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Relieved I am not surprised that you have no reply. I have studied the chicken industry for many years. Intensive line breeding by people that now what they are doing. The same applies to Australian sheep genetics over the years. I have no problems with different theories or systems. My problem is with the funding of EBVs through lambplan- merino select that is being subsidised by all in the industry. I don't get funding for my breeding programs nor should I. I use any technology that is available as long as it works. I choose not to use EBVs and don't want to sudiside those who do.
Selective breeding in the chicken industry is much the same as in the sheep industry. I may be a goose but I am still not aware that the chicken industry made gains through EBVs. My comments are based on experience running a very successful meat sheep enterprise for more than 35 years and having much genetic gain that can be easy proved. Relieved - what are your credentials or will you remain anonymous?
It is obvious Andrew that you don't breed or listen to the industry that I am part of as we have the same problems as the merino industry. Do you remember a full page ad in your paper on the discontent with lambplan. It's time for those in this estimated breeding values systems to fund themselves as the rest of us have had a gutful of the proper gander. If any of this was commercially relevant those of us not in it would be out of business and we are not. It's time the media stop the mindless promotion of MLAs genetic flop.
I am not aware of any EBVs in the chicken industry!!!


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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