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Burrs under my saddle

More pain on the 'politics of distraction' - I just got my land tax on my fringe CBD Brisbane property where values have been sent sky high by residential high rise speculation, but where acres of commercial property lie vacant, and have for years in many instances. It's 20% higher than last year! All to feed hugely indifferent, lazy and unproductive governments of all levels.
While I agree farmers get government indifference, but so too does small business and the self-funded retiree.
And our pollies can't get their snouts out of the travel trough ... and they say they care - more BS!
26/08/15 09:53 PM
The great tragedy is that too many Australians receive a very high dollar income yet do too little productive work for it - they are paid an extraordinarily high hourly rate to attend numerous formal and informal meetings and conferences each day that contribute, achieve and produce absolutely nothing. When people do this for weeks, months and years, it is no surprise they become insensitive to the nation's rapidly deteriorating productivity; that they expect government to be able to afford to provide pretty much everything; and that they see this marginal issue as important.
23/08/15 10:43 PM
All too true. But equally disturbing is that the driver for all this needed revenue, is the notion that all government expenditure is necessary, effective and productive.
So because costs rise each year, so too must all government expenditure.
No other sector of our economy is allowed to operate that way, and nor should government!
Until such time as government activity is goal-driven, and all strategies employed monitored with meaningful KPI's, those paying for it all with the least political leverage, the small businesses and farmers of Australia will continue to be screwed ... to death!
18/07/15 02:43 AM
The late Kerry Packer famously said something to the effect, he wouldn't mind paying his taxes so much if the politicians and bureaucrats didn't waste so much of it.
Sadly, his comment was as relevant then as now.
Abbott's government like all, refuse to address this vital issue and instead, seek more and more revenue and ''quick (non) fix" solutions to the Nation's economic ills,and they are prepared to sell the food security of the Nation 'for a song' to do it'. They are a disgrace!
12/07/15 08:45 PM


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