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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Stockman, Bushie doesn't have time for the Age, he spends all his time reading Farming for Dummies before coming on here and enlightening us with his profound knowledge of all things ag.
06/03/15 12:33 AM
Sorry, Bill, didn't mean to hit a nerve. You have posted before stating that you will buy overseas because it is cheaper. Why is it cheaper?
19/12/14 12:14 AM
You talk slave labour but in other posts you have as much admitted that you support it through your cheap imported purchases that are undoubtly made in sweatshops by children.
18/12/14 01:52 AM
@Chick, they don't make up their own minds. They blindly follow whatever PETA and AA tell them is unethical. Like David said above, it is these groups that are deciding what is ethical or not and then pushing that agenda. Since when does PETA know what is ethical or not. It is driven purely on emotion and nothing else.
12/11/14 03:06 AM
@vegman, ok so going on your logic, if you thought your neighbour was being mistreated you would break into their house and setup some camera's to catch them being mistreated would you? No you report it to the relevant authorities (in this case the police) who would go and check it out. You don't think the same applies for animals then?
23/06/14 01:21 AM

Get Muddy

So BB, according to your definition of a "soc", you have described nearly every industry in Australia, car makers, home builders, manufacturing industry to name but a couple.
17/12/14 10:45 PM

A matter of opinion

Invey, I lived in the UK for 6 years and still read the Daily Mail everyday online. Believe me, I would take their weather predictions with a grain of salt. You realise it's about 12-15 degrees over there yesterday.
02/01/15 03:05 AM
So that's it Bill, the Libs have pushed the deficit out. Why don't you tell us why that is Bill. And no, you can't use the "the Libs are economic vandals" or something of the like. You be honest now Bill. Let me give you a hand as we know you are slightly economically challeged, look at argis post, that might steer you in the right direction.
02/12/14 05:23 AM

Out of the shadow

Maybe you should have started your rant Joel by saying something along the lines of "I know my collegaues and I have done absolutely nothing in the previous 6 years but...." you might then get the reader taking this seriously.
09/02/15 01:31 AM


Fair enough on this one then Hilda, but Jock goes off on any foreign purchases of farm land. Like I said I'm not for it but if someone is going under and they can't sell it locally what choice do they have
27/05/15 05:33 AM
Jock, I am all for keeping our land in Aussie hands, but if no one here wants to buy it what is Kidman supposed to do? The government can't buy it all.
27/05/15 02:40 AM
RM Williams is for city folk who team it with their spray on dirt for their city 4WD's
16/04/15 11:06 AM
Come now @Farmed, you know the ACCC only cares about petrol prices and nothing else.
02/02/15 01:30 AM
Sorry Bill, your comment was so well written, structured and thought out, we just couldn't top it. You had better send us all a copy of Comments for Dummies so we can pull ourselves up to your level
28/01/15 01:36 AM
You just gotta love old Bushie, I mean he thinks a slasher is the lead guitarist for Guns N Roses and has zero idea on ag, but he's always good for a laugh
27/01/15 10:52 PM
Economics for Dummies, and there is old Bushie Bill in a nutshell, all theory no practice. Put the latte down Bill and turn off the Days of Our Lives re-runs and get out and experience the real world, you might actually learn something.
20/01/15 12:26 AM
So deciding whether to include natural gas in their portfolios keeps them up night. Sounds like these blokes have a pretty tough life. Try wondering if you can pay the mortgage or feed the family this week and see how much sleep you get.
19/01/15 03:28 AM
Blimey Bushie, is this some sort of new years resolution? You're actually siding with us on this one. Are you still on the sauce from one of those $450 a head new years day parties at Bondi or something?
02/01/15 02:26 AM
Bill, give it up. You know zero about agriculture or economics, so your only course of action is to insult those that do. By the way, watering your little bonzai tree on your window ledge doesn't count.
23/12/14 04:10 AM


Jock, give it up, the single desk is gone and won't be coming back.
25/06/15 04:38 AM
Yes Jock and what was his reasons for that? Self interest I would think.
25/03/15 04:12 AM
Problem is Dalby, Bushie Bill wouldn't know a farm or a farmer if he was standing next to one. Back to your latte Bushie
03/09/14 01:12 AM


yes and this is how AA and its cronies have a mature discussion, by committing illegal acts. Like breaking into piggeries and the like.
22/05/15 09:01 AM
What are you basing your opinion on VivKay? Four Corners report peiced together over several years of footage, AA Facebook page. What you don't seem to understand is that if Indonesia and other live importers don't get their animals from Australia they will get them elsewhere. This will be from countries that don't have the same regulations and welfare standards as Australia. You obviously have no understanding of the industry, so maybe educate yourself before commenting.
27/02/15 12:12 AM
Barker, I don't see anyone on this forum or indeed anyone in my community who support animal cruelty and I think just because people believe in their right to privacy you seem to think that they in some way support this cruelty. There are legal ways to deal with these situations. Regardless of the morality of it, break and enter is illegal. It gives AA and the others carte blanche to break in on anyone. Maybe a disgruntled neighbour decides to try it on, where does it stop. Again, would you be OK if someone broke into your house and setup cameras. I mean if you have nothing to hide why worry.
24/02/15 03:33 AM
So where will they get the staff for this office. They will be nothing but a bunch of townies running around the bush looking lost. A neighbour of mine had a fly veil on one of their mares in a paddock near the road on a 35 degree day the other week. RSPCA inspector comes knocking saying a tourist driving past put in a complaint about the "blindfold" on the horse on a hot day. Yep just what we need.
09/02/15 01:29 AM
Come on Nico, will that get it right this year?
08/05/15 02:46 AM
Nico that is my point, the BOM had us at alert on their scale for how long and it never came off. What makes us believe this one will any different?
04/04/15 02:35 AM
Agree Makka, I just finished reading the article on the wet ahead. Also @Nico, I'm sorry but I'll believe it when I see it, what happened to the strong El Nino that was apparently a definite over the summer. Also Nico, given the robust debates you have had on here, I will clarify that I am not a denialist but the BOM hasn't had much luck of late on the El Nino forecasting.
01/04/15 03:19 AM
Given the amount of taxpayer dollars the mining industry gets from government, I'm not sure they should be getting too upset about a couple of hundred g's going to the opposition.
26/02/15 04:25 AM
So Bushie, I expect you lump pretty much every industry in Australia into your quote of "running begging bowl in hands to government" not just farmers then.
19/10/14 11:14 PM
Because Bushie it goes straight to the heart of your ill-informed and hypocritical comments. I mean honestly where do get this stuff from?
03/10/14 04:56 AM


Moral compass Katrina, surely you are joking. You really think the ALP have any sort of animal welfare concerns in mind. They would sell their grandmother for a vote.
16/06/15 04:31 AM
What i don't seem to understand is that if I thought some townie was abusing their kids, I would call the relevant authorities, if I thought some townie was abusing their pet dog I would also call the relevant authorities. However, AA seem to think if they thought some farmer was abusing their livestock it's OK to break into their private property, setup cameras and spy on them, and don't give me the whole "well they are producing food for us so we should be allowed to see what they do". Go out there and ask the farmer for a look around, you don't need to break in.
23/02/15 12:48 AM
Lee, sorry I don't believe your claim to be a farmer who "keeps" cows. Your understanding of farming practices seems a little thin.
09/02/15 11:26 PM
Lee, where do you get your figures that the majority of Australians oppose it? You say you're a farmer that "keeps" cows, I suggest you become a little more educated on life (sic) export before making your ill informed comments. As for the slavery analogy, bit crass really.
06/02/15 02:24 AM
No Annie, you non meat eaters don't get it. People will eat meat regardless of your opinion on it. I know you non meat eaters think that live ex reports are all hog wash designed to paper over welfare issues. But they are not. Australia is a world leader in live ex regarding animal welfare outcome. You and your lot would rather the animals come from some other country that has no regard for animal welfare. Certain countries want live beasts, that is fact. If they don't get it from us, they will get it elsewhere.
27/01/15 05:18 AM
@macka, don't let the facts get in the way of a good old rant. Have you been to any of the ports where the animals disembark? Have you been to any of the abattoirs where the animals go or are you simply getting your information from the AA Facebook page.
23/01/15 01:24 AM
It pains me to say this, but I agree Bill.
10/11/14 12:09 AM
Sorry JFT, that was me. I accidentally put jack's name in where mine should have gone.
09/10/14 10:23 PM
Katrina, if your job entails monitoring and commenting on animal welfare issues, for which you seem quite outspoken, what are you qualifications in this area?
28/05/15 02:40 AM
Katrina, fair dinkum I have never seen a townie such as yourself who seems to sit on ag publications just waiting to denigrate good farming people. Isn't there an All Things Green or some other similar publication you can read.
27/05/15 04:50 AM

Rural Lifestyle

Was about to reply to VWT's post until I read Invey's. No need to post, spot on Invey. We forgive you VWT, but like Bushie, you need to get out of the city and learn a thing or two about ag before commenting.
11/12/14 05:27 AM


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