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Canberra Comment

In my view every abattoir should be fitted with permanent CCTV, open for public scrutiny at any time. If the meat workers have nothing to hide, then why should they object. There are CCTV cameras in every pub, shop, hotel, street corner, etc in every city and that certainly helps to solve crime and identify wrongdoers. So lets extend this to abattoirs!!
12/11/13 10:50 AM
How can you call for protective tariffs and free trade agreements in the same breath. These are mutually exclusive concepts. You cannot have it both ways.
20/10/13 10:53 AM
Just drive around NSW and see the stands of GM-canola weed that does not respond to weedkiller growing along the sides of the road. Then you understand why GM crops pose an inherent danger to the environment. Who is going to pay the costs incurred by councils to manually control this weed? Monsanto?
14/10/13 09:06 PM

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

So because other countries would do bad things we should too? So we should allow child slavery in Australia because other countries do? So the race to the moral and ethical bottom is OK?
16/06/14 08:39 PM
Fully agree JJ.
In a post on a previous article by Mr Leyonhjelm on this topic, I raised the topic of the weed-issues caused to councils in trying to control feral GM canola growing along the roadsides and tolerant to weed killer, but of course Mr Leyonhjelm did not respond...
16/02/14 11:58 PM
David - the last time you raised the GM issue I mentioned the uncontrollable GM canola roadside weed that cannot be controlled with herbicide, and now represents a major control issue. What say you about this? OK to mess the environment for the sake of higher yields???
16/12/13 11:51 AM

Get Muddy

Couldn't agree more, Sam. Some of those farmers are putting their animals through live export torture simply to make more money than they would selling to the local producers. That is all about their own pocket, and nothing about feeding the world.
18/11/13 11:54 PM

A matter of opinion

Max, I think you need to do your homework on the science and effects of climate change. In addition to increases in average temperature world-wide, climate change also causes wider and more frequent temperature and weather extremes. Hence the colder extremes in north america, and the drought in Queensland are easily explained by climate change.
08/03/14 08:44 PM

Bush Matters

It is time Barry, Hunter, Max and Simon wake up to modern reality: A significant percentage of your customers are very worried about the planet, and those not abandoning meat eating altogether want to be sure that the meat produced is grown sustainably and with the least environmental impact (the latter category includes me). We are prepared to pay more for this product. So you guys can either continue selling into a dwindling market, or get your act together. Go the Panda!!!
03/05/14 09:59 PM


but, newsbroom, it unfortunately spends vast amounts of TAXPAYER monies on direct action subsidies. So you are being taxed just the same, just not called a carbon tax. The government has certainly managed to fool many with this trick.
24/07/15 02:27 AM
If you have some backbone, now is the time for the Nats to split from the Libs to make a stand for the farmers as you should have been doing all along.
09/07/15 07:21 AM
The only reason producers want to do live export rather than sell to processors is to make money. Why should this be at the taxpayers expense? On the other hand, the government should not be earning a profit from this cruel trade as that would make them complicit.
28/06/14 09:18 PM
To quote the Canberra Times re the CEFC: The agency, created in July last year, has so far lent $700 million and ''mobilised'' $2.5 billion of private finance, with $11 billion worth of projects in the pipeline, the newspaper added, saying it was forecast to deliver yearly profits of $200 million and would be responsible for one fifth of the government's target to reduce carbon emissions by 5 per cent by 2020.
05/06/14 12:09 PM
Daw - you should read a bit more widely. The CEFC has made a tidy profit on the loans it has handed out so far. So much for your assertion of "money-sucking burden". I hope the farmers. especially those in marginal, climate-change affected areas will have the same good loan servicing record.
05/06/14 05:15 AM
The LNP's hypocrisy in this area is breathtaking: The federal government is now offering farmers low interest loans in competition to the banks, whilst aiming to close down the CEFC (which offers loans to clean energy projects) because it allegedly competes with bank loans. Pure ideology and rent-seeking!!!
05/06/14 04:04 AM
Well done bg, an adult commenting for a change. Dismiss the Greens at your peril - they are the young people and your market, now and future.
21/05/14 01:18 PM
Thanks Lee. At least someone standing up for the animals.
19/05/14 11:13 PM
If there is no, or limited evaporation from a dam, the water will heat up substantially due to solar action. Normally this heating is counteracted by evaporation thus keep water temperatures low. Good bye fish and other aquatic creatures!!!
04/03/14 09:16 PM
If you farmers think that this government is going to act against their big-business friends at Coles and Woolies, then think again. You are on your own.
25/02/14 03:11 AM


This is excellent news, and I hope a good lesson to those trying to stuff GM products down our throats!
28/05/14 07:06 AM
Argis - the taxpayer has been temporarily duped by Murdoch press and their puppet politicians, such that Australia now has the dubious standing of being the only country in the world going backwards on carbon emissions control. With carbon taxes and trading schemes in place of proposed across the world, including several in China, California, Chile, Spain, EU and elsewhere, the world is moving towards reductions in carbon emissions, except here in Australia where more and more people like you are sticking there heads into the sand. Shame on you!
16/04/14 08:29 AM
Perhaps you should give David Leyonhjelm a call - he is sure to sign!!!
22/12/13 11:32 PM


Well done, Steve and Nico. Yes Darwin (along with Max and Qlander - where are you?) are experts at obfuscation and playing dumb.
23/07/15 11:31 AM
Strength to you Nico, I despair arguing with these ignorant turkeys!!!
22/07/15 07:02 AM
Agreed Steve, cant wait for Max and his brethren to have a go. Won't be long!!
15/07/15 10:10 PM
Abbott is clearly in a different universe. In South Australia Alinta Energy has just announced the closing of the last remaining coal fired power stations in that state, and wind will soon provide 35% of that states power, with solar coming up quickly also. Coal is doomed - it is not even commercially viable to keep old power stations running, and no one in his right mind will ever build a new one in Australia. So you really wonder what screws have gone loose in this man's brain.
12/06/15 12:32 AM
Keep up the good work Nico!! Someone has to point the direction towards science-based decision making, away from all this uninformed ideological natter from the other contributors on this discussion
01/07/14 09:16 PM
Considering the current government's anti-science bias, perhaps they should set up a team of lawyers, politicians and accountants to the research instead. Sure to be an excellent result...
05/06/14 05:12 AM
Proof that the carbon tax has impacted on power prices by less than 9%. Did we not hear claims of something like 80% by the LNP at some stage???
30/05/14 11:23 AM
The coal lobby really has many of you guys in the bag. If they were to announce that the moon is made of cheese, I am sure you would promote that view just as strongly. Germany just set another record the other day, when renewables provided 75% of the grid power at peak. 75%!!!! and the average that renewables noe contribute to the German grid is 25%! They are well on track to 100% renewables by 2050, and we in Australia will be sitting with lots of expensive and polluting coal power stations, to our own great economic disadvantage, unless guys like you start waking up!!!
15/05/14 08:21 PM
cv, yes indeed. Sounds like a great idea eh? Wonder why that does not count as a secret in Mr Robb's eyes?
20/04/15 04:47 AM
At least someone in the parliament has some sense and is able to show up the LNP for the environmental vandals they are. Good on PUP.
26/06/14 06:00 AM


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