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Lol, Tony is pulling your chain Steve , he's just planting trees.
13/08/15 06:36 AM
People like Jacky will never wake up, james, because she is a troll from the anti-gun lobby, she does not live on a farm and she has never used a gun in her life and hates all guns and gun ownership. The cities are full of out of touch Jackys.
12/08/15 07:21 AM
The attempt to limit a temp rise to 2 deg above preindustrial levels is just idiotic science fiction. Which temperature from the preindustrial era are they using as their figure, the middle of the little ice age or the middle of the medieval warming ?
12/08/15 04:04 AM
This shotgun is a 150 year old cowboy and indians design Jacky , and there are heaps of other lever action centrefire guns on the market already without any public safety problems.
12/08/15 03:14 AM
Most bank robbers use cars as getaway devises after robbing the bank Jacky. Do we ban cars ?
11/08/15 07:26 AM
Yet again Abbott shoots himself in the foot , little Johny must have given him a call. The ban is totally idiotic its just a shotgun. Lever actions date back to the mid 1800s , why would you ban a lever action. There are thousands of other lever action rifles on the market that are far more potent than this shotgun yet there is no ban on them. This ban just goes to demonstrate how totally out of touch city pollies are, and how totally idiotic our gun laws are when we are banning shotguns for farmers for feral pigs. The feral pigs are the only ones who will be breathing a sigh of relief.
09/08/15 09:00 PM
El Nino's and La Nina's are real. Man made cagw/climate change and its entire belief system are just imaginary problems that never existed in the first place.
05/08/15 11:41 PM


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I'm one of the people who want marijuana to be legalized, some city have been approved it but
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#blueysmegacarshowandcruise2019 10 years on Daniels Ute will be apart of another massive cause.
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.
28 Aug 18 PARENTS campaigning to save Moora Residential College (MRC) have cautiously welcomed WA Liberals’ announcement it will keep the facility open if it wins the next State election.