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A matter of opinion

Others - AFMA is the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and the objectives of the Fisheries Management Act 1991 (CWT) can be found at C2014C00258 eg.
(1) The following objectives must be pursued by the Minister in the administration of this Act and by AFMA in the performance of its functions: (a) implementing efficient and cost-effective fisheries management on behalf of the Commonwealth; and... etc.
As the recent super trawler saga has highlighted there are many sectors interested in Australia's fisheries and all want to be heard over the others.
Angry - I don't support bloated bureaucracies, I agree with you that AFMA or who ever needs to be only as big as it needs to be to do it's job, and part of it's job should be funded by industry and part by the government as it is a public resource. But I don't agree with polititian wasting our public money to try to buy regional votes. If there is value in such a move - lets see the cost-benefit analyisis, rather than a thought bubble or another wagon to the PBE.
Angry - AFMA constituent clients are the Australian Government which resides in the national capital of Canberra. Moving AFMA/DAFF/MDBA/whatever to a regional centre to satisfy either a politician or a journalist comes at a cost to the Australian people - both a short term cost and a long term one. Lets see the cost benefit analysis of this. Didn't NSW fisheries do something like this a few years ago? Was it a sucess? Did it deliver significant savings and improve services? Was it worth it?
Angry - if AFMA was moved to Eden then Devonport and Bridport would complain that they are out of touch with fishers in those areas, how many boats are left in Eden - 4? and so how would that improve communications with all of industry? It would cost more to send AFMA staff to the ports or parliament for meetings etc. But securing Eden-Monaro votes makes political sence (if not economic). I also thought that AFMA was into co-management with industry and had managers in regional areas like Lakes Entrance? Of course we could force pollies to have their staff in their electorates not Canberra.
Angry - would you prefer to have your fisheries managed by the states? If so you might want to talk to the Port Phillip Bay fishers - who have found that local politics matters more than their jobs.
I'm not a fan of ivory towers but there are economies of scale and synegies from having different sections of a company (or government) in the same city - this thought bubble from Barnaby is all about looking for ways to spend our money on areas of political importance to him. Of course if they move them to my town I'm all for it! We could do with the cash for votes.
Brillant idea - spend wad loads of cash to relocate people away from the decision makers, then complain when there is no money left for the R&D that we need or for the politicians to get the advice that they need rather than want. The reason we have cities is that it is cheaper to run businesses that are dispersed from central hubs. But don't let good sense get in the way of the thought bubble.


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