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Jock, thanks for the update. For my records, who is running Second ? Third ? ...
28/08/15 02:23 AM
Jock, it's an office building. Let it go
31/07/15 08:05 AM
Jock, I understand what you are saying and it sounds like a good idea with the obvious benefit of hindsight.. But to think we on the EC would have an export system comparable to WA is crazy. The domestic demand dictates that we will not be export competitive on the whole with WA and SA when they have a reasonable Wheat crop. Therefore having an export system that is comparable is not justified by the returns - Which is what we are seeing and why Graincorp are looking elsewhere. It makes sense
25/05/15 04:08 AM
fairsnotfair - It wasn't a question. It was a suggestion... If there was returns in upgrading all the old sites, then I'm sure graincorp would have invested..? They are obviously of the opinion that there are better returns in Oils and International Malt ventures at the moment. I would suggest that it is a decision for Graincorp shareholders what they invest in, via their elected board and the management that they employ. If they are doing such a bad job and missing out on all the returns that you guys suggest, then someone else will do it.
22/05/15 01:13 AM
Jock, do you have a point?
21/05/15 12:15 AM


The Drover, $100/mt + profit. Are you serious ? You clearly read the news, so you must have seen the scores of grain traders going broke or posting huge losses...? Even the most expensive mistress couldn't spend you into insolvency with margins like that - Get a grip
23/07/15 12:06 AM
Hey Jock, your comments on this article are a bit contradictory to the usual garb. This article shows the opportunities that are now available to all Australian growers who are bold enough to take them. The single desk (God Rest It) no longer distorts the market by incorrectly carrying stocks for end users either here or there. Stop crying about it on here and go and take some of the profits for yourself !
03/07/15 05:32 AM
Maybe the gun slinging former heads of the AWB could have shot the AUD down a few cents to increase our competitiveness vs Russia..?
13/05/15 09:28 AM
Hi Ivan A, I can confirm that I am not a Merchant or MEGA MERCHANT. I am also not Brendan Nelson and the Liberals or Labor under Kevin Rudd
07/05/15 06:07 AM
^ than
07/05/15 12:37 AM
G'day Jock, is the crop in already ? I obviously don't have the accounts and I can't draw you a picture on this website.. But It would be a similar keystroke (they use computers now) to how Emerald Pools cross subsidised into their cash book... Now what about this location differential subsidisation ? No comment ? All the readers in the Eastern Regions are waiting to hear how this aspect of the pool was beneficial to them
06/05/15 01:50 AM
Jock - You are talking about NSW..? Wheat in NSW has been pretty uncompetitive for a while. I think you will find that WA and SA have been exporting full pace. Are you an advocate for the return of the Single Desk? Or just the benefit to Rankins Springs growers via uncompetitive loading of ships, cross subsidisation (WA) in the pool and the location differential subsidisation by other unfortunate NSW farmers who live closer to port...?
01/05/15 08:44 AM
Crop already in Jock ? Must be running big gear
You have missed the simple fact that they also clamour over each other to buy our grain
30/04/15 04:00 AM
Jock - Hopefully this rain delivers and you will be out putting the crop in so we get a break
Its a 2 sided argument
As a grain (I mean tractor) seller in this village, I don't mind a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Tractor (i mean grain) buyer opening up and competing for my tractor...
I also don't mind the grain (tractor) buyer building a port or 2 and buying some trains, then investing their fixed operating costs in buying my grain at a premium - Even bigger than your perceived quality premium -Over the world market
16/04/15 07:09 AM
Thanks Jock, I probably won't watch that. Your view is once again very narrow minded. Competition is not defined or restricted by demand.
13/04/15 12:26 AM


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