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Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm

Saw you are blunt. What about the public service rort of double dipping pensions and super exposed by Scott Morrison and the government. $500 million did I read today. There are good public servants but far far far too many managers. Great pay and no accountability. Fly under the radar with proven Yes Minister strategy.
07/05/15 07:20 AM
saw is way off. looks a public servant lurking and not working. Quoting Canberra Times confirms this and these lurkies are good at quoting from the idealic (NOT) days of Hawke and Keating.. Current Labor dills could not pass wind or do anything useful and need to call it a day and get out of the way.
01/05/15 01:34 AM
Again "the donkey vote decimal point" talks economics. Stick to passing Govt mandated legislation and stop writing here.
30/04/15 06:08 AM
donkey vote. get out of the way and pass Govt legislation you decimal point.
23/04/15 05:59 AM
Some complete ignorance on manufacturing by GFA. I note the release this week that the biggest manufacturing export out of NSW is gear boxes and this will benefit from the newly active Korea Australia free trade agreement. Some facts are always useful when thinking of writing rants and waffle.
22/12/14 06:52 AM
I hope Fairfax show this guy the door after his ridiculous comments about recent event in Sydney CBD. He needs to represent his donkey voters and should not be given any oxygen whatsover.
22/12/14 05:48 AM
this bloke should stick to appealing to no hoper donkey voters. What a crock he is!
03/12/14 01:57 AM
time to show this bloke the door. He is a donkey vote calculator and deserves nothing but a good kick in the pants for pretending to be anything other than an opportunist from our flawed electoral system.
23/11/14 08:21 AM
this bloke is the donkey vote senator and I object to his existence. Senate voting is a joke and should be fixed. Too many nutters splintering good government. The Senate Rural committee on grass fed beef levies made sensible recommendations to ensure levies were handled so that all payers would be identified and their transactions. Populist spouting is not the answer. Implement the Grass Fed beef levy committee findings and use it as a template for all levy collection and automation. Bureaucrats in Agriculture Dept are hopelessly asleep at the wheel especially in meat section.
10/10/14 03:38 AM
Dear Sir. Please do not use your donkey vote numbers to impede a clear majority elected govt to carry out their policies to get the budget back in shape. Get those macro settings right first. Onion levies, not sure but too many noses in the troughs of agriculture and doing studies of their own like PhD while they should be working for levy payers. Clean out required.
12/09/14 05:31 AM

Get Muddy

all this generic branding leaves me cold. Meat processors invest in their own brands. Logos or other are just wanks for agri politicians and do not put one red cent in anyone's pocket except highly paid PR, Advertising execs and their clients in the huge cluttered lot of industry organisations. It is an old broken model.
16/06/15 06:36 AM
Joel for the dole!
12/05/15 05:42 AM
Regional grass roots self help particularly by village and town dwellers is absent. Government must do a whole lot less and do the essentials to the highest standard. Get out of the way of business and residents need to be more self sufficient. Talk fests are a waste of time and space. Individuals must do more for themselves.
18/03/14 12:22 AM

A matter of opinion

Think online and create a portal. Good luck.
05/06/15 07:08 AM
I like the ideas.
21/05/15 12:46 AM
this is a scam, pure and simple. It is also a means of high cost and high impact producers like Europe, USA and Brazil to fight competitive Australian beef with a myriad of so called "voluntary" standards. Standards set by round or square tables of people with vested interests in a particular means of protection of high cost beef is certainly not in Australia's interests. Run and do not look back. Stay away from WWF and fellow travellors. Their agenda is transparent as USA has record prices and a big footprint in beef production. EU protectionism is an artform. Brazil unsustainable logging.
09/05/14 03:03 AM
thank you for an insightful article. Fat cats should become an endangered species, especially in the bureaucracy.
24/02/14 08:17 AM

Burrs under my saddle

Not a bad statement from an aspiring politician. Taking the contrarian view seems to rest easy with the hordes of angry people who feel irrelevant. The world moves on and Australia cannot stand still or pretend it is an island of plenty and she will be right. Trade Agreements are endorsed by all countries as they create jobs and jobs in export industries pay far higher wages. In addition we can capture our competitive advantage in food production. It is clearly xenophobic what is going on with these trade deals. Words, huffing and puffing and contrarian views seem to capture alienated thinkers
31/07/15 11:41 PM
So that is the fault of who? Surely not the farmers. It is a function of the decimal point parties like your mob. Rent seekers. Our senate representation is a joke. 10 senate seats for Tasmania. Joke. When that is addressed, please write another article but feel free to leave us in peace until you can articulate something that will fix the problem and then support action.
06/07/15 01:41 AM
Another decimal point Senate pretender no doubt. Do not give up your day job.
23/05/15 07:15 AM
Whining about Nationals ignores the idiocy of the Labor Green dysfunctional government and debt binge legacy. It is time to get government legislation through the Senate and push the country forward instead of having city centric fools and Labor supporters planting their foot on the break and playing politics with the country's future.
04/05/15 12:15 AM

Bush Matters

Well said Senator Sullivan and it is no surprise the nay sayers and negative minded were out first. We should be inspiring young people and more optimistic and that can be productive and pragmatic as well. Have a go and good luck to farmers. They always need a bit of luck but they are so important.
28/07/15 06:50 AM
Interesting. Learn something everyday. If we do not embrace the future we will end up a relic of the past. It does not mean we do nothing and ignore what is happening. Everyone should do prudent planning including senators, some of which should be booted out for being imposters on a decimal point of a vote.
29/05/15 06:32 AM

Out of the shadow

check with Joel as well about the budget savings measures talked up in the last Labor Green minority government. Good at talking the talk. But in fact, none of those savings were legislated and then Labor voted against them when the Coalition government drafted the legislation. You cannot trust them. Their record is appalling.
29/07/15 03:49 AM
Have not voted Labor since Keating. Says it all. current crop of dills on front bench of Labor are oxygen thieves.
15/07/15 07:26 AM
Joel's comments are sour and rotting grapes. A culpable participant in the worst government since Federation - minority Labor Greens. No credibility to talk on any subject.
13/07/15 05:00 AM
Joel, stick to geeing up Labor.I do not want to read this drivel.
02/07/15 04:34 AM
Without doubt the whole area of foreign investment needs transparency and that does not mean regulation and rules but data must be live and accurate and audited. Floating along not knowing might work in the Labor party but not in a modern economy.
15/06/15 02:08 AM
No one is listening Joel.
02/06/15 08:11 AM
Drop by the hearing on the class action on the live export closure debacle. You may want to take a few notes on how not to do something.
08/05/15 07:10 AM
Fitzgibbon is a stunt without a circus. Give it away and find a real job. Labor has no clue and continues to ruin any chance this country has of recovering into a sustainable financial future.
20/04/15 05:35 AM
Fancy any Labor type expecting to be taken seriously. The remainder of the worst government since Federation are still hanging around collecting and are a complete waste of space. Disgraceful team of nitwits with the main destroyers like Rudd and Gillard floating off to enjoy their big fat retirement benefits and leaving the country in a pile of debt. Useless. Unemployable most of them!!
23/11/14 08:17 AM

Leading questions

I think that is a given but government in Indonesia is known for knee jerk moves and confusion especially now that there is a new President and the calming hand of SBY is already missed. There appears to be a continuing play for dubious goals of self sufficiency in beef and opposition that wants beef to be within reach of average consumers. Now that China has joined the list of countries that will take live cattle, it will ensure more stability for northern Australian producers.
21/07/15 11:22 PM


Nothing but shameless self promotion. Day dreaming by people who do not know the sharp end of profitability and sustainability and trying to dazzle the punters with shiny things.
19/12/16 04:16 AM
most commentators on the subject generate bile and vindictive accusations and it is pure scaremongering and CFMEU have their thug fingerprints all over the misinformation. It all started with Labor in 2008 and it will benefit Australia. 10 myths have been debunked and dealt with by DFAT and by the Minister. It has to be ratified by Parliament and there are all party parliamentary committees that are doing nothing but looking at treaties. There have been 1000 briefings since 2011. I am not supporting anyone but comment when I feel there is a fact free zone by ignorant dinosaurs.
30/07/15 07:46 AM
Constant scaremongering on the TPP is very disappointing, largely misleading and probably distorted and promoted by discredited unions such as CFMEU. 5 nations Beef Alliance and US Farm Bureau are advocating a signing of the TPP to benefit their members and arguing for the best deal. Nothing is signed. Australian Parliamentary Treaties committees are setup and doing their job now. Then it required Parliamentary debate. Anti globalization are desperate to disrupt trade agreements and negotiations for dubious reasons. Young people need to be enthused about agriculture. Distortion unhelpful.
30/07/15 02:49 AM
The TPA law requires disclosure of any agreement 60 days before it’s signed and long before Congress votes on it. That is the story in USA. Australia has a process with a joint committee examining treaties and receiving comments and submission. All trade deals need to be ratified by Parliament in Australia. Some facts rather than over cooked conspiracy theories.
29/07/15 06:00 AM
I keep flogging this but all treaties must be examined by a joint committee of the Parliament which hold open hearings and takes submissions. It is happening now on China FTA. Then it goes to Parliament for debate. Where is all this conspiracy theory tin foil hat wearing nonsense come from? A fair bit online from groups that are in favour of anarchy and a range of dubious minority groups with zero credibility. Try reviewing what is actually happening but it takes research which is probably beyond commentators who like to spout ignorant opinions.
29/07/15 03:53 AM
too much negativity and fact free zone. Standing commitees examine all treaties and they had a hearing yesterday in Brisbane.
28/07/15 06:54 AM
wtf, way off mark as usual. Your aim is about as scrambled as your logic and ability to understand what is good for the country. I am fiercely independent and on no payroll of government but I do understand trade and investment.
27/07/15 07:52 AM
Ignorance and fact free zone commentators. the FTA has just again been endorsed by NFF, ACCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Minerals Council. It still needs to be fully ratified and debated in parliament. Scribbling about unrelated matters or pushing barrows unrelated to FTA is tiresome, unhelpful and a complete distraction. This indicates inability to articulate anything meaningful. Abuse of personalities is also a cheap and unnecessary way to go.
27/07/15 05:15 AM
Australia is an island and thanks to that we have a good break from the bottled up nature of Europe and north America and Asia. We are a small fairly productive export driven economy seeking more markets. Thus it is obvious we cannot saddle our exporters and the productive sector with useless taxes that achieve nothing except in the swiss cheese brains of greens and fellow travellers. Old Labor was pragmatic and knew how to manage and the current crop is what is left after a number of decent parliamentarians elected to leave at the last election. Sound state govt leading the nation in NSW.
24/07/15 06:09 AM
Tiresome preaching when Australia has a direct action climate program which does not penalise consumers and business with a very unpopular and useless carbon tax. Enough said.
24/07/15 01:55 AM


US$2.8 billion net income for Monsanto for 9months and Monsanto has increased its dividend six times since the end of fiscal year 2010, more than doubling over that time period. That looks profitable to me. They produce and sell and cannot be responsible if end users of their products are not profitable. The question of safety and approvals is a company responsibility of course.
05/08/15 06:00 AM
Looked at Monsanto today and shares show a 200% return over 10 years and regular dividends. I do not think that many people who are shareholders are stupid. Lots of scare campaigns; zealots and unproductive sector spend all their waking hours on it and forget that if we do not produce we go down the gurgler.
03/08/15 07:58 AM
We do not throw much away and this stuff is part of the problem of an over fed, lazy, self satisfied country. It will tell in the end.
05/06/15 07:06 AM
The mob that did the study has form. They cherry picked data and did not complete a time length study but grabbed a few choice words out of other papers that have been rewritten. The Germans just gave the chemical an OK. Do we need to rush to print with every scare campaign that is launched. Take a breath and get a life. Watch out for the ocean as well as it has sharks in it and no fence around it. Bloody hell!
02/04/15 05:33 AM
Jock Monro, baying at the moon. Everyone hates me. Big bad merchants, nasty government, I am the only one marching in step. You are whiner and a whinger.
25/06/15 04:36 AM
Breathtaking negativity from people who are remote from trade and remote from productive thinking. Silly comments about product differentiation will not wash in a competitive world. Get out there and try trading with all sorts of tariffs and tripwires. A good government is working on macro settings and vastly improved from the self obsessed inner city types running the last shambolic government.
24/11/14 10:13 PM


sorry mate, give it away. We have enough decimal point dills hanging around the frustrate democracy. Senate with its edgits and 12 senators for Tasmania and only 5 house seats. Trashing of representative voting and no wonder we go backwards. We do not need your purile analysis.
01/08/16 01:06 AM
I understand MLA is a limited by guarantee company and comes under the Corporations Act 2001. ASIC regulates the Corporations law. Take it up with them.
30/07/15 06:20 AM
this article rings true based on my on the ground person in Jakarta. Indonesians continue to mismanage and the new President has a very limited circle of supporters. All at sea it seems to me.
15/07/15 03:17 AM
Neville - neville nobody. Really mainly negative ignorant twits rather than nevilles but it appears people writing here do not have much to do in the dull lives. I should stay off it as well.
13/07/15 04:57 AM
It is hard to get a decent run against the nitwits posting this feed. Whingers with no ideas and no worth and I am sick of reading them. Carpenter and Keogh, both Nevilles, who are they? What is matter, who cares what these nobodies say.
07/07/15 06:02 AM
Give them time. They are new and the Commissioner is not appointed yet. I will hold my typing further until we see how they go in the New Year.
21/12/15 07:43 AM
Idiocy and outrage seem to go hand in hand with every shock headline or half story that emerges. Completely over the top yelping does not help. Calm negotiation and staying in the tent work. As for Greens and Labor, hopeless. Just check how rusted on Labor voters in South Australia are doing, not to mention nonsensical antics from incoming Labor in Victoria. There are plenty of opportunities from the Environment Minister to kill off the proposal as it is no where near started. Take a breath and get a grip.
10/07/15 07:03 AM
just what we do not need. This peanut that ensured we had the worst government since Federation in the minority Labor Greens government has unfinished business. Where was he when the corrupt NSW Labor government started the whole process. Windsor needs to close the book like Rudd and Gillard and get on with whatever he likes to do. Give us a break from these one issue independents.
09/07/15 07:30 AM
We have a climate change policy. It is practical and it is not punishing consumers. We have emissions reduction targets and practical measures. Thus a bit of insurance. Labor and Greens promising more pain in household budgets and they are the biggest producers of hot air.
17/07/15 01:38 AM
out come the tin foil hat brigade with the outrage and hysteria buttons hit hard and capital letters. Take a breath, Read the independent review documentation. Understand the processes of environmental governance. Consider investors and consider our trade balance. I am not no fan of mining agricultural land but we need to get a grip and examine the facts. Please note that Allan Jones is a commercial broadcaster and he is on air because his program sells advertisements. Outrage, exaggeration beats the drum. Do not fall into line automatically. Investigate and learn.
17/07/15 12:38 AM


If Katrina Love is a real person, which I doubt, she is part of those loosely banded together under "put Agriculture and Mining" out of business team. Borrow money on the country bankcard and end up the next Greece, all the while living off the tax payer in shielded government or unproductive employment. Certainly not their money to waste. Watch the Killing Season tonight to see how really toxic the ALP still is.
16/06/15 07:48 AM
Need to transition to meat only trade. It is no longer viable or sensible to continue to waste further time or suffering in the trade.
09/06/15 03:36 AM
Indeed! go for it. Government should do much, much less and do what it HAS to do far better and efficiently. Australia is way too regulated and nanny stated and only trails the dysfunctional EU for the volume of regulations and departments of Circumlocution.
08/11/13 04:41 AM


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NO ships with live animals should be leaving Australia. This industry is animal abuse and animal
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This is a disgrace but what can you expect from a Liberal Government that insists on making
FUTURE marketing of Australian produce will be defined by two separate economies, emerging and advanced, according to Rabobank agricultural analyst Wes Lefroy.18 Oct 18 FUTURE marketing of Australian produce will be defined by two separate economies, emerging and advanced, according...
JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being bandied around in the wake of Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud’s move to pull together a “shared strategic vision”.27 Sep 18 JUST what appetite exists for significant change in agricultural research and development is the question being...