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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

you'll find the sale of "bath milk" is mostly driven by farmers sick of getting low returns from processors. the farmer is setting the price and not a pen pusher driven by corporate greed. if the farmer wasn't getting screwed by colesworth and the like then you would find "bath milk" wouldn't be around.
24/01/15 06:00 AM
unfortunately oz farmers are not competing on a level playing field. prices of some goods are dictated by supermarkets. a supermarkets theory is that that if its cheaper in another country then it should be cheaper here. not the case. cost of production in oz is way more than most places. pricing should reflect that.
30/12/14 12:15 AM
jock, seems we have a government not able to control price gouging by our supermarkets to the detriment of the ag industry. the nz government rely on their farmers to keep the countries wheels turning. here in oz we treat our farmers like pawns in a game of chess.
05/11/14 12:48 AM
question, does nz have $1/milk ? does nz's supermarket chains dictate the supplier price of milk or threaten to delete other supplier items? does the nz government have inquirer's into the dairy industry and find nothing is wrong when clearly the supermarkets are manipulating the system? i dont think so! simple economics, get big enough to dictate the market and then run wild like colesworth are doing. ultimately the primary producer suffers.
03/11/14 12:45 AM
in italy all the boat people are made to work for farmers for free while their application is being processed. we should do that here.
27/06/13 12:18 AM

A matter of opinion

a farm can't employ people if they aren't making a fair return! the farmers are just working older and harder.
14/02/14 12:07 AM

Burrs under my saddle

unfortunatly over paid men in suits that sit in flouro lit concrete boxes manipulate the price of primary produce. the likes of colesworth dictate price. the $1/L milk is proof. the supermarket say the processors tender a price, the processors say the supermarkets dictate terms and conditions but at the end of the day the farmer is the mug thats works like a dog to supply it at less than the true cost of production. the farmer suffers, the farm suffers and the industry suffers.
19/04/14 12:28 AM


wolf in sheeps clothing!
06/05/15 12:27 AM
i'm sure durkan has done the figures and coles are making a nice dollar for its small investment. cant see the farmer being any better off in the end.
16/04/15 12:25 AM
and the future for australian dairy in china is ...................go milk cows there!
10/04/15 12:55 AM
one has to ask, where is the money going to come from for these price cuts? and if the price of an item is cut by 50% has the supermarket been price gouging?
08/04/15 12:01 AM
milk will still be sold at $1/L and no one will think there is anything wrong with that. the accc said that coles told them everything is above board and it was offered to them at a fair price. the farmers on the other hand yelled and screamed about getting reamed from the rear and no one listened. what will it take for the farmer to get a fair price?
09/03/15 12:06 AM
$688 million earnings from $5 billion revenue. thats 13.76% return. no wonder farmers aren't making any money. these people are keeping all the cream.
14/02/15 01:18 AM
milk at $1/L isnt going to pay any bills let alone boost production. the dairy guys wont get anything out of this project.
11/02/15 12:24 AM
hey belle, milk is still $1/L. no, the accc is not doing a good job of it. i rest my case. "a dog can't bite anyone if the chain is too short". gov needs a much longer chain.
03/02/15 10:47 AM
coles and woolworths have and still are screwing the dairy industry with their $1/L milk. the accc see no problem there. whats going on mr simms?
01/02/15 11:46 PM
"milk is cheaper than bottled water" and why is this? because everyone takes advantage of the dairyfarmer. why is water so expensive? because clever marketing and price fixing between major beverage companies keeps water at a constant price. why should milk be any different? because the peak dairy group have no balls and no brains to market a very good product properly. why dont they employ an ex coke or pepsi guru to shore up sales? smart people with outcome based pay cheques will get good outcomes for everyone. the way it stands now the farmer just cops all the margin loss. australia's same
20/01/15 12:45 AM


oh well looks like the world is going to starve to death in the next few years because all the farmers are going to die from cancer because we all use the stuff.
26/03/15 11:30 PM
what has to happen here is let go of the 40% gov input. create a business model that some how reads" profit for the farmer" make every levy payer a voter. create a organization with well paid smart people with the correct background for their job. get a balance of r&d and profit driven projects happening. when the group is free from gov intervention then the group can talk and act based on price. as it stands now price is never an issue.
14/08/14 11:46 PM
yeah, deregulation of the dairy industry worked fantastically.....for coles and woolworths that is!
19/06/13 12:18 AM


VivKay, er do you buy imported products? are you aware of the barbaric and cruel working conditions your say tv or phone are coming from? problem is no one likes any kind of cruelty to any living thing but people such as yourself focus on the easy targets. what you dont know is that your efforts do more harm than good. how about you work with the system to make it better and not work to destroy an industry that you know nothing about.
27/02/15 12:01 AM
coles want suppliers to pay for theft in their shops, as a supplier i want coles to pay for their 'theft' of my milk at only $1/L.
23/10/14 12:13 AM
bushie bill- i've lost 4 dairyfarming neighbors because of lack of fair price. the facts are milk production in wa is falling(dairy australia website stats). if the price was fair production would level or increase. farmers cant keep cutting corners so colesworth and co make bigger and bigger profits. the numbers dont lie. do you want to drink powdered milk from china? me thinks not. you'll be the one whinging then!
08/08/14 12:41 AM
an average person in town pays $1500 rates. ross pays $25,000 rates and probably never uses the rubbish service, play ground, library, oval, rec centre, pool, playground, car park, public toilet.................. he does however use the road. maybe the shire should charge people when they dont scrub the dunny bowl the difference.
08/08/14 12:31 AM
funny how the processors dont see a shortage of milk as a problem. its also funny that palmalat wants harvey fresh to increase throughput by 33% in 3 years. humor all round wouldnt you say!
06/08/14 11:21 AM
bushie bill, give them a medal. they are sending the agricultural industry broke. imports of basic food are increasing. the average aussie can buy one less plasma screen tv to make up for paying a fair price for good quality food from its own country. i havent got time to wave a banner, im too busy feeding tools like you!
05/08/14 01:11 AM
unfortunately farmers in this country are treated like second class citizens. a few uneducated idiotic activists can shut down an entire industry with five minutes of carefully edited film. what happens after that is years of hard slog by farming groups to recover. why? because farmers unlike the activists have no time or funds to push their point. farmers just get on with the job. screwed by supermarkets and the like to levels of margin that are beyond belief of an industry that is in charge of feeding a nation.
24/01/15 05:22 AM
$10 million fine, what a joke. it is estimated that the dairy industry has lost $100 million because of the price war. there is no justice with these people. i still see coles milk on the shelf for a $1/L. whats going on there? is it still fine to screw the dairy industry even after admitting guilt? looks like it. coles is sorry. sorry for what? that they got caught. total spin on coles's behalf with its admission. shame coles, shame! and worse still the accc let them get away with it for peanuts.
16/12/14 11:42 PM
as usual bushie bill has his two cents worth of big words to bag out farmers. its getting a bit stale, old mate. make a comment on the story not a comment on your negative attitude to farmers. the issue here is the governments lack of insight to invest in agriculture. mining attracted huge government input. we can only hope that it made a difference now that things are slowing down. why should agriculture be any different? its because we dont have "$5000 lunches with with the minister" to swing a funding deal. our government just go down the path of selling off "the farm" to oversees investors.
28/10/14 12:54 AM
farmer- "hello accc. i'm a farmer getting ripped off by woolworths. can you help me?"
accc- " no, sorry. you volunteered to give the money away"
farmer-"but they threatened to take away my contract"
accc-"do you have any proof?"
farmer-"no. it was a verbal threat"
accc-"we're sorry, we cant do anything. is there anything else we can help you with today/"
accc- "good by"
this will be the standard dialogue if any farmer complains.
18/06/14 12:26 AM


i hereby request a 15c/L levy on the retail price of milk to cover the costs of colesworths destruction of the dairy industry. it will help pay for the manipulation of milk prices by supermarkets that constantly dictate low prices of milk to processors that the government turn a blind eye too.
15/05/15 12:36 AM
backpacker is easier and cheaper.
19/02/15 12:02 AM


now that there's an "ag boom" we might see some farmers with way too much money winning big races............don't hold your breath.
05/01/15 11:59 PM


Declining figures might be a sign of declining farmer numbers.
when your tired, over worked and under paid of course your going to make mistakes.
03/02/15 10:43 AM


megatron- im afraid emotion doesnt pay the bills. for too long corporates have used emotion to screw farmers. now we have very few left.
12/09/14 12:38 AM
dairying in wa on the other hand is still declining to an alarming rate. just ask your local service provider how many people owe them money for how long. things arent good are looking worse for the future. just because a newspaper article says things are looking good doesnt mean it is in fact true. while the people who make decisions dont listen things wont change. milk processors need to start listening to their farmers.
11/09/14 12:29 AM


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