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The truth is out; the same people whom destabilised the Rudd Government now reveal their behaviour in power, remember that Labor was set to Tax Foreign Mining Corp's with the RSPT (remember that the Resources Super Profits Tax) and the ETS so that Australia can meet its CO2 footprint - in the National Interest.
It is time that Rural / Regional Australia woke up to the hoax COALition, there is no budget crisis, 12% GDP after the GFC (the largest financial crisis since the depression) is nothing compared to personal debt at 100% GDP or $1,800,000,000,000 on credit and mortgage.
14/02/15 07:12 AM
  Whose ABC? 49 Comments 49
The ABC is certainly not 'full of lefties' in fact; it is predominated by LNP appointed board members' (from the Howard era) and has migrated thoroughly in direction of the MSM / Murdoch prejudice.
15/07/13 08:54 AM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Interesting comment Bushie Bill; literacy is well below average in Rural Australia among my peers, lets hope better access with the NBN will help them.
As for dealing in the family farm comprises two factors, Sentiment and Business, the former is not the model to use in this matter.
15/07/13 08:46 AM

Out of the shadow

Of course all the LNP 'believers' on here cannot see past the fog from decades of neglect as their votes provide wealthy urban Liberal decision making whilst ignoring Regional Australia.
See the latest cutback by Indonesia for Live Ex - clearly a political response targeting LNP electorates. The huge mine in the Liverpool Plains - LNP Business as usual. The WP (White Paper) is a wasteful farce as is the RC into Unions - endless LNP witch hunts.
14/07/15 09:39 AM


Well thanks to Abbott and Co this small community lost its Wind Farm and sustainable future - pathetic message "coal is good for humanity" who would vote for that? Not a sign of anyone these days admitting they vote Conservative.
What we didn't know was how well off we were with Labor, what do you recall from Howard? Three Wars, gun control (good idea actually), stinking GST and Tampa, Labor put a load of fairness again into our Nation building on icons such as their Medicare and free UNI, NDIS, Gonski, NBN, plain packaging....
Remember; "its the Liberal way to make YOU pay".
15/03/15 11:12 AM
Not a mention of Climate Change! When are the deniers going to wake up that this will limit Agriculture first - just look at evaporation rates, fire and floods. So many areas of NSW were headed for a "wind fall" before the Federal Government deliberately destroyed Renewable Energy and Large Scale Wind Farms, billions lost in investment and millions to hosts - opportunity lost to disadvantaged communities, well past the point to end support for the National Party when we had our bread buttered on the right side by Labor.
14/02/15 07:51 AM
Good to see the adults back in charge, now they have axed the tax, stopped the boats and admitted Monday that after 511 days "good Government begins now" just let everyone adjust to the cuts to revenue put in place by Labor and the cuts to services such as Medicare (another Labor "scheme") Universities and ABC/SBS. Time to end the Rural Vote for the Nationals and the big end of town after all "it is the Liberal way to make YOU pay".
14/02/15 07:38 AM
Yes BB, the person whom grows the crop, produce, livestock should be kept peasant - am I right or am I right! Mind you Economists don't want primary to rise and explode the 'agflation' that would put people out of their homes U.S. style if it did run amok. We should all be externalizing (make another pay) take NLIS costs on Cattle - policy failure by the NSWFA, NFF to not ensure that this is paid by the shops _AFTER_ the farm gate, but no it isn't. I have told the NSWFA to not let Ovine NLIS be producer paid, if they don't it is yet another policy failure.
01/09/14 03:19 AM
Rubbish; the ABC is alive with IPA, Liberal (former Ministers') and COALition spruikers endlessly.
What it needs to do is produce some quality drama and investigative journalism in lieu of the "gotcha" journalists that tend to dominate in especially the TV current affairs.
04/10/13 10:35 AM
Selling our Farms to foreign Governments' all-right; the Liberals don't care!
Their intention is to cripple most Agriculture as it is in the way of their fascination for extractive mineral industries (every molecule of Gas - McFarland).
Rural and Regional Australia will rue the day they voted them to power.
04/10/13 10:26 AM
Re comments; Criticisms and today Labor has announced as a result of its work with Indonesia the big export boost - 25,000 head.
As for the current Government and its debt consider the facts; that debt is 1.4% of GDP whilst CONSUMER (mortgage and credit card) debt is 9% - that is where and why economy is sluggish.
Also recall the Howard 'battlers' in the "big end of town" were given Mining boom 1 tax cuts which would put Treasury $60BN in surplus today even after the GFC (remember that and how well we survived it?).
19/07/13 04:26 AM
Re comments; Since when did Government (of any flavour) dictate what happens at the bowser? Perhaps we should end excise rebates for Mines?
Consider the Howard era - took away the guns (not bad), Three Wars (E. Timor a success), gave Mineral Boom 1 to the big end of town Tax Cuts - what a memory oh and a shiny new GS-TAX.
At least Labor tripled the Tax Free Threshold and had the Howard era Tax cuts not been given Treasury would be $60BN in surplus today.
As for corporate profit; they have one mantra - Externalise.
19/07/13 04:16 AM
The statistics talk for themselves, CSIRO confirmed this in a much larger way and it is all good news for farmers who have the most to lose as Climate Change erodes farm viability, drying of the environment, fire threat and the odd extended drought.
One day we will all wonder what the fuss was about, Europe already has embraced Wind Energy - Australia is on its way to a cleaner and brighter future.
21/11/12 12:53 AM
It is true, the spin about Wind Farms is promoted by the rubbish from the Waubra Foundation // Landscape Guardians.
Australia still has some maturity to understand this new technology.
The alternative to Clean Renewable Energy is most horrific and it won't be Australians that are at the 'coal face' of immediate human impact and large scale population migration.
Social integration from Wind Farm developers (Social Licence to Operate) will see the hype and spin as irrelevant in Australia as it is in Europe about Wind Turbines, might just take a few years to get there though.
30/08/12 08:51 AM


The Federal LNP deliberately stalled the model future proofed by Labor design for a Nearly Broad Band Network. They don't want Regional's to have it, let alone in Urban areas to connect 2020 Fibre to 1920 Copper is typical of the mess it now has become. Take for example the brilliance of the zero contention model that is NBN and the ability for fibre to progress from 100~1,000~10,000 Megabits per second.
16/07/15 02:36 AM
Australia and the entire World is in trouble with inaction on Climate Change.
Due to the greedy Republicans in the US this link at NOAA may take some time to return; however what it shows is the Global Soil Temperature index and that is something we all need to be concerned about.
The current Government is going to sink this country in the Mining Madness - Agriculture? Who wants that in the way of Mining?
04/10/13 10:19 AM
When will those with the most to loose stop supporting pointless Political Parties that are bereft of the comprehension of Science about Climate Change. Additional point the physics of the warming Poles has slowed the thermodynamics of the currents that drive our Weather systems, this will cripple Agriculture and drive many more refugees to our shores. Time will resolve the deliberate mess caused by the LNP but it is likely an embarrassing delay that Australia should never have embarked on.
15/07/15 07:53 AM
Yet another L/NP disaster, crippling access for Australian's to true broadband, meddling with the FTTP (fibre to the HOME) model will be more expensive now that the predators are feasting on the debacle caused by the COALition.
Just why they couldn't for once admit that the Labor / Green side of Politics is for the little guy and that uniformity of service is essential right across Australia.
Just recall Australia is 44th on the Internet speed chart of Nations _pathetic_.
15/03/15 11:18 AM
If the deniers' on here could explain the logic inside their "beliefs" it might make tiny bit of sense for those of us engaged with fact and Science to understand WHAT THEY HAVE TO GAIN.
09/02/15 03:46 AM
What readers' need to realise the hoax from the LNP that is a "Budget Crisis" really? 12% GDP is irrelevant if the LNP hadn't cut the revenue streams Labor put in place. What they aren't telling is the true "Budget Crisis" in personal private debt on credit and mortgage of 100% GDP or $1,800,000,000,000 AUD - that is what is stifling the economy. Time to cease voting National.
09/02/15 03:53 AM
In 2010 when a first term PM Rudd was displaced it was mainly due to the feeding frenzy of the coalition and a $22 Million dollar anti RSPT advertising blitz.
The current chaos is the opposite and stems from NOT acting in the National Interest as Labor was in 2010 with the RSPT and CPRS.
They only have themselves to blame, yet still want to have us believe that a 12% of GDP deficit (Government debt) is a crisis; what they aren't saying is that personal credit debt in Australia is 100% GDP ($1,800,000,000,000) - that is what has halted the economy.
08/02/15 08:47 AM
Australia will be sent back to the dark ages to suit 'vested interests' if the LNP gets Government in Canberra and halts the visionary NBN.
As PM Rudd said, the Fibre Optic is as universal as AC Power and the Phone line, of which the latter Fibre is the replacement to 93% of homes (not EVERY home). The NBN Satellites (2015), temporary NBN Satellites (now) and Fixed Wireless are for 7% of Australia.
Don't waste your vote on speculation about the LNP 'guaranteed recession spin' and support long term vision like the NBN and Labor.
04/09/13 10:57 PM
Time to remember why we voted out the LNP in 2007 - ZERO for Agriculture and remote Australia, apart from the nuisance of the locked up guns and GST menace.
Think how we will look on the World scene with massive Coal and CSG developments under Abbott and his inability to differentiate between "suppository" and "repository"
Vote Labor or you will feel the "suppository" within six months.
23/08/13 08:04 AM


There is a fundamental problem getting Wild Dogs to eat Bait. Know Your Product - the Wild Dog hunts and "surplus kills" with most meat protein wasted, why you ask? Because their victims are stressed on purpose to engorge the muscle with Adrenalin, it gives a reward to the Wild Dog on eating, then as it is a short lived hormone they seek another. That Adrenalin is filtered to the urine or scent to reinforce their territory, finally the Alpha Wild Dog will stress a victim much more and "pocket kill" by taking a kidney for much stronger territorial control. KYP - Bait has no Adrenalin !
29/08/14 08:42 AM


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