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Farmers have nothing to hide but they are busy trying to make a living. Having galoots poking there snouts into something they know nothing about would take up too much of the farmer's time. Plus the odor of the 'activists' could turn the animals off their tucker.
22/12/13 08:42 AM
A word of advice to the unwashed activists. Don't come skulking around my property in the middle of the night,or you may need someone to pick the buckshot out of your rear.If you hear a bang I think you will lose interest in videoing.
11/11/13 07:10 AM
Notice how cattle exports to Indonesia have risen rapidly since Labor stopped governing Australia.Well done Tony.
29/10/13 08:59 AM
Hard to imagine Labor ever being interested in rural problems.They never have in the past.
28/10/13 07:16 AM
Labor lost the rural vote when they got into bed with the radical Greens.Milne may deny it,but the Greens have always been anti farming.
23/09/13 02:34 AM
  Divided they fell 10 Comments 10
Listening to his speech on election night does Rudd realise he lost the election,or hadn't it sunk in? Just wondering.
17/09/13 10:42 AM
I believe Colin is a realist.Rudd has been dreaming up promises on the run.Were he re-elected many of them would never eventuate.It's hard to believe anything Kevin Rudd says.
03/09/13 08:13 AM
The main problem with dealing with agriculture to overseas countries, I believe, is there is nobody in the Gillard government who knows enough about agriculture. Our trading partners can quickly pick a phoney and deal with them accordingly.
03/06/13 01:53 AM
If they do slash AQIS funds Jy it will be because Labor has so heavily mortgaged Australia,with the help of a couple of independents.No bikkys left in the barrel.
01/06/13 12:33 AM
If -or maybe when - we get foot & mouth in Australia where is the federal government going to find the money to pay what could amount to $billions in compensation to stock owners?
22/05/13 03:20 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Wow David you stirred up a chook-er hornets nest with the so called do gooders.Most of them haven't a clue,and I defy anyone to tell the difference between cage and free range eggs.
09/07/15 10:30 AM
You say the government was too tentative David.I agree with your suggestions but you and the government know that the greens and labor would rather see Australia go broke before they would support the Coalition.It's that simple.
05/07/15 05:11 AM
Just talk your cronies into passing the current budget and that will be a big help. But of course we have 'no idea' Shorten and the greens opposing everything, hoping the debt will get bigger.
16/05/15 08:10 AM
The truth hurts eh Bill the Bushie LOL nobody is moving me out of the industry any more than you will say anything against your union comrades.I would have thought you would only read the Melbourne Age,not the Stock &Land.
04/03/15 09:29 AM
What would we do without Bill the Bushie,who appears to be an expert on everything? But then we know X is an unknown quantity and spurt is a drip under pressure.
01/03/15 09:18 AM
I thought Australia was supposed to be a wealthy country,but apparently not.Overseas buyers come here and pay more for farms than we can.Even the Kiwis can outbid us on farming land in Australia.
25/02/15 08:36 AM
Organic food has been proven to be no more nutritious, tastier or healthier than non organic-just more expensive. It's just a fad!!
17/01/15 07:03 AM
What has the Senator done to help Australia-apart from paying tax on his lucrative $200,000 a year? That doesn't include the perks that goes with the job. And apparently no skills are necessary to be a senator.
06/12/14 09:09 AM
Has this guy got shares in a tattoo parlour? He seems to know a lot about them.We farm because we can't (or don't want) to be senators.We do not have six years of guaranteed income plus the perks that go with being a senator.
16/10/14 06:58 AM
If Leyonhjelm is so clever and thinks he knows so much why isn't he running the country? Easy to sit back and complain when you are being fed by the taxpayer.If not now,then after July 1.
28/04/14 08:17 AM

Get Muddy

If labor win the next election and make Fitzgibbon minister for agriculture how long will it be before he acts like his predecessor and bans cattle exports to any country that displeases him? Labor have proved themselves to be big spending wreckers.
12/05/15 01:41 AM
We meat eaters don't tell the anaemic vegans and vegetarians what to eat so why don't they enjoy their vegies and mind their own business about the majority of people in the western world?
24/03/15 09:10 AM
Hey, Frank, I believe there is a taste difference between marbled Angus beef and Brahman beef. There is also tenderness difference. You may not notice any difference between Hereford and Brahman beef.
10/02/15 08:56 AM
  Time to harden up 31 Comments 31
Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee is all we seem to hear.How much more of Labor handouts could we have afforded before the proverbial hit the fan?Not much! Australians have become a mob of whingers,which was never the Australian way in the past.I wonder what other countries think of us-not much I expect.
27/05/14 08:17 AM
I thought it was only a rumour when I first heard that leaving meat out of the diet causes some brain shrinkage,but now I'm thinking it could be true.
04/01/14 09:00 AM
Farmers have to work to earn a living.Others get paid for writing articles for newspapers.Surely you can't call that work?
23/11/13 08:41 AM
Nobody has minimised the horrors of Nazism Vicky S,but what a sneaky,underhand way this woman wormed her way into the meatworks.The pig that got out of the pen probably did so because of her poking her snout and a camera where it shouldn't have been.If premier Napthine showed a bit of guts he would have stepped in and stopped the closure.God help any activist who illegally enters my property.Be warned!!!
03/10/13 09:41 AM

A matter of opinion

Poor old bushie bill
Seems a bit of a dill
His writing is trash
But he does have a bash
And I guess he always will!
07/12/14 07:05 AM
Shouldn't people be responsible for their own safety? There is a campdraft competitor fighting for his life after a fall from his horse.Do you suggest putting seat belts and roll bars on saddles? Think it through,and don't react like Howard did by taking guns off honest citizens because one idiot goes berserk in Tasmania.
04/05/14 02:00 AM

The Iceberg Letters

Ashley try using CLEAN water and your hose wont clog,well not as much anyway.
05/04/15 07:44 AM

Burrs under my saddle

DSWS your comments on 'making' farm land is what is on the ground in a bull paddock!
17/08/15 09:53 AM
Please tell me-what is 'Country Party of Australia' doing to help country people? I am sure others would also like to know.
01/08/15 09:30 AM
You complain about the Abbott government-if you want huge problems put Shorten,the union man in as PM and then hang on to your hat!!
19/07/15 10:05 AM
Well said Pete.I am sure a cut of scotch fillet tastes far better than a lump of coal.Governments tell us there is a world out there that needs food,then they ok the destruction of prime farm land.The life of a mine is limited,but the ability to produce food is never ending.
12/07/15 07:22 AM
While w continue to get idiots elected to the Senate on a very small percentage of the vote(which proved the majority didn't want them) we can't expect the country to prosper.
07/03/15 07:09 AM

Bush Matters

Koori Woman your mob may think roos are not a pest and in plague proportions,but try telling that to drought affected farmers. Any bit of feed they had will be cleaned out by hundreds of kangaroos. They are also pretty thick on the ground down south in bluegum plantations.
23/02/15 09:39 AM
What makes this guy think beef producers in the south are getting 'premium prices'. Doesn't he read the market reports?
02/11/14 08:41 AM

Out of the shadow

Friend of MM,Fitzgibbon has made no mention of medicinal hemp,he is talking industrial hemp.There is a difference.
29/01/15 06:58 AM
If industrial hemp is not drug related why
does it have to be grown 'under strict licensing arrangements'? Other non drug related crops we grow eg.cereals,corn,potatoes etc etc don't require a licence.Is there something you are not telling us Joel?
28/01/15 06:40 AM


What other foods do Patties import from China? What do McDonalds and Subway import from China?
17/01/16 03:09 AM
How can you be sure that ground water pollution claims are ' spurious'? It is all guess work at this stage,and if the claims are not spurious,then it will be too late.
25/07/15 03:39 AM
Woolworths claim to be 'the fresh food people',but the fruit and vegetables can sit on the shelf for days before it is sold.What is their criteria for 'fresh'?
19/07/15 09:59 AM
Wesfarmers (Coles) and Woolworths management should put more effort into matching Aldi prices rather than worry about what tax Aldi is paying.
23/06/15 07:49 AM
We ceased shopping at Woolworths when they decided to pre-pack deli products.Fortunately we have Aldi,Coles and IGA. We can buy most of our needs at Aldi and save money.
18/06/15 09:57 AM
the world can do without cars,washing machines,and other steel products but nobody can survive without food,and the number of mouths to feed is ever increasing.
07/05/15 07:46 AM
Why is Australia called a wealthy country when most major property sales are to overseas investors? Are we just kidding ourselves?
11/04/15 09:22 AM
ALDI appear to be able to sell cheaper that the other three on many products and on a continuing basis, rather than the others' prices changing from day to day.
07/04/15 02:27 AM
Elders can progress now they are rid of Jackman and concentrating on what they do best.They moved into sections they knew nothing about and got burnt.
04/04/15 06:51 AM
The labor mob didn't want to or were unable to get FTAs. Too busy looking after their union mates to be interested in food production.
12/03/15 08:43 AM


Hinch-the Mouth from the South.There still are sensible people in the Senate,so Hinch may find himself outnumbered on things that count to keep Australia moving.After all,he was only a radio hack.
07/07/16 08:15 AM
Turnbull tells us how good he is-now is his chance to prove it !!
14/09/15 10:23 AM
Well spoken David,you are one of few politicians who are brave enough to say it like it is and not pussyfoot around with uninformed idiots like PETA.They have no idea what takes place on a farm.
21/08/15 09:49 AM
Whatever you do don't vote 'labor lover' Windsor back in.He and Oakshot made a big mistake propping up a dysfunctional,big spending government.
09/07/15 10:25 AM
How can a woman from Scotland tell us what to do in Australia? Can she guarantee that the water aquifer wont be permanently damaged by fracking? Until this guarantee can be given I (and many others) are against fracking on any farm/grazing land in Australia.
29/03/16 04:04 AM
Jacky why would a bank robber have one of these sawn off any more than a double barrel gun? How many shots do bank robbers fire-apart from none that is?
10/08/15 10:13 AM
Woolworths & Coles didn't reduce prices until forced to so they can compete with Aldi. We are happy with Aldi products and prices,so will stick with them regardless of what the others do.
05/08/15 10:14 AM
Of course this guy likes wind farms,and probably hears no noise from them,because he is being paid a tidy sum to have them on his land.
19/07/15 09:52 AM
What a miserable life these 'activists' must lead with nothing better to do than creep around at night trying to find something to whinge about. I pity you.
23/06/15 07:55 AM
Solar maybe, but not windmills. After adding up the costs and energy used to manufacture, transport and erect these windmills, plus the ongoing payment to the landowner they will never be economical. They are a farce!
20/06/15 02:15 AM


Don't expect any help from Gillard on this,or any other agricultural industry.She's a unionist fro way back.
04/05/13 10:30 AM


It would appear that AA has no compassion for humans. They would prefer to have people from overseas countries starve rather than Australia export animals to feed them.
03/02/15 06:59 AM
Animals Australia is not interested in the welfare of animals, it only wants publicity which gives it some kind of thrill.
30/11/14 06:49 AM
Can't expect help from the police. No money in this. They are more interested in fining a motorist doing 5kmh over the speed limit.
13/06/13 02:20 AM
Amy when (if) you grow up you will realise people are entitled to their privacy and to that of their property and have a right to protect their property. AA or AL or PETA, it doesn't really matter which ragtag mob it is, they should have the manners to ask to go onto private property, not skulk around in the night like common criminals.
04/06/13 10:03 AM


Really!! How many farmers have you seen wearing a helmet while riding an ATV? How many farmers use seat belts in utes when in the paddock? Good idea in theory,but rarely practiced.
05/07/15 05:15 AM


The bank involved seems to have more foreclosures than any other bank. Why?
28/04/14 08:00 AM


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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we are happy to have Aldi in katanning doing business with WAMCO we also wanted and in great
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
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