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Out of the shadow

I gave Minister Joyce the opportunity to explain why 80% of the processed pig meat we consume in this country is imported from countries which heaviuly subsidise their producers and why the Australian pig meat industry in decline when we virtually live on the doorstep of that part of the world where pig meat is part of the staple diet?
I pointed out that the EU, America and Canada and ever increasingly Poland and Belgium are meeting the demands of the food markets on our doorstep.
His answers were pathetic.
28/07/15 03:46 AM


There is another question to this debate and that is why don't Australian's invest in their own agriculture? There is no shortage of money. According to Austrade note April 2015, Australian companies invested $495 billion overseas in 2013. Why are they not investing in Australian agriculture? The biggest investors by nationality of recent years have been the British followed by the Americans and Canadians and the Swiss, the Chinese are way down the line. The question has already been posed, what does a farmer do when he/she wants out and the only buyer is foreign?
28/07/15 04:10 AM
AZ is right. The deal of all deals being done on our behalf and in total secrecy, why are we treated like this. Many if not all of the countries involved, except Australia, pay massive agricultural, subsidies which immediately puts us at a disadvantage. Our food imports are going up and our productivity is decreasing nobody mentions how heavily reliant we already are on others for food. Just today, Tuesday the media announces China invoking some clause in the FTA to re-impose tariffs. I wonder sometimes just where we are being taken?
28/07/15 03:27 AM
Why foreign investors find Australian agriculture attractive when Australians with money do not, is a serious question which Australians do not seem prepared to answer. So to is the average age of farmers, put the two together and we have what could be the perfect structural storm for Australian agriculture.
What does the future hold? Why are we where we are? What can we do about it.
I invite readers to go to and to an article I wrote in February last year called 'No More Farmers'.
We have every right to be concerned, in the WA east ABARES puts the average at 63.
23/04/15 03:44 AM
What a load of 'cherry picking rubbish'
There are more farms for sale now than ever before. If you want the real story go to the Northern and Eastern Wheatbelts
29/01/15 09:53 PM
There is ample evidence gathered during the halcyon days of fund raiding to show, that blue gum plantation yields would never reach those advertised by the prospectuses
A WA Uni survey showed they declined after year 7.
The south of WA is covered in feral plantations many years past their planned harvesting date and it is apparent that growth has been far below that promised at the time the money was raised.
The forecasts made in the prospectuses were based on little evidence from little research.
This all happened long before the GFC.
There is no money in half the forecast yield.
20/09/13 12:01 AM


Mr Luke Chandler, general manager of food and agri-research for Rabobank, said recently that the cost of labour in our dairy industry was now twice that of the United States and Australia is now the most expensive country in the world to grow a tonne of wheat. The most expensive - think about it.
Canada's rail freight is half then price of Australia's. In Australia it takes 16 trains to haul 60,000 tonnes of grain to port. In Canada it takes just six. That's right six.
The National say they took a $300m agricultural policy to the state election. Today $300 will buy about 6 km of Freeway.
12/06/14 03:42 AM


Mr Keogh may bask in a dramatic photograph. It's a pity that Australian agriculture is spending more time looking over its shoulder at what was, than looking at the horizon and planning for what could be.
Mr Keogh should discuss:
Australia is 5% of the world wheat market. We represent , given the season, between 12% and 15% of the wheat traded annually on world markets.
The question we must answer is why do others, from other countries, see us as an attractive investment when investors in Australia do not?
WA is an example of a dreadful lack of investment in agricultural infrastructure.
02/12/13 12:36 PM


We must not confuse the 'apparent' value of land and the 'actual' availability to finance. It is partly explained in: 1/self-inflicted-injury/
10/04/14 02:32 AM


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