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@PDowie: if u go purely on where the $ are spent then Canberra, Adelaide or Horsham would be tops. If they were put in Perth we would paying every month for all the senior staff to be flying to Canberra for Senate Estimates etc. regardless the total operating expenditure according to the operating report is only $20m of the $213m total. Don't confuse operating with investment$, as they would still go to the best value researcher where ever. So an expensive move using grower money to pork barrel a coalition seat to the tune of a few mill.
01/05/15 06:49 AM
Reading the Grdc annual report, the top 15 research groups getting funds are all the big unis, Csiro and state dept. why would u put them in a regional area, just more travel cost.
@boris should they then stop any r&d outcomes from the east going west? Most the big projects are national and go out in tenders to the best player, would u be happy to never use the smarts from Syd uni, Melb uni and UA?
30/04/15 11:13 PM
QUT, Edith Cowan, UniNSW and Uni SA are all heavily into engineering, particularly robotics. This is a very competitive area, internationally also UC Davis does great stuff with drones etc. While the cost of dereg for GM is still 30-50m per trait per crop, engineering looks like a cheaper path to market.
24/02/15 01:48 AM
Good to see they actually acknowledge some grower money got this there (although not very clearly). Guess who pays for the accred process, not that it is a bad thing, just want some acknowledgement. Now how about the rest of the industry get off their butts and promote these varieties to the OS users to get a bit of demand moving and get us all a decent premium.
11/03/15 03:26 AM
ASW1 is protein between 9.5 & 11.5, certainly soft wheat in anybody's language, and the best available for salted noodle. Typically the sponge and dough style used in markets such as Indonesia supplements their DNS with AH or even some APW. Soft breads can also refer to what we would call the cake market, an area that is also expanding in SE Asia.
24/02/15 01:41 AM
Philippines currently buy majority DRS and are using to produce ALL their products from S&D bread to pizza dough and noodle. Despite the fact that they could buy cheaper APW and make a better noodle. Partly this is because of US Wheat Assoc brain washing and partly because Aust dropped the ball. A lack of at-mill segregation ability doesn't help either.
10/03/15 01:10 AM


Ok I was with you there for a moment, right through the anti corporate rant. But the "even made from coal" comment blew it. Come on Julian we are not children to be scared by rolling out the latest boogy man, give us a little more respect. Most of your message was well articulated and formulated, then you head into a naive tirade of pseudoscience.
03/03/15 09:54 PM


Personally think the IA CRC has done excellent job (PB first time ever saying that of a CRC). New products, good research, everybody at table. Now what happens when it is wound up? What next? Back to farmer vs farmer, state dept vs state dept, and Feds washing hands clean. Please can we have a plan!
11/03/15 03:16 AM


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