actually do anything. Government gives the impression that they and the bureaucrats think these livestock levies actually achieve something good. The betting out here in the bush is the Senate will do a report, the government won't release it and will do nothing about the massive discontent with compulsory levies. These levies fund unelected representatives and bureaucrats whom are not in any way answerable to the levy payer. Its a joke!


Jock,Joyce initiated the Senate Inquiry into grass fed cattle transaction levies, the Senate recommendations would help grass fed producers immensely, but Joyce has done nothing after nearly one year. I completely disagree with you and so do many grass fed cattle producers
While Joyce might have the ear of the prime minister, it won't make any difference. The Nationals have some kind of deal with the Libs that prevent them from doing anything useful for agriculture, other than of course making bleating noises in the background tot try and convince farmers that the Nationals represent farming and they should continue to vote for them, just like sheep really!
Goodness me, Barney still hasn't adopted the Senate recommendations in relation to grass fed cattle levies, when he was the one that called for the inquiry. He might be good at quotes, but action is sorely lacking after initiating the Inquiry.
With the current poor performance from the Nationals, I doubt the Nationals will last much longer in a onesided Liberal coalition.
What is going on? Joyce is in the media like there is no tomorrow. Must have been chatted about his poor media profile!!
Hear hear Farmer Joe.
Guess what, humans aren't native to Australia, so are we next on the list of removals from this country!!
My father sold fresh unpastuerised milk in South Australia up until about 1975 without any health issues, as a result od good production and sterilisation practices in the dairy. The choice should remain without regulation and legislation as it does in other countries, the bacteria bogeyman should be replaced with education, not more nanny state regulation and control. next we will be fencing off the creeks, dams, rivers and beaches to prevent downing. All risks cannot be controlled by regulation!!
No Frank, when a wild dog or dingo, that cannot be shot in the NT, attacks a calf ,the farmer will be responsible for breaching his duty of care and not protecting the calf 24 hrs per 7days per week!!
An accusation will be made by the enforcers, maybe the RSPCA, and the farmer will have to prove it was a dingo. Thats how all these new laws are now framed. Guitly now prove you are innocent!!
Here we go again, there is no statistical link between storm damage and climate change!!
There is a link between money and climate control hysteria!!
NRM in SA is not working, weeds are out of control along with Corellas.
Get rid of NRM bureaucracy, its a giant money consumer, without cost effective returns for the farmer and the environment.

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Mr Collier is right unless things change Australia is stuffed, and you know what neither major party can see it.
However if he thinks good news stories will fix it he's dreaming!!


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