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Interesting the see a picture of some wool accompanying the promo for this opinion piece. So, why are AWI and MLA both in Sydney.
And I dont' suppose all the Fairfax rural journalists are located in country town either.
BY the way, the GRDC does not do the actual research, they fund it, with most of it I guess being done in rural locations. IT is where the R&D is done that I am interested in, since that way it might be more relevant to me. Don't blow my levies on a relaocation that does nothing to enhance the R&D effort.


Hey angry, no I am merely a grains levy payer, you know who pays for all of this, live nowhere near Canberra and I do not like the idea of my levies funding a move for no good reason. $30-odd mill for what exactly. What problem in how GRDC operates has been idenfied that requires this, and how will it result in better R&D. Having the admin, accounting or whatever else they do in Canberra moved somewhere for the fun of it sounds unecessary. I want the actual R&D to be relevant, and focussed on delivering answers,varieties etc. If the R&D is deficient cut the levy, don't watse it on this.
Stupid idea. The actual research is done in the regions (apart from uni's and some central labs). Where the 'back office' that looks after the payment,s and admin is irrelevant. Grains is national, and Canberra is way more easy to get to than any regional town. The GRDC takes care to have regional panels and other groups where they consult and take input.
Apart from which: the growers are paying something like 60% of the funds, and from what I read they are quite happy with the GRDC where it is. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!
Massive loss of experience, redundancies and productivity


Gosh! Who would have thought... A grain buyer urging growers to sell at lower prices.
Dunno what they are jostling each other for, especially about overseeing the GRDC. From what I hear there will be little left to oversee. Read yesterday they have made half the jobs redundant, managers have to apply for their own positions again (except the top brass, who are immune from being held to account) , forced relocation and a serious pay decrease coming. The best managers will likely jump ship, leaving idiots to manage grower levies.
Apparently this is progress.
Interesting. So, on the basis of a 5-fold increase in levies paid ($19M to $98M, one assumes that crop production x price has increased 5-fold over 20 years. One would be tempted to call this a good story and must have some basis in R&D-driven varieties and practices. Yes, increasing costs are a problem, but I did not think GRDC had control of fert, fuel or machinery costs. Apart from the generic criticism, I could not identify what was proposed as a solution, apart from some vague hint at a tonnage based voting for 'representatives' on the board. Great. That'll fix everything.


And I have read the weather forecast (yes, I know it is only weather, but anyway), and it will be minus 6 in Canberra on Friday morning. Minus 4 at my place on the SW slopes. Lost two crops to frost in the last 5. Getting warmer is it??
I have done a little research myself (GRDC website, annual report etc), I pay levies and benefit from research funded by them (varieties, updates, my grower group, groundcover content etc). What Barnaby is demanding: Growers alone will pay the cost, $32mill+, this is about 25% of recent annual levy income, just to move. Levies are compulsory (a tax), and are supposedly for research only. What benefit do we growers get for this?
A regional city on the eastern edge of grain belt? buying votes perhaps? but losing them elsewhere and using grower $'s to push his own profile. smells


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