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Some one has to stick up for rural Australians. If the supermarkets continue to deny farmers a fair and sustainable income they will one by one disappear. Do not complain then about the poor quality of imports or the fact that foreigners are buying our farm land. The pollies from all sides huff and puff, but really they hope like hell it will go away, too hard for them. Wake up Australia the farmers are at the mercy of the dictating overpowering Coles/Woolworths. Consumers will be next, they will have to pay and pay through the nose they will.
19/08/13 09:16 PM


Obviously Mr Spierlings does not have a mirror otherwise he could see who to blame for Fonterra's diabolical situation. Did the 500 staff layed off actually have anything to do? Top heavy and all their exports in only a couple of baskets. Market failed and who suffers, the farmers again. Shame, shame, shame!
31/08/15 09:11 PM
The next 12 months should be interesting for dairyfarmers. Throw the deck and watch how the cards land!!!
22/06/15 01:13 AM
Coles is like a cancer to dairy farmers, it is slowly eating away at them and only a few will survive. Down, down, down with Coles.
01/04/15 11:33 PM
Maybe the Dairy farmers should get together and start a class action for the blatant misuse of market power forcing down the price of milk for no other reason than because they could. Would love to see the smirk off Durkins face.
15/12/14 08:51 PM
You bet returns are a sticking point. What a load of hogwash "align the vision" just pay a decent price and the milk will flow.
09/10/14 08:30 PM
My land I will sell to whoever is the highest bidder. I would not sell if the supermarkets would let me make a fair return for my efforts. Our fixed cost are unavoidable and are continuing to rise, whilst the supermarkets continue to wield their almighty unethical buying power wherever fresh produce is involved there will be no fair price paid. Export it I say and let the aussies have the dregs.
07/10/14 08:58 PM
Good news Diane. The supermarket will have to offer a higher price to secure some stock. Hopefully this is only the start of short supply for dairy products for sale in Aus. Congratulations to those that seek alternative markets that will hopefully give the Dairyfarmer a higher return which they justly deserve.
30/09/14 03:50 AM
Won't this make the dairy farmers feel warm and fuzzy!!
29/08/14 04:54 AM
So does this mean the QLD and Northern NSW dairyfarmers should blame their processors for their failure to pay a sustainable price for milk even though there is a massive shortage and stop blaming the greedy arrogant COLES and WOOLWORTHS for their demise. More farms to the wall again this week, costs are claiming the best of farmers. Who cares??
09/06/14 09:22 PM
Parmalat's efforts would be better spent supporting a sustainable milk price for their farmers. QLD farmers are going Down, Down, Down.
25/05/14 09:01 PM


Sack the lot of them. You cannot change the weather, deal with it when it arrives.
10/05/15 11:46 PM
I agree Jacky a lot of the rot in Ag started with Mr Truss at the wheel. I rely heavily on Ag my vote is still Swinging.
29/08/13 02:24 AM


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If this present government and its dumb bureaucrats do not give a toss for the farmer and his family that slogs their guts out, what incentive is there to keep going? Might as well sack all your staff and go on the dole. If the Lib/Nats get elected next year they will change nothing. They all want to pander to overseas countries to get brownie point instead of having the guts to look after their own fellow countrman first, then if there is any left over we can help overseas. Australians first.
20/12/12 08:49 PM
The high price of tomatoes is only the start. Whilst the seasonal conditions have a bit to do with the high prices it might also be attributed to the fact that more growers are forced out of the industry due to the ever increasing costs. The now unavoidable penalty rates even if you still only work a 38hr week, electricity, gov red tape inc OHS, the arrogant buyers for the supermarkets that demand every piece of fruit has perfect shape etc and other unrealistic demands that they threaten you with. I hope there are a lot more shortages and the prices skyrocket. Then maybe the farmer will supply.
19/09/12 05:36 AM


Until the governments of the day realize that farmers are no different than wage earners who are protected by legislation as to the minimum amount they have to be paid for a days work. They can and will sell THEIR property to the highest bidder no matter who they are. All the farmers want is a survivable living i.e. a minimum sustainable price for their contribution to the economy of this country.
14/07/14 06:06 AM


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