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Yes Nico and its the repeatable evidence bit they got wrong.
30/07/15 12:22 AM
The sale of this mine to the Chinese is wrong and it shows how desperate for money the Govt must be to pay the bills. These are the bills we can now no longer afford to pay thanks very much to the large debt the Labor Govt left us with.
15/07/15 11:15 PM


If the bees only knew they were involved in the biggest scientific fraud in history I am sure they would have something to say.
22/07/15 01:15 AM


We may be very well preparing for the wrong climate change event. And it may cost millions of lives. m/#sthash.fIfysV03.dpbs
12/08/15 11:23 PM
Your statement is idiotic nonsense, Jacky, your making it a political anti-gun debate.
12/08/15 02:04 AM
Jacky , no one is asking or forcing the general public to buy this gun , people will buy it if they have a need for it. Farmers and hunters have a genuine need for this gun. Do you also assume that if the gun is not available to buy then instantly illegal hunters will stop trespassing on your farm ?
11/08/15 07:11 AM
Thank you blackbasalt , I did that intentionally, just to see if anyone would pick it up. Lol, well done.
10/08/15 11:07 PM
Do bank robbers use a permit to purchase Jacky ? Are they only allowed cat A an B firearms to rob banks ? I didn't know that.
10/08/15 07:57 AM
It really proves how much of a police/ nanny state we have become when we are banning 18 century tech shotguns from farmers and sporting shooters. This ban serves no purpose what so ever, whats next ?
10/08/15 06:59 AM
Robbo are you a solar scientist ? Don't be so closed minded like Nico. Read the Ref I gave you. ews-and-press/2680-irregular-hear tbeat-of-the-sun-driven-by-double -dynamo
30/07/15 11:50 PM
Robbo it has been cooling since the Holocene climate optimum some 5 to 9 thousand years ago. The warming since the little ice age ended is one of many warmings and coolings on a general zig zag down since we came out of the last great glaciation and the current interglacial got going. You can make your own mind up what causes those warmings and coolings , but I believe the sun must have some influence , that's why I suggested you read the RAS observations of what they are discovering about the sun and how it works. Glaciations last for 90 thousand years , interglacials last for 12 thousand.
30/07/15 02:30 AM
Nico before embarrassing yourself any further are you saying the NOAA report and the AMA think that conditions for life on earth would improve with cooling and less atmospheric plant food (CO2)? Tell me its not true. Tch tch , what has science come to. Warm is always preferable to cold Nico , most normal intelligent people know that.
29/07/15 06:56 AM
Amazing Nico has tried to debate me without quoting a reference to some site somewhere. Nico, saying with pure confidence that the sun does not affect the earths climate is just pure blind ignorance, you can't be serious. And since no one in science has any real idea what causes iceages then I find your statement bazaar and closed minded. We do know it may not have anything to do with solar output as it remains steady, but they do think that solar activity affects cloud formation and cloud cover and therefor affects climate as high cloud cover would have a cooling affect on earths climate.
29/07/15 05:48 AM


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