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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

As per usual David you have completely missed the point. I am constantly amazed you claim to be an agribusiness consultant when your basic knowledge is so poor..... How about having another go writing this article and this time try to do some real research and not blurt out the usual rubbish....
04/05/14 11:31 PM
Jeez, David, you write some incredible drivel among the page fillers you try to pass as intelligence comment. An hour or so of research on the so called 'big is best' players in agriculture show on a dollars invested in the sector they make less returns on average than family farms.....oh wait on, let's just do another capital raising and pretend its real money we have earned, or maybe come up with another MIS scheme to fleece people. David, I can only hope you spend the last few days of 2013 resigning from your writing days as Australian agriculture doesn't need your complete crap every week!
23/12/13 02:02 AM
Doesnt all of this just highlight the fact Graincorp is an asset that Australia really should get behind and make a world class leader so we have our own backsides covered? I would have thought this created a huge opportunity?
02/12/13 01:28 AM
Given the fact David is a vet from Sydney he would have to know everything wouldnt he? I just despair at the current agricultural journalism in Australia.
28/02/13 08:09 AM

Get Muddy

Bet you a box of beer the 'True Aussie' brand will be a flash in the pan and last a few years if that.
The CPC brand has something behind it of substance, the True Aussie brand is nothing but words and fluff.
16/06/15 12:25 PM
Concerned......oh come off it and get into the real world. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with the headline, and telling the jouno to get some sh*t on his boots is so far removed from anything even resembling shock tactics.
04/08/14 11:23 PM
It just points to our usual way of running farming businesses broken.... we are dumbed down to be low return commodity producers and all the profit is in the wholesale and distribution......surely this, and most stories we are reading now all lead people to be questioning the structure of the supply chain?
20/05/14 01:12 PM
Spot on Sam! It concerns me they have been given a bailout to go back and just do the same this again....hence they will end up in the same situation in a few years.
Tigerdicky, I think you are completely missing the point...perhaps you need to open your eyes, turn on your brain and re-read the article and look at what Sam has actually written
24/02/14 10:24 PM
Lately we all seem so worked up about putting on the 'big smiley farming face' I think we are starting to get too worked up in our own hype.
Bring on more healthy debate, question the industry, question the leaders.....this is a tough industry with some fantastic rewards but we all certainly dont want to become an industry living in fairy land that 'telling a good story and jumping on social media' is going to save the world
03/12/13 05:17 AM
Great article Sam,
Our agricultural education in Australia is nothing short of disgusting, mainstream courses even lacked relevance 20 years ago when I graduated, and now that college doesnt even have full time courses and the infrastructure is crumbling amongst a sea of red tape.
16/07/13 12:02 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Interesting idea and thoughts.... I think it is fraught with danger though. Farmers need to start working together in equity partnerships, joint ventures these retiring farmers might have 40% equity in a company that buys the farm, allowing for a new generation to get a foothold under 'bankable' rules, the retiring farmer could be bought out over time or the income from the shareholding become a superannuation investment. The opportunities for change are huge, we need to look at how kiwi farmers are tackling the problem and start doing the same......
30/05/14 11:23 PM
(cont.)......balance sheets and value add for farm product. eg... lamb this week is retailing in Hong Kong for AU$75/kg across the board and in SIngapore around AU$49/kg....this answers itself doesnt it? So all this rhetoric needs to be given the flick and real solutions put forward. Lets stop playing the blame game and start playing the innovation game and the supply chain game instead of the woe is me Im just a dumbed down commodity producer game
02/05/14 11:13 PM
This article jumps around all over the place but misses the absolute fundamentals of the real issues.....we have been dumbed down to be low cost commodity producers allowing 'the supply chain' to make all the money - farming is a business, its not a social pastime....the REAL issue is Australian farmers have been told to continually tighten their belts and be low cost commodity perhaps this article needs to be re-written and titles 'Why are farmers not more involved in the food supply chain' If you dont believe me look at the multi nationals you sell commodities to and their..
02/05/14 11:09 PM

Bush Matters

Having been right in the middle of the Coles/Animals Australia carry on last year I find it somewhat disappointing that we just have more of the same since then.....the food industry is booming worldwide, agriculture is going great guns and yet the Australian way of doing business is meaning we have a ball and chain around our leg. Stop blaming supermarkets and supply chains and start working as a cohesive industry...Im really tired of agriculture playing the blame game and looking for sympathy - its totally the wrong approach and will not move the industry forward at all. Work together!!!
30/10/14 11:47 PM

Out of the shadow

What a load of was also Hawke who said no Australian child will be living in poverty by 1990, and let me tell you sonny Jim, there's more Aussie kids living on bugger all now than ever! Your article is chock-a-block full of exactly what you are carrying on about the pot calling the kettle black! Australian politics is in the gutter, dont go blaming people, your a politician, you're to blame.....go and fix it and start make parliament something we can be proud of, not the three-ring circus it currently is.
27/07/14 10:12 PM


RM clothing used to be good....sadly that was a long time ago and the company has well and truly lost their way.
RB Sellars are the rural brand for Australia now
02/06/16 09:48 PM
Sounds like VDL was having 2 bob each way!
Not a very professional sale to say the least
07/12/15 10:12 PM
Not keeping Obama in the loop? Who's country is this and whats it got to do with the US?
There seems to be an awfully large gaping hole in Australia's long term strategic plan that is more revolved around short term income and thinking instead of long term planning and sovereign security
20/11/15 12:38 AM
Lots of negatives here from the what structures do you all think should be looked at or is it easier to sit behind a screen and be an expert without ever actually trying to improve?
05/08/15 12:28 AM
Theres a much better way to be handling foreign investment and for it be be benefitting everyone
31/07/15 02:18 AM
Time for the Nationals to end the relationship with Liberals I reckon......this is going to end in custard!
13/07/15 09:28 AM
Jock, interesting assertions. The $85 a year we get is just huge money and Ive been thinking about using the proceeds to put a bid in for Kidmans........
You might find in life you're better off to not make stupid judgements
03/07/15 06:26 AM
Quite an interesting your a shareholder in a company that is the sole purchaser of your product and the reason you have a business, you can now actually get some value out of those shares (my family was a founding shareholder of MG) and still we get this viewpoint? Give me a break.....what other industry in the world would have this 1 dimensional view of their business.....crazy thinking
03/07/15 12:33 AM
I actually think we need to get past the 'little Aussie battler' them against us attitude.
There's never been a successful industry in the world that has succeeded with a poor me attitude and tugging on the heartstrings of the community. Whilst I know it seems difficult at present with drought and other issues, we all need to keep this in mind or we will end up as peasants
25/05/15 02:58 AM
Overseas investors will work out a way around this - they'll just set up an investment financing company in Australia, capitalise it and the money will then be deemed to be Australian money.
I actually think this will do long term harm to agriculture - why not be intelligent about it and let a pile of money in, as long as its used to partner with local businesses up to 49%. That way everyone wins and we can continue to build business and service demand
05/05/15 12:01 AM


Why did we have to wait for an election to get something that should be just a basic service nowdays?
25/05/16 09:10 AM
Can you give up on the little Aussie battler tag? Its a stupid tagline and as food producers we need to stop coming across as the under dog - I dont want to be branded a little Aussie battler, its not in my business plan and not on my agenda
04/06/15 03:53 AM
April Fools??
31/03/15 08:43 PM
ho hum......another academic with their crystal ball
24/12/14 06:52 AM
I know its immaterial, the point I was trying to make is that its critically important the the truth is reported here, and a small misrepresentation can end up being a big one through a series of small misrepresentations
12/09/14 09:24 AM
Ludwig presided over a difficult time? Ludwig was the making of the difficult time.......if the the labour mob had much more spin they'd be dizzy......what a load of rot
14/08/15 02:37 AM
what a waste of tax payers money.......the voting base isnt even strong enough for make a difference let alone be any serious political force. Im really tired of the endless parade of new parties and silver bullet people in ag.
24/12/14 06:48 AM
Coal might have been good in times gone by, but the world has changed and continues to change and we all should as well...... everytime I read comments from a bunch of farmers it leaves me shaking my head, are you lot for real or part of a bad comedy? Im not on the climate change agenda because the climate has always changed.....but we all need to be on the reduction of pollution agenda and we all need to pull our collective heads out of the sand and just be realistic about where the world is moving.......and if you think being part of that is too hard then perhaps its time to sell the farm
14/07/15 04:54 AM
A worthy article - unfortunately this is the long term outcome of being wearing the 'you need to be a low cost commodity producer' badge for so long. As an industry we have backed ourselves into a corner with a smile on our faces and ignored whats been happening post farm gate to our peril. We need REAL innovation and REAL marketing and a REAL change to the supply chain, not the constant lip service and charade we see basically it comes down to the industry going through some fundamental change and working together or continuing down the same slippery slope
01/11/14 10:43 PM
Heres a novel approach......lets just all work to start cleaning up pollution and rubbish.
People are going to argue forever about climate change - but its hard to refute all the pollution and rubbish
26/06/15 01:59 AM


Great story - but this is the 3rd time youve printed it this year
05/08/14 10:48 PM
Get over it you bunch of Tofu loving sniffling morons.
Since when did you have the right to tell me what I can and can't eat? If I want to munch on a chop, a steak or a salad it's my choice and I don't need some politically correct fool tut tutting me for my selection........oh yeah and I'll wash it down with a beer or maybe a milkshake if I feel like it to...........let me burn in hell and my colon shrivel up in dismay!
29/01/13 08:57 PM


I hope is totally true to his word and has nothing animal based in his house either....I also hope he realises the cotton he is wearing was sprayed and that killed insects, so pretty much the wet behind the ears bloke is a hypocrite.
11/07/14 11:30 PM


crazy....well its pretty simple, if thats all you expect for your investment in agriculture then dont bother....put your hard earned into another industry you are comfortable with and let someone else have a crack who can and does make the returns.... Must admit, if I was getting less than 20% return out of my livestock business Id be a little upset - its not agriculture as a whole that has bad returns, its poor choice of enterprise
20/10/14 12:21 PM
Nice idea, but it could never work.....results from farm to farm with differing management styles create massive income variances and results etc. fairly arrogant reply from Macquarie though about farmers....especially considering their method of valuing their Ag investment performances
17/03/14 06:10 AM


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