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A matter of opinion

Excellent summary of issues. The Premier has to declare areas off limits to the extractive industries. It is appalling to think that the southern end of the Liverpool Plains will, if the companies have their way, host BHP, Shenhua and Santos. The BHP employed soil scientist told us that he located even more BSAL with soil of horticultural quality. Yet today BHP lodged their plans for mining this wonderful area. There is no excuse for this lack of commonsense.

Burrs under my saddle

Thank you Peter for this well written article which clearly illustrates the lack of credible representation that we farmers endure. I would take this one step further. Barnaby Joyce must resign. He has not delivered to his constituents. I know that I will hear shrieks from the dyed-in-the-wool Nats but they must wake up to the fact it is now the mining companies who dictate the policies of the National party - to the detriment of farmers.


The granting of the Shenhua license is an absolute disgrace. It further illustrates just how far removed decision makers are from agriculture. Both state and federal ministers should hang their heads in shame. They simple don't have the ticker to stand up to Chinese interests - and that certainly does not bode well for other agricultural entities relying on China for trade.
Let's be absolutely clear - this abomination of a mine covers black soil areas too. If this area goes to mining there is nowhere safe for farmers. I am disgusted by this decision and the failure of the planning process. Exploration licence granted by corrupt Labor Minister and followed up by this lot. Shame on the National Party and shame Barnaby Joyce local member and Minister for Agriculture.


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