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Out of the shadow

One of the crisis facing Rural Australia is the lack of acceptable Broadband; the LNP crippled the NBN on purpose and doubled the cost for ¼ the performance - disgraceful; The Digital divide creates disparity and Rural stagnation, Education and Health being two obvious areas falling well behind what urban Australians' expect. If the Family Farm is to survive it is time for Rural Voters' to act in the "National Interest" and not in the interest of The Nationals.
None more so for Regional and Rural Australia than the crippling changes to the NBN; I see Farm families and Small Business deprived of proper access to services' on a daily basis. Curbing access to the Internet is a major hurdle caused by the Abbott Government's shutdown of the futuristic Labor Policy; By for example, connecting 2020 Fibre to 1920 Copper with a ten year life time expectation. It is high time we had a forward looking Government in Canberra; Not GP Taxes, Health Cuts, Public Broadcasting censorship and travel charges to name but a few.
The cost base for graziers is holding at or near cost of production; Nothing from the Abbott Government has made the slightest difference, except to worsen the cost of living in Rural and Regional Australia. The White Paper (with the lousy sheep on the home page!) only a delayed waste. Our district was in line for large scale Renewable Energy prior to the 2013 Poll - the LNP soon put a destructive end to that. Our costs just keep rising; Eroding viability with the fees and levies a burden that needs externalising or Grazing and the Family Farms will disappear.


Indeed Jock as you say "urban political elite" then tell me why Rural and Regional Voters' continue to entitle them to power by voting National?
Ivan is correct; Liberals seek power, as in the recent Nationals documentary on ABC, oft quoted; "Whatever it takes" and to recall the distrust caused by Fraser with the Whitlam dismissal and then axing Medibank, PM Howard gave us three Wars, Work Choices, Tampa and the Gun buy-back, well that was probably his only remarkable policy. Current Government is doing an excellent job of showing contemporary LNP attitudes and behaviour - for now that is.


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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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