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Yes B Bill, GT and AA are sad cases of low morals and low morale full of their own self-beliefs and bile. Their vitriol directed towards hard working scientists is astonishingly beyond that of McCarthy era zealots against communists. They should be ashamed to peddle their absurd lies about scientists and gravy trains. There seems to be a whole corps of sourpuss characters like these 2 in our society, fermenting like cabbages in brine. I wonder what has caused them to pop up. Disappointment with life? In born bitter contrarians?
08/01/15 11:32 PM
independent farmer, not true. That industry's success depends on a long term partnership between cotton farmers and CSIRO that the farmers acknowledge enthusiastically. Best varieties in the world by conventional breeding and best pest control by added GM traits. There is a model there for other crop industries.
05/01/15 02:22 AM
Angry Aussie. Have a look at the Aus cotton industry as an example of CSIRO success.
05/01/15 12:16 AM
WTF. Never thought I'd be thanking you for anything but here we go. Thanks for introducing me to Kevin Folta whom I had never come across before. Sensible scientist with his head screwed on the right way fighting the good fight against stubborn denialists like you. Merry Xmas to you all the same old son.
23/12/14 11:06 AM
WTF, Maccas' decisions in this area are not out of respect for customers right of choice! They are simply scared that customers will choose not to buy their product because of all the propaganda spread by you and your mates. Its not ethics acting here. It's called 'the bottom line'. And I am a "volunteer": I do not reject anything because it may have GMO products in it or been fed on GM. Have you looked into the stats of deaths from food poisoning lately? The organic industry kills more per consumer than the conventional industry. Remember Nippy organic orange juice in SA? Chook manure cause!
23/12/14 05:00 AM
WTF, human studies are done in the development of medicines and only after animal toxicity tests show no major adverse effects at the chosen dose and the people tested have to volunteer . I bet that it would be against all experimental ethics to test herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rabbit poison etc in human trials just to satisfy you. Perhaps you could volunteer? A Big Mac with mayo made from oil of GM canola perhaps? But then again, as the actual article under discussion says Maccers is too scared to use GM products.
23/12/14 01:49 AM
Kermit, you are confusing two different things. First there is the issue of whether THE CHEMICALS Roundup and their wetting agents used are safe to humans. This question can be asked of every chemical used in agriculture. The second issue is the GM plant altered to not have its amino acid synthesis pathway inhibited by Roundup. Both issues are considered by regulators as safe. As for all the correlations you make between GM release and increase disease, I add another. Have you all noticed that since the release of GM plants, the 20th century ended and the 21st began? GMOs are to blame 4 sure.
22/12/14 10:25 PM


Reminds me of the great story about the New York bakery window.
A pile of tasty looking baked products with the sign
"Gluten Free"
Next to them an amorphous pile of stuff with a sign
"Free Gluten"
09/07/15 01:59 AM
Why are these crops now referred to as pulses? They used to be grain legumes. i thought pulse meant porridge? ie only those grain legumes that could used in dishes like dhal. Where does this leave crops like faba beans etc?
08/05/15 09:44 AM
I accept the science that says CO2 levels in the air are rising. I accept that plant diseases are big constraint to crop production. I predict that in the future disease problems will either get better, stay the same or get worse due to climatic effects. 2 out of 3 of those scenarios involve a continuing problem from diseases. Research dollars should be focused on the assumption of those 2 scenarios and improved disease management based on agronomy and crop genetics including GM.
07/05/15 11:27 PM
WTF, the answer is NO. Oliver WTF is a farmer and an Ag Sc graduate circa 2000 from his own writings. He is also an obsessive. He also never shows any tendency to modify his views.
WTF, do you in any shape or form support GM technology? Do you accept the proposition that Biotech companies must do extreme safety testing to avoid litigation? Are you also a creationist?
05/05/15 11:29 AM
OK WTF, You've shamed me into answering your question. Im not sure which one it was but suspect it was about what i receive from multinational biotech giants. Well here goes. Every time I reply to one of your comments, each of the giants slips me a cool grand. Nice little earner. And if you believe that you will also believe Monsanto is trying to use RR canola to make brain dead populations so they can take over the world.
04/05/15 09:31 AM
WTF as has been pointed out to you before in these pages we simply do not have the resources or money in this country to test every new plant, food or drug that enters the country. We are part of an international community that uses a system of checks and cross checks. You need to understand the sheer scale (and cost) of Monsanto testing. They do not want to release anything harmful because as the Americans say they are scared by the possibility of having their "asses litigated off". So rest assured. And by the way, enjoy your GM sweet potatoes unless you are afraid of ' Aztecs Revenge'.
04/05/15 06:10 AM
WTF by HGT I guess you mean horizontal gene transfer and refer to sweet potato? There are 3 to 5 genes from Agrobacterium, the very part (AKA T-DNA) used by biotech to make transgenic crops. What "older technologies" do actually refer to. Like much of your writing this piece is shooting from the hip and not particularly lucid.
04/05/15 05:08 AM
sweet potatoes that we all love to are real GMOs! What do you make of all this WTF? u/news/agriculture/horticulture/g eneral-news/potatoes-gm-sweet-spo t/2729920.aspx
01/05/15 06:43 AM
Phelps. You deceive yourself if you believe ">96% of Australia's 134,000 farmers are GM-free" means that the majority of these don't want the freedom to choose whatever new technology, including GM, comes their way.
30/04/15 04:12 AM
Forbidden fruit, very possibly to the first question. When C. Columbus brought back potatoes, tomatoes, chiles, beans, egg plants, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and maize, cocao etc from the New World it took a while to get Europeans to eat them. Under food safety regulations sought by anti GMers today, we'd still be doing the multi generation testing for safety on all those delicious things.
29/04/15 08:24 AM


WTF, I cant believe that someone who has such a bee in his (her?) bonnet about GM safety would contemplate eating a chicken nugget! Humphrey is correct. you have a lot of nerve denigrating and dismissing a scientist's validity and honesty because that person had worked for Monsanto once for 4 years.
23/04/15 08:04 AM
It is not necessarily the fruit loops that are holding back the application of GM in agriculture. It is the enormous cost of the system we are operating under for deregulation of new GM traits. This makes the application of some available GM solutions impossible because the cost of the problem, although large, is less than the cost of the deregulation of the GM solution. This point need further attention and discussion. Perhaps food shortages will change the cost equation?
20/04/15 10:48 PM
Remember that the best application of GM technology is for problems that are otherwise intractable, cannot be solved by conventional breeding, agronomic or chemical means, and even if they can, not in an economic way. Insect resistant cotton is a perfect example.
20/04/15 10:42 PM


This is a problem that can be solved, like the papaya virus problem in Hawaii. Growers and government, have some guts and embrace technological advance! Consider a GM solution! Hawaii did it successfully
14/11/14 10:58 AM
The last sentence of this story tells it all. GM colorado beetle resistance rejected by phelpsian pressure on consumers. Ask yourselves how the beetle is currently controlled in the absence of GM. A heap of organophosphate insecticide? I know which product I would rather eat: the GM one and not the insecticide sprayed one. It's all a question of known facts about what these chemicals can do to the environment and the unsupported phelpsian propaganda against GM.
14/11/14 10:52 AM
More and more insecticides and pesticides will take this of the growing systems. Europe sets the example for banning chemicals. GM solutions are more and more tempting and certainly safer
14/11/14 08:55 AM


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