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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Somehow DL I'm really glad you are in govt as a senator. As a newby and not constrained dramatically by party politics you are able to observe govt with fresh eyes. Appropriation bills is a subject I've not heard of before.
Unfortunately, there are too many issues you have addressed in this article. Which is why the LNP have maybe struggled so far- you can't fight on too many fronts.
Maybe work with them on a couple of issues only.
Keep providing an alternate view.
06/05/15 11:06 PM
David, another great article following others on pasteurised milk. intensive animal production etc.
These articles need to be published in MSM, particularly city based media. Also, its great to encapsulate these ideas in an article but you also need to be espousing these views in public forums/TV/Radio etc.
Most of the popular media tend to present the leftie/Greenie/inner suburban view of agriculture. Apparently now that is also deemed "unethical". Which is incorrect, unfair and insulting to any modern agriculturist.
03/02/15 10:06 PM


Looks like the first time Joel's been on a farm.
12/11/13 09:31 PM
Seriously, does anyone really believe any predictions that come from treasury any more?
Particularly, if those claims appear to have a real Labor political taint attached to it.
04/11/12 10:16 PM
Poorly worded article- harvester of what??
02/08/12 11:40 PM
Smart move I would've thought.
12/04/12 11:00 PM
Sounds like another travelling "guru " telling us what we want to hear. Early days yet- lets have a good spring and then see what happens.
28/07/10 10:47 PM


I think its important to note that the lab results could not be reproduced in the field- so really the findings are irrelevant.
13/04/14 11:16 PM
The BOM really do themselves a disservice with this "on again/off again" prediction of El Nino/La Nina.
Most rural professionals probably take these long range predictions with a grain of salt.
After all, Australians have been farming in a very variable environment for 230 odd years.
10/10/12 10:21 PM
  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
Reduction of life expectancy in poor, white women in US would be linked to a diet too high in saturated fats, sugars etc. and a sedentary lifestyle.
Most nutritionists, even those in Australia. would probably say the same.
rederick- to make a link to the presence of GM foods in the diet is irresponsible.
01/10/12 05:43 AM
  Greens shut out GM 24 Comments 24
....ssshhhh. Dont talk about it too much - we might lose RRcanola.
You would hope that the Greens don't influence the Labor party like they did with the carbon tax. Otherwise we will go back 10 years.
Sounds like organic farming is more important to the Greens than conventional farming. A bit of the "tail wagging the dog".
01/10/12 02:26 AM
Basically its about cheap glyphosate from China into Australia.
(most of which is APVMA registered)
This is similar to the manufacturing malaise in this country. For future sake we (Australia) need to maintain basic manufacturing/production in this country. Because when China falls over e.g. earthquake, political upheaval etc we are going to be left without any manufacturing or production capability.
Support Australian made wherever- the cheap glyphosate is not THAT cheap anyway.
15/09/11 08:01 AM
  GM wheat scope 12 Comments 12
To sinic, that's a no brainer.
As Fairgro points out the adoption of Bt Cotton has dramatically reduced the need for controlling Heliothis with insecticide sprays.
Something like a 90pc reduction in insecticides when this variety is used. Not only that , the crop can be managed in an IPM (integrated pest management ) system because there is less insecticides to disrupt natural predators of the remaining pests.
The adoption of RR canola (Roundup Ready or glyphosate herbicide resistant) by broadacre farmers allows flexibility in their cropping schedule with regards to weed control.
24/07/11 10:57 PM
Seems sensible outcome to me. If the US retard development of GM crops they're (and we) will be left behind by the technology's uptake in China.
29/12/10 02:30 AM
I dont believe Monsanto ever marketed RR Canola as a "miracle" crop. For those in the cropping game this technology (GM /herbicide resistant crops) is just another option in cropping rotations. Or simply put just another tool. Therefore, any threat of weed resistance or volunteer RR canola weeds has to be managed just like any other crop. No different to weed escapes and misses with any other herbicide/crop combination. The words of Chris Preston are relevant but remember his main research and funding is tied to weed resistance.
24/05/10 10:35 PM


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